LGBT Hate Crime in Nebraska Spurs National Support for Victim

A woman in Lincoln, Nebraska was accosted in her home this week by three masked men. Police have announced that they consider the incident an LGBT hate crime after they discovered derogatory words for lesbians painted on the walls of the woman’s home. Some friends also said that more slurs were painted throughout the woman’s basement.

CNN reports that the victim’s hands were tied, and words had also been cut into her body, but investigators did not announce what those words were. The woman, who is reportedly a 33-year-old, was able to get to her neighbor, Linda Rappl’s, house and ask for help. It was apparent to Rappl that the woman had been subjected to torture for some time.

Investigators also noted that gasoline was poured around the woman’s house and someone had lit it in an attempt to set the house ablaze. Fortunately, the fire did not substantially damage the structure or the woman, although the attempt was made to destroy the house. The woman lives openly as a lesbian and acquaintances have maintained that she is a committed community member.

News of the hate crime spread rapidly across the internet, spurring support for the victim and spawning statements against LGBT hate crimes. Twitter was awash with statements regarding the woman’s attack. One woman said, “Some people make me sick. Why can’t we all respect and appreciate each other?” Another said, “Why is this stuff still happening?”  Yet another said, “This. Has. To. Stop.”

The local community of Lincoln, Nebraska has also taken a stand against the hate crime. Mayor Chris Beutler stated on Monday that:

Hate crimes are despicable and appalling to me and to all Lincoln residents… Lincoln strives to be a community that embraces tolerance and equality. We stand united with our gay and lesbian citizens in denouncing violence directed at any group.

Members of the community also organized a vigil for the victim of the crime on Sunday, which about 500 people attended. Police officials have stated that they will pursue the case until justice has been served.

The woman is reported to be recovering steadily and is now out of the hospital and at an emergency shelter. LGBT rights organizers have stated their faith in the police force to follow the course of the investigation to its conclusion. Although investigators were at first reticent to state that the crime was a hate crime, they later officially announced that they classified the attack in that category.

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Photo Credit: Bob Bobster


Natasha Salgado
Past Member 4 years ago

Just catch these sad sacks and throw them away. cowards a plenty....pityfull. Thanks.

Beth M.
Beth M5 years ago

Were the people who did this ever caught?

David K.
David K5 years ago

Now he knows that it would of made no difference in his life at home anyway. Schools are another has to be a terrible experience. At least he would of know that his parents still loved and supported him. There have to be tens of thousands of parents in this country who either knowingly, or are still in the dark............are in the same position as us. In my opinion, there is NO WAY that a parent can just up and stop loving their children. Anyone else out their in the same position as myself???

David K.
David K5 years ago

I used to laugh at "homosexual" jokes, and my opinion used to be that they could do whatever they liked, just don't do it around me. Now I hug and kiss a gay man, just like I've done my whole life. No, I didn't turn into a gay man..........I've been married 29 years to the same woman, and have every expectation that I'll still be married to her when I die. I hug and kiss a gay man because he's my son. Chick fillet will regret their stance and comments, as I believe every day, more and more people end up in my position. Look at the people in the military who have "come out". A full Colonel for crap sakes! Once you open your eyes, you will be amazed how many gay people there are in this world. In every race, religion, etc. Scientists found out years ago that it is genetic issue.......NOT an issue of choice. So I'll ask you: Do you stop loving your son or daughter because they are gay??? In my case, and probably most other peoples decision is NO. You love them just the same. I've heard some sad stories of parents who disown their child because they have the guts to say to their parents......Mom and Dad, I'm gay. My son knew at a very early age, and I can't believe the sheer terror he had to live with daily, from school,(has to be horrible), to playing sports, to his friends. My wife and I have told him that we wish he would of told us much earlier, as we had him in counseling when he was 15, and couldn't understand what the problem was. Now he knows that it would

Lynne B.
Lynne Buckley5 years ago

Appalling. The three men are cowards and disgrace to humanity. I hope they are caught and punished severely.

Marie W.
Marie W5 years ago

Hate or otherwise it was a crime of violence and misogyny.

Kynthia R.
Kynthia Rosgeal5 years ago

And the anti gay crowd cries "No special rights" in reference to hate crime legislation.

Hey, bigots, they ARENT special rights - they are the same ones you take for granted but are denied to me and my sisters simply because we dont fit into your narrow heterosexual view of the world.

Winn Adams
Winn A5 years ago

Glad the reclassified the attack as a hate crime. Blessings to this person as she recovers and to the community who will support her as she gets better.

Ernest R.
Ernest R5 years ago

I guess this is the latest from the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Repeat after me: USA, USA, number one number one.

Grayson C.
Grayson C.5 years ago

horrifying, would have saved and not allowed see for yourself