Loyal Dog Risks Drowning to Protect Family Home

Earlier this year, a flood as large as Texas and California combined devastated an area of Eastern Russia, but one loyal pup was adamant on guarding his family home against the rising tide of flood water.

Druzhok, whose name means ‘Little Friend,’ escaped with his family when their village was suddenly struck by one of the worst floods that the Amur region of Russia has seen in 120 years. As many as 100,000 people were evacuated in the crisis, forced to leave everything behind.

The family went to stay with relatives and Druzhok was placed in charge of guarding their car, but he disappeared only to be later found right back on the doorstep of their flooded home attempting to fight back the tide.

Image by Yelena Andreeva via The Siberian Times

It wasn’t until three days after the Andreev family had fled their home that Druzhok vanished, but as soon as the family realized that Druzhok was gone, they rushed to find him. Enlisting the help of a small rubber dingy, they sailed back to their family home. As they approached they could hear him barking and rescuers nearby explained that they had been trying to get inside but Druzhok wouldn’t let them, nor would he let them take him to safety.

Image by Yelena Andreeva via The Siberian Times

This incredible dog swam all the way back in the middle of the night where he stood on the porch neck deep in freezing cold water for hours before he was found. Why did he do it? His family believe that he was under the impression that they had returned there and needed protecting.

As she held back her tears Elena, Druzhok’s human mom, said “We sailed into the yard and saw him. He was standing there and trembling, but wouldn’t move away from his place. But when he saw us he was so happy. We took him into the boat and he rushed to lick us. We all were so happy.”

Image by Amurskaya-Pravda via The Siberian Times

The thought of leaving him again was unbearable for the family, who decided to ask some friends who had an empty aviary if Druzhok could go and live there, and in the end the whole family went along, allowing them to all be together once again.

This isn’t the first story we’ve heard about animals going to incredible lengths to help and protect those that care for them. The special bonds that animals share with their loved ones causes them to act in truly astonishing ways. Dogs in particular are extremely loyal and intelligent animals. After all, they don’t call them mans’s best friend for nothing!

Some people say that dogs are only loyal because they depend on us for food and shelter, but when you hear a tale like Druzhok’s where he risked his own life in an attempt to guard his family, it’s clear to see that there’s a lot more to it than that. Dogs are pack animals and when they lose a member of their pack, even if it is just temporarily they feel like they have a lost a part of themselves. They are also naturally affectionate and instinctively want to form bonds. All they want is to love and be loved in return.

Photo Credit: Yelena Andreeva


Loesje vB
Loesje Najoan2 years ago

I love dogs. Wonderful story.

sandy Gardner
sandy Gardner2 years ago

I love dogs! I love hearing how kind, loyal, brave, and loving they are. They treat humans better than humans deserve sometimes. I consider dogs to not only be Man's Best Friend, because they exemplify an example of good, kind, and loving behavior.

Florence Baribeau

Awesome story... I love dogs!

Heather T.
Heather T2 years ago

Dogs are the most faithful thing that you can ever have. They think nothing of giving their life to protect you.

Glennis Whitney
Glennis W2 years ago

Wonderful dog. Thank you for caring and sharing

J.J. van Dongen
J.J. v. Dongen2 years ago

Yes, dogs are great!!

Effra W.
Effra W2 years ago

Why was he left on his own guarding their car after such an event? The dog is great, the people could do better.

Pattie R.
Pattie R2 years ago

Wow! What a tremendously loyal dog who I hope is treated like a hero.

Teresa W.
Teresa W2 years ago


Carole R.
Carole R2 years ago

You can always count on your dog.