LGBT Celebrities Come Out For Obama (Video)

Take a host of LGBT celebrities, sit them down and make them talk about President Obama’s advocacy and what do you get? This inspiring video:

That’s Jane Lynch, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Billie Jean King, George Takei, Wanda Sykes, Zachary Quinto and Chaz Bono sharing why, on LGBT issues alone, they support President Obama over Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Why is this video significant? Well it’s a quiet milestone. President Obama’s advocacy hasn’t just been lauded by the administration, it’s been used as a wider selling point.

That Obama’s campaign team has seen fit to put out a video specifically targeting LGBT Americans, in much the same way as they have targeted other minorities such as Asian Americans, demonstrates how the Obama team values the LGBT vote, an emphasis that has until now been rarely expressed.

We note too that the video touches on all that a Romney presidency might do not just to halt progress but, in the case of the constitutional amendment banning gay marriage that Romney has vowed to support, reverse LGBT equality.

The video also keeps a more civil tone than perhaps is deserved. There’s plenty to pick from by way of anti-gay fodder. Both Romney and Ryan were against the DADT repeal, and Romney long ago abandoned any notions of supporting LGBT-inclusive employment protections. Romney has also shown a propensity for treating gay veterans with a disdain that is quite frankly shameful.

Romney can be glad for the absence of one thing from the video however: the high school bullying incidentof which Romney has said he has no memory, wherein he allegedly helped forcibly cut the hair of a believed-to-be-gay fellow student because he and his cronies had taken a disliking to said student’s foppish style. We have, all of us, done things in our youth of which we are not proud. Few of us, however, would claim amnesia about such an episode.

What is interesting however, is some of the criticism the Obama video has garnered. For instance, some have opined that while Obama’s support for gay people is fine, what about jobs? What about the economy? This is single issue voting, they scoff.

Such an argument is ridiculous on two counts. First, simply because the campaign creates a video targeting certain demographics, in this case the LGBT community, does not detract from Obama’s work in other areas. The two are not mutually exclusive, as though one idea kicks the other out from play.

Second, and perhaps more importantly, Obama’s support for LGBT equality should matter to everyone — and it is a message to everyone.

Why? Firstly because nearly every one of us knows someone who is LGBT, whether it be our relations or our dearest friends. And their rights should matter to us. Their being valued by a presidential campaign should matter.

Further, when we are talking about basic civil rights, the issue is singularly about our foundations, our principles on which all else is built. No more, no less. It should not win a candidate a presidency because advocacy for civil rights should go without saying, but opposition to those rights should in the same way contribute to disqualifying a candidate.

As Glee star Jane Lynch says in the above video:

The fight for LGBT rights is consistent with that most important part of America’s character, which is to constantly expand opportunity and fairness, to everybody. We’ve seen a profound cultural shift just in the last decade…This isn’t a matter of strangers, these are people we love.

No doubt about it, Obama’s video isn’t perfect.

A promise from Obama himself on legislation like ENDA, a firm commitment to passing the employment protection legislation beyond the affirmative message in the Democratic platform, might have had more resonance.

But, Obama’s campaign made a video reaching out to the LGBT community. That, in itself, is important. We all know that Mitt Romney wouldn’t even bother.

And it is that, if anything, that is perhaps the most telling and motivating statement this video could make, and it does so without even needing to mention it at all.


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Image taken from YouTube video, no infringement intended.


stewart s.
stew s5 years ago

When is 100% the American citizenry (and the entire planet) going to move into the 21st century and become totally enlightened?

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago

why is it that mainly religious nuts are against obama? thankfully this a a country based on religion to choose religion (and to be FROM religion too) No matter how hard the extreme right creationist people fight, people won't allow their rights to be taken so easily. there will ALWAYS be people to fight for what is right

Gysele van Santen

i can't stand when bible thumping Jesus freaks make comments on homosexuality & abortion. highly annoying.

Paige DeBoer
Paige DeBoer5 years ago

So, in your cocoon of self-righteousness, you've forgotten some VERY important things.
Number one, "Only God may judge". ONLY GOD, not other men.
Number two, "Love as I have loved". Our place in this world is to love others, no matter what. You're spouting about hating sin, but doing that entails a great deal of judging on your part about things you don't understand
Third, God gave everyone free will. It's our lives to live as we will, it's His gift to us and what makes us special, different from even his angels.
So stop with your petty hate just because other people don't want to be like you, and try to live the way you're harping on about.

Cheryl I.
Past Member 5 years ago

Noted, thank you

L E E.
Lois E5 years ago

NObama is everything I am against. Abortion is murder. NObama thinks it's the woman's right to kill her baby even in the trimester! "Thou shall not kill". A human life is priceless.

The Word of God tells us that the homosexual lifestyle is "an enormous sin". Some people think they were born that way, but that is false, because God does not make sin..

God tells us to love everybody, but hate the sin, that goes for homosexuals too.

Look, I know that there are some of you out there reading this that will insult me, call me names, but that is your problem. I will allow you your say, please allow me mine out of respect. Thank you.

Donna Vandunk
Donna Vandunk5 years ago

The fight is not over....

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W5 years ago

James, I don't think Romney will ever denounce him. :-(

Kathy C.
Kathy Crews5 years ago

I literally sad here and wept as I listened to this video. I wish EVERYONE could listen/see this!! It is absolutely SO powerful. I am a heterosexual woman, 53 years old, that has been supportive of my LGTB friends my entire life. I am a woman of strong faith as well and can not imagine for the life of me MY God ever thinking that it was "Okay" to discriminate against ANY of these wonderful people. I have such STRONG opinions about this!!! They deserve to love who they want and live how they want just as much as anyone else. To be perfectly honest the gay relationships that I have witnessed have seemed to have held together a LOT better than a large number of my heterosexual friends relationships....and that happens to include even my own marriages...and yes I said marriages!!! I think what is done to our LGTB friends is criminal and I applaud our President for standing up and saying that he believes that they deserve the same rights as EVERYONE else!! I know that he absolutely lost votes from the bigoted Christians out there that don't really understand that what they are doing is going AGAINST the bible and what God wants us as Christians to do.

pam w.
pam w5 years ago

"A bold and principled statement for equality"...George Takei

Compare these articulate, powerful statements with the garbage Elaine A flings. She's the one who wants to show us about Jesus.

Um, hmmmmm.

Because I stand for womens' reproductive freedoms, for equality in taxation and for the rights of all Americans to marry, regardless of their genders.....I've already voted for President Obama.