‘Loving Parents of LGBT Taiwan’


A group of parents dedicated to ensuring their LGBT children grow up free of discrimination and bullying has officially formed in Taiwan.

The group, called Loving Parents of LGBT Taiwan, announced its formation at a July 8 press conference and immediately called on the government to ensure LGBTs receive equal rights.

From the Taipei Times:

“Gays are just like everyone else, they have parents, like us, and they, as well as their parents, pay taxes just like every citizen of this country so they should enjoy the same rights as everybody else,” said the group’s convener, who was identified only as Mrs Kuo, at a news conference at the Legislative Yuan to announce the group’s founding.

“The kids don’t get to choose whether they are gay, bi, or straight. It is not a choice because they are born that way, and 10 percent of all people could be gay,” she said.

Kuo said that as a parent, she feels that insults to gay people are insults to their parents as well, adding that well-structured sexual equality education was the key to ending discrimination.

One of the key missions for Loving Parents of LGBT Taiwan is to help parents of LGBT children communicate with their kids, something they say can only be achieved with early education on LGBT topics both at home and in schools. That is why Loving Parents of LGBT Taiwan has strongly supported government changes to the curriculum that, from the next semester, will see age-appropriate LGBT issues introduced into school lessons from elementary school age.

From the China Times:

The Ministry of Education (MOE) announced earlier this year that from September, issues concerning homosexuality will be introduced into the school curriculum at elementary and junior high school level. The policy drew mixed reactions, with conservative groups saying it was an inappropriate subject for students at that level, while others welcomed it as a step in the right direction.

“This is our only hope,” said a mother surnamed Kuo, a member of a newly established association for parents with gay children called Loving Parents of LGBT children. “There is nothing wrong with them and they don’t need to change,” said Kuo, relating that her child was called a “pervert” in fifth grade. Kuo said that if 10% of the total population is LGBT, there are 2.3 million Taiwanese with different voices that need to be heard.

Loving Parents of LGBT Taiwan is thought to be Asia’s first parent led LGBT rights group. The group also places a focus on gender equality in education because, they say, “that is the beginning of understanding and respect.”

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Duane B.
.5 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

adriana j.
adriana j5 years ago

Excellent!!! The families of all the members of our community around the globe SHOULD start organizing!!!

Quanta Kiran
Quanta Kiran5 years ago


Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin6 years ago

Loving Parents of LGBT Taiwan, Proud Parents of LGBT children in Sweden and PFLAG in the US. It's uplifting to read about these organizations, which means things are changing for the better. Thanks for the article!

Jane H.
Jane H6 years ago

This is wonderful news---I hope that eventually they may affiliate with Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbins and Gays in this country. We stand for exactly the same things as the parents in Taiwan stand for. Another group, called PFox believes that their children can change and they support their "changed" children. Both these gorups can be found easily on the internet. But I know my son doesn't need changing--he's wonderful just as he is!!

Beth M.
Beth M6 years ago

Good for them! Support your children!

Beth M.
Beth M6 years ago

Good news for a change!

Fred Krohn
Fred Krohn6 years ago

If we must deprecate and dæmonise something, dæmonise homophobia and homophobic violence. Teach people that 'normal' means 'keep your pants on in public and don't abuse each other'.

Fiona M.
Fiona M.6 years ago

yay! equal rights for all!

Hayley Zacheis
Hayley Zacheis6 years ago

This is such good news.