London’s Race Riots — Unemployment and Disrespect To Blame


Written by Cheryl Contee, a blogger for Jack & Jill Politics

I just watched Good Morning America where the anchors denied that there was any social or economic justice concerns driving the London rioters. They were all just criminals and copycats apparently. Shame on you Robin and Christiane — you’re both a lot smarter than that. The riots began after a peaceful protest of the police shooting of a young black man named Mark Duggan. Hmmm….sound familiar??? Oscar Grant? Police brutality much? No? Really?

Given the absurdity of this appallingly anemic coverage which simply doesn’t explain the ferocity, scope and persistence of the riots, I turned to the UK press to see what they thought about what’s happening in their country. We can do that now — it’s called the internet. I mean, the jails are full in London, Parliament is being called back into session and 16,000 cops — a veritable army — will be on the streets tonight. That’s a lot of po-po. They’re saying that calling in the army would be a last resort, but clearly it’s under consideration. Police are definitely considering shooting non-lethal bullets at protestors, called baton rounds. Shops and train stations are closed. Fires are rampant. London is in a crisis fueled by the nexus of youth, rage and social media.

In London, they actually seem pretty convinced that community anguish over racism and the recession are a big part of what’s happening there. A lack of faith in institutions who have failed to serve the people also seems like a theme. From the BBC:

Mayor of London Boris Johnson, who also cut short a holiday to return, was heckled by the members of the public while viewing damage in Clapham Junction on Tuesday.

Some people have complained there have been too few police to deal with the violence.

Mr Johnson told those gathered that those responsible for the violence “face punishment they will bitterly, bitterly regret”.

However, when challenged to do more for communities, Mr Johnson rejected “economic or social justifications” for the violence.

Mmm hmm. From the Guardian who spoke to young men who have seen the protests:

With the highest rate of unemployment in London and a population feeling the squeeze from the downturn and cuts, some locals appealed for understanding. Duggan’s death, they said, had unleashed a tidal wave of anger. “This has been building up for a long time,” said Leon, who refused to give his surname and said he “saw” a lot of what happened on Saturday night.

Yes, he said, there had been a large element of opportunism behind the looting: “This is an area with no opportunity for employment so do you expect people not to see an opportunity?” But, more than anything, it was about the police and politics. Young black people felt they were treated differently by the police, being stopped and searched on a “constant” basis. And, he added, he couldn’t find a job: “Even if you do, it’s on the minimum wage.”

A friend of his, who gave his name as Rozay – the name emblazoned into the side of his neck – agreed. He was from Tottenham, he said, and had been part of a gang – but had left to start a new life for himself and his family.

He was not surprised by what had happened. “Tottenham is poverty. I’m surprised we ever got a football stadium,” he said. “The streets of London are not happy. We don’t agree with burning buildings but the police do treat young black people with shocking disrespect … labelling us like we’re nothing.”

In the U.K., unemployment has hit black communities much harder than white ones. Again, that should sound familiar to you. Again, from the BBC:

Almost half of black people aged between 16 and 24 are unemployed, compared with 20% of white people of the same age…

Here in the U.S., the statistics are also bleak. From TheGrio:

We know the statistics by now: 14 million Americans are currently out of work; 6 million of those have been out of work for longer than six months, and 4.4 million for longer than a year.

Black unemployment is nearly twice the national average at 15.9 percent, and for black men,17.0 percent (from July 2011).

The Black Institute found that just a couple of month ago in New York City, 25% of black men aged 16-24 are unemployed. Here’s the question we should be asking: could this happen in the United States. Around the time of the Egyptian uprising which toppled a dictator, the Economist had this to say in February:

Egypt’s youth-unemployment rate is currently about 25%. That is clearly a depressing number, but even more depressing is that it is not out of line with rates across the region, and beyond. Lebanon’s youth-unemployment rate is 21%, Tunisia’s is 30% and, outside the Arab world, Britain’s is 20% and Spain’s is 40%.

Policymakers would be well advised to think about how we’re going to promote job-intensive growth, even as they try to calculate the gigantic geopolitical consequences of the Egyptian earthquake.

Personally, I’m convinced the U.S. is sitting on a powder keg of violence. We have desperate young people without hope who have seen their parents’ homes foreclosed fraudulently, have watched libraries close and teachers laid off, have seen tuition rates spike, and have watched a corrosive political process in their states and in DC implode on itself without alleviating the recession’s toll on communities. The suffering of ordinary Americans is taxing their patience and forbearance. Like the Economist, I’d urge both the Obama Administration and Members of Congress — especially the hardline Tea Partiers to pay close attention to the mood on Main Street. It’s getting tight and the recipe for violent reaction that Egypt and Britain have seen is not far from being cooked up here in the States…

This post was originally published by Jack & Jill Politics.

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Konakai u.
Konakai u.5 years ago

These riots may be a aspect of the drop of capitalism. Individuals are anxious and experience less commitment to the govt that is not conference their needs for financial protection.

Cocktail Bar In London

Zoe B.
Zoe B6 years ago

these are NOT "race riots"

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin6 years ago

Like the L.A. riots, the English ones started out as a protest. But when you get criminals involved you set the stage for arson, looting, murder. Most affected by these riots are shop owners who can't afford to rebuild. Several people were murdered. Three of them while protecting their car wash. I can not see how murdering, burning and looting your neighbors help promote social justice.
Many of those rioters were also priviledged: a wealthy man's daughter, university students and several coming form high income families.
Attacking your neighbors with such amount of violence, will only lead to more repression from the government.
As for the punishments for the crimes committed. Some are way too hard, but there are crimes that I believe need to be harshly sentenced.
The writer of the above article seem to justify rioting when performed by the black/poor white community. I can't see any difference between Governmental violence against people and the recent English riots. Stop excusing criminal acts and start educating and help people organize instead!

Loo Samantha
Loo sam6 years ago


Tom Sullivan
Tom C Sullivan6 years ago

Reminds me of the riots in Watt,s Ca.

K s Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

wooddragon xx
wooddragon xx6 years ago

Do you think the police would have been standing there watching the looters smash up the shops and burn people's homes, if it were say.... Buckingham Palace, 10 Downing Street, Kensington Square or any other very affluent area? I think not! But what happened...? In our poorer or not so affluent areas the police had to watch while the rioters looted the shops and burned people's homes for days.... The government decided to add 10,000 more police = 16,000 only when the rioters started looting and smashing up affluent areas.

It just shows you there is a despicable class system in the UK and the people of poorer areas are not worthy of protecting or saving, despite paying more taxes than some rich elites!!

This is nothing to do with race. This is to do with class.

Will Rogers
Will Rogers6 years ago

While londons rioters seems mostly to be black people. (according to the evening news) manchester, Nottingham, Leeds, liverpool, and most other cities appear to be mostly poor whites. This shows that the problems may be because not only is England institutionally racist, it's also institutionally classist. With the most failing being the most failed. (working class white men and black males.

wooddragon xx
wooddragon xx6 years ago


Show Racism the Red Card

Let’s Kick Racism Out

Knowledge is bigotry's worst enemy

wooddragon xx
wooddragon xx6 years ago

You might have heard about the EDL - English Defence League. They are a violent organisation that seeks to whip up hatred against Muslims and stir up tensions within communities. Over the summer they are staging dozens of demonstrations but one in particular sticks out as a potential riot and must be prevented from happening.

The EDL demonstration in Tower Hamlets, London that takes place on the 3rd September could be banned but this will only happen if we get enough people to sign the petition. It’s worked before in Bradford and Leicester last year which, although a static demonstration, meant that these hooligans where not allowed to pass through the community.

If the EDL are allowed to march through Tower Hamlets who knows what will happen and what innocent by-standers will be hurt in the process.

Help me stop the this march of hate from taking place and sign the petition by following the link below and sending to all of your contacts and networks.

Together we can win for a peaceful community in Tower Hamlets.

The EDL are scum, just like the BNP, Combat 18, National Front and any other Far Riech Organisation!

Right-wing extremists hijacking the vigilante patrols protecting against looters, warn police
Show Racism