Low Levels of Mercury Unlikely to Cause Autism

Low levels of mercury are not a likely cause of autism according to a new study in the online scientific journal PLoS ONE. These findings are further evidence to refute the notion that mercury can be linked to autism, a theory that has led to some parents trying various experimental biomedical treatments for their children in the hope that, if a child “excretes” mercury, he or she will improve or might even be “cured” of autism. Some have even said that autism is mercury poisoning and argued that mercury in vaccines played a part in creating an “autism epidemic” and that some children have difficulties excreting mercury, which is therefore thought to “build up” in their systems.

As Steven Novella, M.D., a clinical neurologist, writes, mercury is indeed a neurotoxin but “toxicity is all about dose, so the question is are children being exposed to mercury in high enough dose to cause toxicity.” To understand the effects of mercury on children, one has to take samples from actual children and analyze them, rather than just looking at the effects of mercury in a petri dish.

In the new study, Barry Wright and other British researchers looked specifically at mercury levels in urine to study how mercury works in the body. The researchers enrolled 54 children with autism spectrum disorders, 121 healthy children who attended mainstream schools, 34 who attended special schools for learning disabilities and 42 siblings of autistic children. They found that the mercury levels did not differ in the urine of  autistic children versus that of controls.

The theory about a link between autism and mercury has caused much heated debate and Wright and the other researchers were careful to emphasize that their sample size for the study was not large and that they could not conduct 24-hour urine collections because of the difficulties of doing such with some autistic children.

Still, the study provides further valuable evidence that mercury is not a cause of autism, along with earlier studies including one in 2008 that found that autism rates still rose even after the mercury-based preservative thimerosal was removed from the routine children’s vaccine schedule in 2001 – 2002. As Novella notes, it is now a decade after thimerosal was removed and autism rates have continued to climb, at least in some part due to changes made in the DSM criteria in the 1980s.  The causes of autism are yet unknown but it is increasingly unlikely that mercury is one of them.

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Vicki B.
Vicki B6 years ago

They poison our food and our water and wonder why there are so many illnesses.

Donna Hamilton
Donna Hamilton6 years ago

Thanks for posting.

KS Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Sue Matheson
Sue Matheson6 years ago


Caryn Cowin
Caryn C6 years ago

Kristina Chew, please find yourself a neuroproctologist. You are in dire neeed of a cranialrectalectomy. How you can continue this line of writing in the face of overwhelming evidence is amazing. Which pharmaceutical company is paying you?

Lynn C.
Lynn C6 years ago


Theresa G.
T G6 years ago

What is it: one? drop of mercury can completely destroy a 200 hectar lake for thousands of years? and it won't destroy a human who is what...98% water? Am I missing something here?

Robert P.
Robert P6 years ago

Mercedes L is obviously one of those weakminded, easily manipulated and fooled by mnainstream media and medicine, completely ignoring the facts, science and evidence all around her. Mercedes is in fact the one without a clue that should be shipped to a remote island where she can dine on mercury cocktails and read the funny pages. Most people are becoming aware of the corruption by the drug companies and mainstream medicine in their quest for huge profits. In fact the drug companies have been caught and fined for criminal practices and that is a matter of public record. Look it up Mercedes. It is people like you who will follow without question never doing any research and then thinkiing they know what they are talking about. Get a clue and do a little research before running your mouth.

vee s.
Veronica-Mae s6 years ago

Well said Mike I could not have put it better (sorry I can't find how to give you a green star)

I have read of those who get Flu being the ones who were vaccinated Lilithe. There are a number of toxins in that jab too. This generation is going to be so lacking in natural immunity that they will be prey to everything going.

By the way - Mercedes there is no reason for you husband to suffer for ever with shingles. He clearly does not get anything like enough REAL Vitamin C (i.e. not the artificial stuff)

Mike Barnes
Michael Barnes6 years ago

Jane, some vaccines are made from cultured (not killed) viruses. Then there are others. Look at it this way - humanity made it until 100 years ago with no viruses. Most of the boomers, myself included, got to the present with about 6. I believe they're pushing 15 or 20 these days. That's not about health, it's about profit.
Then, there are the vaccines that people are exposed to multiple times. Just like overdosing livestock with antibiotics breeds superbugs, is anyone naive enough to believe that can't happen with vaccines? Take a look at this - http://www.brasschecktv.com/videos/vaccines/rabies-vaccine-to-be-dropped-from-the-air.html
Finally, the underlying message here seems to be that since it's not mercury that causes autism, that somehow translates into it being OK to ingest mercury. Really? Heavy metal poisoning is OK? Want some Deuterium with those Monsanto fries?
Between the vaccines, the GM food, the Round-Up on the food, the platinum from the catalytic converters, the fluoride ( waste by-productof the fluorine used in the manufacture of nuclear weapons), BPA, and the side effects of drugs from Big Pharma, the for-profit medical industry has all the treatment we need, because curing intentional poisoning isn't as profitable.