Loggers ‘Burn Child Alive’ in Amazon (Video)

A Brazilian NGO has alleged that Amazonian loggers ‘burned alive’ a child from uncontacted members of the Aw tribe.

CIMI (Conselho Indigenista Missionrio) say that members of the neighboring Guajajara tribe, which also inhabits the area, have said that they came across the burned remains of an Aw child in the forest, following an attack by loggers.

Guajajara sometimes sees the Aw in the forest whilst hunting, but have not seen them since the alleged attack and believe that they have fled.

Luis Carlos Guajajaras told Brazil’s Terra website:

“She was from another tribe, they live deep in the jungle, and have no contact with the outside world. It would have been the first time she had ever seen white men. We heard that they laughed as they burned her to death.”

The incident was in October or November but CIMI have only just learned of it.

The Aws land is in Maranho state in the eastern Amazon.

Although Aw lands have been legally recognized, the Indians are being targeted by loggers, who are bulldozing roads into the forests, and by settlers, who hunt the game the Aw rely on, exposing them to disease and violence. More than a third of their land is believed to have been invaded.

In September an Aw man was reportedly nearly decapitated by loggers. Loggers have also ransacked CIMI offices.

In 2010 a small group emerged from the forest after a local mayor denied that they existed.

Brazil has made substantial progress on curbing deforestation. The rate for 2011 was 78% down on 2004. But that still covers an area the size of Delaware.

Video from Survival International about the Aw.


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Leigh E.
Leigh EVERETT5 years ago

Ann F.

I don't understand your comment. For one thing the Awa AREN'T wearing clothes, only loincloths, and second WHITE man didn't invent clothes in the first place. Tribes have had the ability to make their own clothes long before white man came on the scene.

Anyway, what's important is that we act now. I was completely unaware of these goings on, so thanks for the info, and let's help Colin Firth with his campaign. If you haven't seen his video, here's the link.


Kenneth D.
Kenneth Davies5 years ago


Kenneth D.
Kenneth Davies5 years ago


Judith Emerson
Judith Emerson5 years ago

Signed, noted & posted to FB!
This has got to STOP!!!!!

Ann Fuller
Ann Fuller5 years ago

If the Awa haven't seen white man before how come they are wearing clothes?? If these things are really true then the Brazilian government should step in and help them.

Nimue Pendragon

This is too horrible. Petition signed. Thanks.

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle5 years ago

This of course is too awful. The overall picture of indigenous people being invaded, given diseases they have no resistance to, being exploited, is the major problem, and it's up to the Brazilian government to crack down on the ruthless loggers. How can the Awa forgive them?

Manuela B.
Manuela B5 years ago


Ans Weevers
Ans Weevers5 years ago

‎"The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be determined by the ways it treats it's animals." and humans
Mahatma Gandhi

stacy modra
stacy modra6 years ago

that is horrible