Luka Magnotta: A Murder Story Stranger Than Any Movie

Warning: Gruesome details.

Truth is always universally stranger than fiction.

In late May, a dismembered human body was found in a suitcase in Montreal. The city recoiled with the shock of the horrific crime.

Then, a human foot was mailed to the Conservative Party headquarters in Ottawa, addressed to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. A second package containing a hand was intercepted by Canada Post, addressed to the Liberal Party of Canada.

Police quickly determined that the body and the body parts were from the same individual: 33 year old Patrick Jun Lin, a Chinese national attending university in Montreal.  And from there, the case snowballed in to one of the most ludicrous, macabre and high-profile murder cases Canada has ever seen.

Over the following days, police pieced together the case, helped by the fact that the murderer posted the whole thing on the internet. They quickly named a suspect: a young man named Luka Magnotta, a onetime porn star with a mysterious past. Social media buzzed with gossip that he had once dated the notorious sex killer Karla Homolka and had posted videos of himself killing animals. Soon, the media revealed that he also posted a video of what appeared to be the actual murder on a site hosting “snuff” videos. The clip showed Jun Lin being murdered, dismembered and cannibalized. Magnotta then fled the country and was the target of an international manhunt, being labelled the “Canadian Psycho”, “Cannibal Porn Star” and many other names, turning up in Paris before finally being arrested in Berlin at an internet cafe as he surfed porn and read articles about himself.

Magnotta is now in a German prison awaiting extradition, which he claims he will not fight. In the meantime, two Vancouver schools have reported receiving body parts in the mail; police have not confirmed whether the parts belong to Jun Lin, but do confirm that several parts of him are still missing, including his head. Los Angeles police are conferring with Montreal officers to determine whether there is a link between Magnotta and a similar body parts case in Hollywood.

And in the meantime, Canada is reeling from the gruesome, hard to comprehend story. With new details arising seemingly daily, the public braces themselves for what might come next. One thing is certain: The story isn’t over.


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What the world needs now is love sweet one another... give freedom...don't take control.

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The death penalty does not deter murderers. That has been proven long ago. Look to the states in the US. The risks that come along with instituting the death penalty once again are simply not worth it. We are no better than the murderers if even one person is mistakenly executed. We already know that this often happens. There's no room for the death penalty in Canada.

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Disturbing and disgusting.

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thanks for sharing time for canada to bring back the death penalty for him Col. Russ Williams Paul Bernardo Micheal Rafferty the list goes on

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