Lion Cub Rescued From Balcony (Video)

Animal activists rescued a five-week-old lion cub that was living on the balcony of a downtown apartment in Beirut, Lebanon. The cub is part of a growing number of exotic animals being smuggled into Lebanon to be kept as private pets.

Animals Lebanon, a leading organization that works to protect animals through legislation, education and rescue is working with the government to restrict the trade of lions into the country.

“The keeping of lions as pets has drastically increased in the last two years, and we regularly receive reports about new cubs,” said Lana El-Khalil, President of Animals Lebanon. “Within the first couple of months of life a lion becomes too large and strong to be kept in a house, only to end up locked in a backyard cage or sold to a private zoo.”

The rescued cub is one of the lucky ones. It will be sent to Drakenstein Lion Park which is an animal sanctuary in South Africa. The cub will share a home with lions that have come from similar circumstances.

Animals Lebanon explained that it has become very easy for private buyers to acquire a lion cub. Zoos in nearby Syria offer newborn cubs for as little as $350 each. Zoo owners in Lebanon then smuggle the animals into the country for the buyers.

“One zoo owner in Lebanon reported bringing in eight lions from Syria, and admitted that they all died within weeks as they were too young,” said El-Khalil.

The cubs who survive the journey are often at risk for diseases, malnutrition and death because most owners do not understand how to properly care for them.

If all goes well, the little cub in this video will soon be on its way to a better life.


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Photo courtesy of Animals Lebanon


Alicia N.
Alicia N4 years ago

$ 350 for an exotic animal!!!????
No wonder people are buying them. This is SO wrong!!!!!

I hope the ex-owner was penalized or something.....

Good Luck to this amazing baby lion, he is so beautiful.

Penny C.
penny C4 years ago

Good job,cute cub.

Lorraine Andersen

Good work. Now the little fellow will get the life he should have.

Kimberele Anderson
kim Anderson4 years ago

i'm happy the cub will be safe now. i am so tired of hearing of these ignorant people. leave the wild animals where they belong. we have so many species on the endangered list, it just breaks my heart. the big cats especially. these people need to be locked away some where permanently. god did not create these animals for the purpose of poaching for money. they add such beauty to our world. for god's sake leave them alone.

ANA MARIJA R4 years ago

!"#$%%&&//(((()))===??? no polite comment... Too bad that he/she is to small...

Marlene Dinkins

he is a cuttie. am glad he had been rescued

Debra M.
Debra G6 years ago

How absolutely ignorant. What were they thinking? that a 350 lb lion would not grow from a cub? that the little cat they bought, knowing full well it was a lion, would forever stay that young? That is just as ignorant as buying a puppy because they are cute, then tying it up outside because it is a dog.

Carrie Anne Brown

glad the lion cub is ok! thanks for sharing :)

Lika S.
Lika P6 years ago

That little guy is cute. I hope he gets to go to his natural environment and thrives.

Judyta D.
Past Member 6 years ago

lions kept as privet pets?! unbelievable... :(