Lithuanian Lawmakers Want to ‘Improve’ Gay ‘Propaganda’ Ban

Lawmakers in Lithuania’s Committee on Legal Affairs voted last week to make even more stringent censorship legislation, saying that they should be able to fine people for the “propagation of homosexual relations” in public. This has earned condmentation from EU groups who say this is just another step in furthering a ultra conservative, anti-LGBT agenda.  

From UK Gay News:

“This is a one more warning act of institutionalised homophobia which prevails among Lithuanian lawmakers,” commented Valdimir Simonko, chair of the national LGBT advocacy association Lithuanian Gay League (LGL).

“Such kind of legislative proposals are totally unacceptable in the context of the legally binding Charter of Fundamental Rights which clearly prohibits any discrimination on the ground of sexual orientation.

“We urge European Commission as the guardian of the Lisbon Treaty to intervene immediately,” he pleaded.

Lawmakers have attempted to raise support among orthodox religious groups, asking that they publicly encourage parliamentarians to approve the changes.

In a letter to church leaders legislators said that these laws are necessary in combating “forms of sinful lifestyles” present in society, adding: “the ideology of homosexuality is one such form and is unacceptable to believers, contradicts the concept of the family, the marriage of man and woman, the natural law established by the Creator, the Constitution which considers family the foundation of the Lithuanian state, and the catechism of the Catholic Church which emphasizes that homosexual relations contradict the natural law and close the sexual act to the gift of life. In addition, we can state that this position of the Church also arises from the notion of homosexuality as a grave perversion in the Bible.”

The letter also says that freedom for citizens should not be misinterpreted as allowing for the degradation of family, hinting that freedom must be curtailed when citizens risk going astray from the ideal of family life.

Lithuania has already raised the ire of the international community for proposing a complete ban on gender reassignment surgery for trans people so as to negate a European Court of Human Rights ruling.

Its censorship law, that this change would aim to add to, has also been widely criticized for its overreaching nature and the way in which it not only bans the ill-defined term propaganda but is also being used to stifle free speech.

This move will likely add to the protestations that Lithuania should have its power as a member state of the EU curtailed until such a time when it is willing to work within the limits and responsibilities of international law.

You can read more on Lithuania’s proposed ban on gender reassignment here.

Photo used under the Creative Commons Attribution License, with thanks to Rock Cohen.


Michael Morgan
Michael Morgan4 years ago

This is a subject upon which much has been said and written. I look upon this issue purely from an Orthodox standpoint. Ukraine is an Orthodox country, the numbers of practicing orthodox christians in Ukraine has been increasing dramatically year after year. If we are true believers in Gods Word, not mans word or his interpretation of scripture, then the answer is quite clear. Homosexuality is not compatible with christian living. It is not so simplistic as to say it is a matter of prejudice and vengeance. God loves all men no matter who or what they are, but He hates the sin they commit. True chrisians should have the same attitude. That is why when our blessed saviour hung upon that cross of shame carrying with Him the sin of the world, God turned His face away, and Jesus cried out "Why have you forsaken me!?"
It is not for us to judge others for their conduct, it is for God to judge each and every one of us in due time.
Homosexuality should not be promoted by governments, nor should it be encouraged by society in general.
People should remember that Gods Love and Mercy is there for all men and women.. That vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord"..not mans.
We should protect all our children and the young from propaganda of all kinds and the open promotion of homosexual behaviour is of that of that sort. However, the Ukrainian government should tread carefully and sympathetically in any legislation on this issue.

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin6 years ago

First step is to exclude Lithuania from the European Union. Lithuania (LT) do not even pay their own membership fees, other countries pitch in to help them out. LT does not provide anything towards the community of Europe except having a border between them and Russia. LT has a close connection between state and papist church and laws are always scrutinized by the church before getting to the parlament. Spain, Brazil, Portugal, Uruguay, Argentine, Ireland, etc are also catholic countries but those have better laws concerning equal rights, like marriage, adoption and immigration permits.
Expell LT as soon as possible and tell them the government has no rights to invade the bedrooms of their citizens! LT present the same evolution as Nazi Germany did. Europe stood by and let Germany infringe on everyones right and it wasn't until they really broke the code that anything happened. Do not let things get as bad as then before putting your foot down, European Union!

Flora Wellbeloved

God! Humans! What is wrong with people? I wonder if we will ever be able to just let people live the lives they want in ANY way they want as long as it doesn't hurt others. Prejudice and narrow mindedness makes me so sad

Vera Y.
Vera Yuno6 years ago

They still live as if they were in V century, it is shamefully sad

Zoltán B.
Zoltán B.6 years ago

Finally a word of common sense! Sexuality is everybodie's own feature, straight (i.e. heterosexual) or tilted (i.e. homosexual), it does not need to be propagated. You "gays" want to suppress every manifestation of normality so that only the homosexuals' opinions should be available for the public. Shame on you, who allege of yourselvs to fight for "equal rights"!

Ruby W.
Ruby W6 years ago

Europe should stop tolerating radical Christians and radical Muslims. They have the moderate majority necessary to pass laws to prevent these radicals from fomenting hate and violence, and I think they ought to.

OlgaMaria Carme Forsyth

dont think that most people's are inform that we all are both ❤❤❤female and male❤❤❤
I AM..both...bisexual❤❤❤

Ian Donelson
Ian Donelson6 years ago


K s Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Maarja L.
Maarja L6 years ago

I guess this has something to do with the fact that Lithuania is the neighbour of Poland, one the most radically Catholic states in Europe and surely the most Catholic one in the Eastern Europe.