LGBTQ Activists Share How They Came Out For Animal Rights

In a new video, a group of LGBTQ activists sit around a dinner table and talk about the moment they came out … for animals.

The video, which comes from the animal rights nonprofit Our Hen House, shows the connections between two social justice groups that are not usually linked.

As the video description states, this “diverse group of activists from the LGBT world share stories of how they personally connected the dots and came out for animals, too.”

“It was really liberating to realize that I could incorporate animal rights into my own life mission,” the first speaker said.

As each person talks in the video, the connection between both activism groups becomes even more visible. One person in the video was introduced to the vegan lifestyle through an AIDS awareness group. Each testimonial proves that social justice issues shouldn’t be compartmentalized – they can coexist and even overlap.

More participants go on to tell their own personal experiences with animal rights and LGBTQ activism.

“When you think about being gay and being vegan, I always kind of see the coming out process as very similar,” another person said. “For both, it’s about being who you are.”

In one testimony, a speaker said it was actually harder to come out as vegan than to come out as gay. Another said people questioned her decisions and lifestyle when she first came out as vegetarian.

On their website, Our Hen House says they aim to provide resources that participants can use to find their own ways to create change for animals.

When comparing the two social justice issues, however, one has to be aware that vegan communities are in far less danger of violence than LGBTQ communities. On college campuses LGBTQ students face sexual harassment, assault and violence at a higher rate than straight, cis-gender students. Additionally, there has been a record number of LGBTQ-related homicides this year.

So while the vegan and LGBTQ communities have their difference we need to be aware of, one person in the video sums up the two communities’ connection perfectly:

“If you’re going to fight for equality, why aren’t you fighting for equality for everybody?”

Image credit: Screen shot from "Coming Out for Animals" by Our Hen House


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It's interesting how this post raises the hackles of people who are neither vegan nor LGBTQ. (And your opinion on the subject is relevant because...?) Let's face it, dismissing the interconnection of oppression says a lot more about you than it says about those who are dismissed and oppressed by you.

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