Reputed ‘Lesbian Vampire’ Sinks Teeth into Conservative Media Feedback Loop (Video)

Perhaps you’ve heard the shocking report that president Obama’s trip to India will cost taxpayers upwards of $200 million per day.  If you think that sounds outlandish, that’s because it is.

The propagation of this particular right-wing media meme served as the launching point for Rachel Maddow’s opening segment Thursday evening, Nov. 5.  The video and transcript are available at  Below you’ll find the 18+ minute segment divided into two parts.

Watch the reputed ‘lesbian vampire’ demonstrate how the “alternate right-wing, self contained, media universe” invents controversies like the Obama/India story, which, in turn, become fact in the minds of those lacking the curiosity to question such nonsense, or ideologically inclined to believe it.

Maddow recalls several past examples of this impenetrable conservative media feedback loop, but one example stands out. “We should have known we lost the ability to debunk,” Maddow laments, when the “Death Panel” lie blew up during the debate over health care reform.  Also featured are many of (recently reelected… Really, Minnesota?)  Rep. Michelle Bachmann’s  greatest hits.  Watch:

Please pardon the rough transition.  In part two, Maddow picks up where she left off with Sharon Angle’s baseless Sharia fear mongering, then moves on to some other false memes that are now permanently fixed in the fringe’s paranoid lore.

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janine k.
janine k6 years ago

I'm tired of living in National Enquirer World...I never liked it...I want to go home!

Willy Wonka World sounds better or Thousand Leagues Under the Sea or Utopia.

Jamie Clemons
Jamie Clemons7 years ago

They live in an alternate universe where up is down and war is peace.

Patricia E.
Patricia Evans7 years ago

Let's see. Two Boeing 747 Air Force One aircraft, three C-141 transports to carry the Presidential helicopters and limos... crew dogs for all those aircraft, tanker aircraft to carry the JP4 that these planes burn, advance Air Force and Secret Service details to scope out the destination airports in advance, place landing marks on the tarmac for Air Force One, all the food and drink for both Air Force One aircraft, salaries for all the servicemen and civilian workforce which accompany the President... the price tag may not be $200 million per day, but by the time the One returns to Washington, he'll have burnt up that much money on his worldwide junket, certainly - and started a trade war, to boot.

Your tax dollars at work, people. At least Boeing sold some C-17s to India.

Robert O.
Robert O7 years ago

Well that was interesting to watch.

Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman7 years ago

I like what Christopher F says Lol :-)

Susan S.
Susan S7 years ago

All of you Maddow fans better go back and listen to the first video, at about the 7:00 mark.

Maddow specifically says she heard Bachman say Obama was going to use the census to round up consertives. Well, listen again!! Bachman specifically says she is NOT saying Obama is going to use the census to round people up.

Based on just the clip in the video, and Maddow and Bachman's own words in that video - either Rachel needs a new hearing aid, or she is LYING!!!


Joshua K.
Joshua K.7 years ago

Paul B. - You said, "No one likes a know-it-all, because usually they really don't know it all." You do realize that this applies to Glenn Beck, the guy you so adamantly insist we watch ourselves to prove how right he is since we can't possibly disprove him, right?

You also said, "...their messages of progressives being socialist at heart, but what if they are true. Would you be okay if we turned our country into a socialist country?" The problem with this (and the problem I have with Conservatives as an ex Conservative myself) is that all Conservatives seem to do anymore is play the "what if" game. I think it's COUNTER-productive to focus on the "what if"s. Instead, we should be focusing on the "what is." You keep telling us to check our facts and find the truth for yourself, but half the things you say don't fall in line with that philosophy. The point Rachel is making here is that there are a lot of rumors and "what if"s out there that have plenty of back-up, but the back up are just others spouting the same stuff that has no real factual basis. It's called "fear-mongering," and the very definition of it is playing the "what if" game until you convince people that to NOT believe in line with you is to give in to the horror that may be. Using fear to ply people when the fear you propose may indeed be unjustified to begin with.

Paul B.
7 years ago

I challenge any of you to watch Glenn's shows Tuesday and Wednesday and give me facts as to where he is wrong. Show me what he gets wrong, give me facts though, and we can debate facts not just the typical personal attacks and generalizations I see on this website. I want to know... seriously. Everyone loves a challenge... and this is your chance to shut me and conservatives up on this site. You have to love that opportunity. And YOU have to watch it, not just read about it on the liberal blogs. I will be able to tell the difference.

Paul B.
7 years ago

What is unfortunate is when people are blinded by one side of an issue and fail to open up and at least consider an alternative point of view or opinion. When we fail to expand our knowledge, we fail to grow as people. Blind acceptance of ANY given fact is asking for trouble, and usually it's too late by the time you are enlightened to the truth.
Merelen, why do yo uthingk Fox News has a viewership that is larger than all other cable news network stations combined. Do you really think all those people are brainwashed, or fools, or idiots? I would beg to offer just the opposite to anyone unwilling to at least listen. Have you ever even listened to a Fox NEws broadcast, even some of the moderates like Geraldo, Sheppard Smith, Great Van Susteren, O'Reilly, Bret Baier, Neil Cavuto. Skip Sean Hannity, too right wing. But Glenn, for all the malining does have tons of facts to back up what he claims, and offers all the sources for your own research. He champions neither party, offers only a message of personal responsibility and awareness. If you ahve never seen one of his shows, I urge you to watch this week, starting Tuesday. He is covering George Soros and the progressive movement. Watch it. If you don't agree, fine, at least you have been exposed and the choice is no longer one of "no one told me about that." Be informed. Don't judge until you have seen it yourself. If nothing else it gives you arguments against the right that you should research to defend against. Try it.

Merelen Knitter
Merelen Knitter7 years ago

It's unfortunate how many people are willing to buy into faux news and their made up stories.