LGBT Mix: Pope Urges “Defense” of Marriage


Over the weekend Pope Benedict XVI urged Catholics to defend the integrity of one man-one woman marriage and to shun lukewarm faith that he said damages the church.

The 84-year-old Pope,  touring his native Germany last week, ended the third day of his visit Saturday with a rally for about 30 000 young people just outside the southern city of Freiburg.

During his speech the Pope touched on abortion, contraception, gay marriage, assisted dying, and also focused on rallying the young believers against being “uncommitted” to their faith.

From On Top Magazine:

Christian churches “are walking side by side” in the battle against threats posed by abortion and gay marriage, the pontiff said.

“They speak up jointly for the protection of human life from conception to natural death,” he said during the meeting. “Knowing, too, the value of family and marriage, we as Christians attach great importance to defending the integrity and the uniqueness of marriage between one man and one woman from any kind of misinterpretation.”

More from Reuters:

“The world in which we live, in spite of its technical progress, does not seem to be getting any better,” he told the young people. “There is still war and terror, hunger and disease, bitter poverty and merciless oppression.”

He urged them to root out all forms of evil in society and not to be “lukewarm Christians,” saying that lack of commitment to faith did more damage to their Church than its sworn enemies.

And more from Global Toronto:

At an evening prayer vigil on the city’s outskirts, he urged more than 20,000 youth to overcome “a tendency toward evil,” encompassing “selfishness, envy, aggression.”

“Again and again in history, keen observers have pointed out that damage to the church comes not from opponents, but from uncommitted Christians,” he said.

You can find the full text of the Pope’s earlier speech here.

Last year the Pope took several swipes at gay marriage, saying that allowing same-sex couples to marry created “confusion” in society that led away from so-called natural roles and, during an appearance in Portugal, he also appeared to describe gay marriage as “insidious and dangerous.”

The Pope has been criticized for his hard-line stance on a variety of topics, most notably condom use. Until recently the pontiff opposed condoms outright, but has since said they may be acceptable in “exceptional” cases.

As mentioned above, needling abortion and gay rights have become routine for the Pope but so too are the protests that accompany his visits. His trip to Germany has been no exception, with the AP reporting that around 9,000 people took to the streets of Berlin in Thursday to protest. You can see pictures over at The Advocate.


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Duane B.
.4 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Richard E Cooley
Richard E Cooley4 years ago

I think the Pope should clean up his own home before telling the rest of us how to clean our homes. Start with dealing with sexual relationships between priest and women, girls, boys and men!

Richard B.
Richard B.6 years ago

Tom P: Dream on pervert. I know you gays fantasize about one night stands with straight men. Well, that just can't happen, we can go no other way but straight. Those men at the bathhouses that are married to women are what you call bisexual or liars, you moron. A truly straight man isn't going to be interested in having sex with other men. Would you want to be in the middle of an all female orgie? I'm sure you wouldn't because you mind is programmed wrong. Again, the standards of decency for gays are very low. What leads me to say this is certain gay politicians have committed perverted acts under the nose of the ppl of SF, yet the gays will still continue supporting this pervert.

Tom P.
Tom Pearce6 years ago

Richard B.! At least half of those men in the gay bath houses you are talking about are married to women! That kind of screws up your theory of what gay standards are for decency! You have not idea of what you are speaking about! You are only spouting off what your preacher has told you! Get educated and come back to talk to us!

Glen P.
Glen P6 years ago

This is the LAST person who should be giving advice to anyone from an organization with such a long history of abusing mankind.

Ainsley Chalmers
Ainsley Chalmers6 years ago

The pope is just being scriptually based in what he says. that is he is warning the people to live by God's commands and directions. he is also warning if we dont live by scriptural directives there are`serious consequences not only on this earth but for eternity. if we break God's laws thery will eventually break us. so listen carefully to God's (Christ's) holy wisdom as the pope, his representative, speaks on matters of morality.

Ann G.
Ann G6 years ago

The pope calls heterosexual marriages "unique." Wouldn't it be even more unique, diverse, and special if people of every sexual orientation could marry?

Mary B.
Mary B6 years ago

The Pope looks like a walking dead. Barely any life force in evidence at all. I would not trust a thing such a person said.

Richard B.
Richard B.6 years ago

Heather G: It's clear to me what the standards of gay men are. We heteros don't patronize bathhouse type facilities to have anonymous sex with strangers. The gay bathhouses are still allowed to operate under the eyes of the law. These places are infected with HIV and I can't understand why the city and government allows these sick places to remain open.
And I keep bringing up Milk because he's a well known gay man and a hero in the gay community. I would never praise a hetero politician that commited perverted acts.

Richard B.
Richard B.6 years ago

Mr. William Y: This fact about harvey "the perv" milk came from a book: the mayor of castro street. This was a book written by a gay author called Randy Shilts. I doubt that another gay man is going to lie about milk. and I recommend you look up harry hay, gay rights activiist, and a member of nambla.