Loyal Dog Protects Buddy Stuck on Tracks From Speeding Train

If you’ve ever had the slightest doubt about just how loyal dogs can be – not only to people but to other dogs – a pup who’s been named Panda really proved it on Christmas Day.

Panda and his pal, now named Lucy, apparently escaped from their home in western Ukraine and somehow ended up on railroad tracks in the town of Uzhhorod. Lucy had an injury and was unable to stand or move. Panda remained right by her side, warming her with his body in the freezing cold.

A train engineer contacted a group of animal rescue volunteers including Denis Malafeyev, telling them he’d seen the dogs on the tracks for two days. Malafeyev and the others took off to try to save them.

“I saw a train approaching and felt sick,” he wrote on Facebook. “The male dog heard the sound of the approaching train, came close to the female dog and laid down next to her. Both of them pushed their heads toward the ground and let the train pass.”

A viral video Malafeyev posted shows the dogs being run over by the speeding train. It’s chilling to think that this wasn’t the first time this happened to the dogs.

The video is disturbing and difficult to watch, but amazingly, both dogs survived with just minor injuries. It may also seem disturbing that, knowing a train would be approaching, Malafeyev didn’t put down his camera and save the dogs. He wrote in his Facebook post that he and the group had tried, unsuccessfully, to move them, but Panda would bark at them and refuse to let them get close to Lucy.

“Think about it. He was keeping her warm,” Malafeyev wrote. ” I don’t know what to call this: instinct, love, friendship, loyalty? One thing I know for sure is that not all people would do the same as this dog!”

The video has been viewed more than 1.5 million times, with many commenters agreeing with Malafeyev that humans have a lot to learn from this dog.

Four days later, Malafeyev posted new videos of Panda and Lucy on Facebook. The dogs were taken to an animal shelter and have been reunited their owners, UPI reports. (There are conflicting reports that the dogs were adopted and given the names Panda and Lucy by their new owners. Either way, the two dogs are in a forever home together.)

Lucy had no fractures, but only severe bruising, The Sun reports.

“Lucy lives in a house in a warm room! It’s really warm in here!” Malafeyev wrote. “The animals are on the mend!”

Hopefully Panda will be rewarded with treats for his heroic actions, and the owners will make their home more escape proof.

Photo credit: YouTube


Marie W
Marie W1 years ago

Thank you

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Leong S1 years ago

thank you

rosario p.
rosario p.1 years ago

23 days ago I warned about two tranquilizer darts sticking into the dogs - afterwards Imre Mikoss indicated they spoke in Hungarian and the same day Patrick W asked the Care2 support team to remove this article and investigate if it is true or a cruel set-up that put the 2 lovely dogs through a horrible ordeal. NO RESPONSE.
21 days ago Patrick Wrote to the author Laura Goldman with the same petition. Silent treatment.
11 days ago I demanded the same again and the courtesy of a response.
The various calls of investigation - meanwhile remove cautiously - and a new article if there are signs enough to think this is a set-up and fake have been met with deafening silence and more than likely THERE WOULD BE NO RESPONSE - ONLY A LONG SILENCE.

Pamela L
Pamela Lebowitz1 years ago

Far too many humans have much to learn when it comes to unconditional love and loyalty, no doubt about that, however this story raised too many red flags and find the entire story to be odd. I rarely read many of the prior remarks but felt a need to and see there are quite a few people besides me who have the same concerns as I do and would really appreciate some kind of response from Care2 if they've been able to get any kind of answers about what really happened. Thank you so much for your time and concern for these 2 beautiful angels!

František Labanič

Thats why i love them as much as its possible. Good luck, happy dogs life :) :*

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Thank you for letting us know.

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Awwww animals are so wonderful

rosario p.
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Today I wrote to Laura the author to convey , again, our concerns and requesting a response to the email of Patrick and mine even if only of a matter of courtesy.

Georgina E M