Let The Children Starve To Death, Say UK Regulators – VIDEO

Have you watched the TheONECampaign’s Real “F” Word public service announcement? It is powerful, stunning, dramatic, intense. Care2 wrote about it last week here, and we are proud to be working with the ONE on their crucial effort to bring attention to the desperate situation in the Horn of Africa.

But it appears that the video is just too powerful for the body responsible for clearing television adverts for broadcast on commercial stations in the UK, since the committee has refused to approve it.

30,000 Children Dead In Three Months = Censored

That’s right. These regulators have censored a 60-second spot that aims to raise public awareness about the impact of famine in Somalia. How can any authority object to conveying the message that 30,000 children have died in three months and 750,000 more are at risk of starving to death?

If you haven’t seen the video yet, here it is:

Let’s get real here: ONE is campaigning to make the world see the terrible tragedy of what is happening in the Horn of Africa. And as the video explains, none of this had to happen. Drought is inevitable, but famine is not. We know how to prevent famine.

The ad is already being shown on TV channels in France and the United States.

Ad Highlights Plight of 750,000 People Who Could Die Soon

Here’s the response from Adrian Lovett, Europe Director of ONE:

“We think it is completely wrong and absurd that this advert has been banned from TV in the UK. ONE is not a political party and we have no political affiliation.  We recognise the purpose of the broadcasting code is to keep political propaganda off British television, but our ad highlights the desperate plight of 750,000 people in east Africa who the UN warns could die before the end of the year.

What do you think? Would you ban this ad, and leave those children to die in the Horn of Africa?

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Terry Vanderbush
Terry V6 years ago


Shirley Marsh
Shirley Marsh7 years ago

How come debates on humanitarian issues always get hijacked by theosophical debates? Who cares who believes in what; isn't the issue trying to help those less fortunate than ourselves? Trying to find a way to ensure all the inhabitants of this planet get enough to eat and live a reasonable life?

If we can send rockets to the moon and outer space, we certainly have the technology and the raw materials to see all our children are fed and cared for. So why don't we put our 'beliefs' aside for once, and just focus on solving the problem! Or do we have a larger contingent of 'let them starve' proponents to contend with than it would appear?

Talk about procrastination and muddying the issue! Far out! Come on people, get with the program!

K s Goh
KS Goh7 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Zoe B.
Zoe B7 years ago

Patti T, you ask if I've "been there". Well, yes. i have. I have worked on various projects in Africa, with either aid in war sticken areas, teaching them to farm, showing locals how to set up, and maintain wells, and encourage sanitation, education, in conjunction with MSF, helping people with river blindness, or those succeptible to it, and i could go on.

nobody at any stage was "controlling" another person. If someone did not like what we were doing, or teaching, they walked away. Sadly, when it comes to contraception, the missionaries have them brainwashed that it's bad, even though multiple partners, and sex with minors seems ok in some of their books. We literally told them what we had to say, about AIDS, and other STIs, and left the contraception for them on the table to take or not. Nobody was being forced.
I do not come from your country, nor do I care for the banning abortion/planned parenthood arguiments. My stance is that government should not regulate peoples' rights. People should be educated, given the truth, and the means to improve their lives. We are grown ups, here, lets stop letting the govt be our nanny.

Patti T.
Patti T7 years ago

thats ok steven a. -- you can be anything you want to be.
If atheists believe God doesn't exist, then God believes atheists don't exist. (I Love that Saying-lol)
Zoe B. - oh have you been over there to Know these as Facts? -- teach them contraception? it's a shame our own country is trying to control ours as well, cutting Planned Parenthood while also trying to abolish abortion. This from the so-called tea party right winged repubs! Talk about not knowing your azz from a hole in the ground!
and Bette M. - I also do not care what you believe or don't believe in as long as you don't push it down my throat, in that same area though, it seems that even the atheists are at fault for doing this, by trying to tell us how ridiculous & ignorant we are for believing in what we believe in. So if we have NO proof of anything in the Bible actually happening--how do they have proof that it didn't??

Shaheen N.
Shaheen N7 years ago

Let the people in UK see the Ad & judge themselves.

colleen p.
colleen p7 years ago

nobody is sending them tofu burgers?

steven a.
steven a7 years ago

it just stick and carrot. do as your told youll be loved in this life and get a good seat in the next, dont do as your told pain in this life eternal damnation in the next.

I am an atheist and have had some very nasty responses from people who claim to be GOOD christians.

Bette M.
Bette M7 years ago

Steve........Religion for the most part has been added onto in stories down through time. So, what ever truly happened in those holy times has been dressed up to make people believe it & at the same time fearful if they don't adhere to the religion. The more who believe in an educated or undeucated setting believe as it is presented to the masses. Going against the grain of said religion can get one or more the masses put out in the field & ostracized so to speak.

Religion is the kind of topic that will always be to subject of endless debates & arguments. I personally don't care what anyone believes is a god or their god as long as they do not try to indoctrinate me.

Plant & protect Danny's trees for life.
Trees are the lungs of the earth.

steven a.
steven a7 years ago

have to disagre on that bette. I think religeon will "set people on fire more than any other" lets face it a lot of peoples objection to abortion is based on religious grounds. most of the terorist activites in the world are as a result of religion.