Live Blogging from the Cause Marketing Forum Conference

Editor’s Note: This week, Joe Waters will be attending the Cause Marketing Forum’s Annual Conference in Chicago, Illinois. He will be live blogging conference sessions and you can also follow along on Twitter at #cmf11.

Pre-Conference Update

I flew into Chicago today so I could be ready for the for the Hospital Corporate Development Summit tomorrow morning. This second year workshop is just one of three programs that will be held on Wednesday before the opening reception tomorrow evening and the full conference on Thursday.

I had a long, expensive cab ride from O’Hare Airport as I arrived during morning rush. It cost me $50! Fortunately, the hotel has a shuttle that leaves every half hour or so so the ride back will be free.

The conference has a new home this year: the Hyatt Regency Hotel. This is a huge hotel with over 2000 rooms! It’s well situated for downtown, shopping at The Magnificent Mile and the lake. Oh, and it’s a good place to enjoy the conference!

The hotel had an interesting vibe this morning as another convention was wrapping up. The International Mister Leather Conference was held at the hotel this year. Of course, I only had one thought when I saw all these leathermen: what a great group for cause marketing! I’ll be pitching the organizers on Chaps for a Cause next year.

My room at the Hyatt is very nice. Wifi isn’t free, unfortunately. But I’m checking with the CMF team to see if it will be the day of the conference.

Speaking of the CMF team, I saw Dave HessekielMegan Strand and the rest of the gang and they are busy planning another great conference.

If you plan to work out while you’re at the conference, the Hyatt has a very well equipped gym with treadmills, bikes, stairmasters, weight machines and dumbbells. They don’t have a pool, but I’m told the health club right next door does and the hotel may have a special deal with them.

If you’d rather get outside for you workout or walk, Millennium Park is right down the street. I had a great run up by The Shedd, Chicago’s first-rate aquarium.

Remember, if you’re tweeting about the conference, the hashtag is #CMF11. And be sure to follow @TweetCMF for any conference details!

Finally, if you’re like me and just need your Starbucks everyday, there is one close to the hotel at 225 North Michigan Avenue at the corner of Lake Street. They do brew Starbucks at the hotel, but I wouldn’t drink this swill even if you were buying. Just sayin’.

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Photo credit: Bernt Rostad via flickr


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