Liberty University Not Happy About Federal Student Loan Attention

Liberty University, Virginia’s private evangelical college that is the number one recipient of Pell Grants in the state, does not seem happy about all of the attention the school is getting regarding the large level of public funding.  In fact, they would prefer their students not know about it at all.

At least, that is the explanation being assumed over the school’s decision to block the school computers from access to the local newspaper as it was running a story about the extraordinary amounts of government funds they were receiving.

Via Romenesko:

News & Advance reporter Liz Barry wrote today that Jerry Falwell Jr.‘s Liberty University blocked access to N&A’s website for at least one day last week, and that “Falwell did not elaborate on the reason.” I asked the reporter via email if she had any idea what prompted Falwell’s move. Barry never responded, but another newspaper employee told me that some people there believe it was her earlier story that got the paper blocked.

According to Romenesko, the school has brought in an a public relations firm to do some damage control over the reports coming out about the university.

Liberty University, an evangelical school opened by Jerry Falwell Jr., also played host recently to a star-studded political festival, with presenters that were a ‘who’s who’ of the conservative, tea party and anti-choice movements.  The Awakening brought together political candidates, presidential contenders, and even a full university wooing of Live Action’s own Lila Rose.

The University legal team was careful to say they were endorsing no candidates.  Mostly.


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Chloe M.
Chloe M6 years ago

Liberty is such a goofy school that they assumed that someone who was applying to their school also attended HBU (my school). That person had difficulty enrolling and got all upset because they were given an obstacle to go back to school. Really, how did they come up with that? They put the blame on us. Get outta here and manage your own records better. I think that was a sign for said person to not attend Liberty since they causes all the run around. I wouldn't.

Ernie Miller
william Miller6 years ago

they way they are bankrupting young adults id terrigle. today some one comming out of highschool would be better off not racking up the dept and working in the same stores the graduates are and not have the debt.

Karmen F.
Karmen F6 years ago

This is a violation of the separation of government and religion.

Gary Heck
Gary Heck6 years ago

Why are my tax dollars being used to teach superstitious nonsense, hatred, intolerance and ignorance?

Carolyn S.
Carolyn S6 years ago

They should have never gotten any money from the government in the first place. Mostly everyone knows they are prejudiced. Now it sounds like the students are living in Iran and the government (school) is censoring their reading. There is nothing better for their religion than keeping their young dumb.

Lynn Schenning
Lynn Schenning6 years ago

Laurie S., are you aware that the most conservative states in the country also have the highest levels of charitable giving, and that the most liberal states all rank in the bottom half? And don't forget VP Joe Biden, who gave a whopping $3600 to charity OVER 10 YEARS, despite earning millions from taxpayers during those 10 years -- this from the tax returns he released during the campaign. Is he one of the people you respect and emulate?
Drop the self-righteous attitude before you start lecturing "right wingers" like Keith C about how he spends HIS hard-earned money. Perhaps you are generous to those who are less fortunate, but so are plenty of conservatives who prefer to choose their own methods of giving rather than having Big Brother choose for them.

Rose Lynne
Rose L6 years ago

@ Glenna Jones-kathcik: "OH, by the way Rose Lynn, contrary to your opinion, those LGBT people are HUMAN BEINGS...some of them are successful."

Glenna, NO where in any of my posts did I say anything of the sort. You have assumed & you are wrong. I realize that gay people are doctors, lawyers, firemen, football players etc AND one of those people just happen to be my son! So stop with the hate.

Furthermore, I never said anything about the university where I work being "unGodly". Reread my posts again for what was written not by what you try to interject.

And the name is Rose Lynne.

Glenna Jones-kachtik
Glenna Kachtik6 years ago

OH, by the way Rose Lynn, contrary to your opinion, those LGBT people are HUMAN BEINGS...some of them are successful. They are doctors, lawyers, firemen, football players etc. Just because YOU believe that they are sinners - that doesn't mean they are.

So, one question - if this Public University you teach at is so horrible & unGodly (the very idea of not being able to pass out Bibles - oh dear) -WHY DO YOU WORK THERE?

Glenna Jones-kachtik
Glenna Kachtik6 years ago

Rose Lynn - the difference is that those schools & Universities are PUBLIC - nor private or religious. The private & the religious schools charge much more in tuition and they don't have to even be accredited. IF IT IS A PUBLIC UNIVERSITY OR COLLEGE, IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUNDED BY STATE & FEDERAL MONEY. You are right when you say they teach diverse ideas - but everything that is diverse is not socialistic, Satanist or bad. Public schools can teach a wealth of things that a private or religious school will not or cannot teach & the students are free to take those courses as electives or they can choose not to. Religious school EXPECT things of students - such as chapel attendance - that public schools do not..
The fact is that religious schools should not be receiving state or federal tax dollars to teach their religion. Bottom line - if a school is saying you MUST BELIEVE THIS; they should not receive funds to do so.... Public Universities may hold courses in lots of subjects that YOU wouldn't want kids to take but it does not require that they are taken - unless they are prerequisites. Math, Science, Literature, Grammar, History... of course, I guess "Religious" Universities have some of their own ideas about what can & cannot be read, or studied....The rest of the world does NOT run on your religious version & our kids need to be able to compete with the real world - with Buddhists, Hindus, Islam, even Atheists, Pagans & UUs.

Laurie S.
Laurie S6 years ago

Hey Keith C!

Parse the word and ignore the phrase! The concept is balanced judgment of the student's intellectual assets. Even kids who work at Micky D's should have access to the education they cannot afford if they are smart, hard working and committed to learning, but if you think that education, with or without government entanglement, will ever be available for the price of a Big Mac, you are dreaming.

You right wingers use the word "entitled" too, specifically, you believe you are entitled to keep every dollar you get regardless of its source (overpaid jobs with ridiculous salaries, investment income that comes from other people's labor while you sit on your @ss, etc.) I too have investments that make money for me, but I haven't forgotten what it was like to be poor, nor have I yet convinced myself that I have the right to ignore the needs of others.

Now that I Have, the instinct is to lock it all away where it can make even more, but I am constantly reminding myself that it will do that to an appreciable degree even if I give some away.

Thus, I dislike my taxes, but I pay them, including the property taxes. Thus I know that some of what I have will be be taken, now willingly, or later, less willingly, and so I choose to give. It's a slow process, because I remember being in need, so I have to unclench a little at a time, but I emulate the people who I respect and I give a little more each year. Try it, you might like it.