Major Developments In Wisconsin Recall Elections

With recall elections moving forward against four Republican state senators, Governor Scott Walker and Lieutenant Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch the cracks in the Republican front are starting to show.

State Senator Pam Galloway, a recall target due to her consistent and outspoken support of Gov. Walker announced Friday her immediate resignation from the legislature and her decision not to contest the recall election citing family issues that required her immediate and undivided attention. The move made an immediate impact as Galloway’s resignation takes control of the Wisconsin Senate away from Republicans and splits it evenly between the parties, but it has long-term implications as well.

For starters, Galloway was a Tea Party favorite and was going to be tough to beat in the recall election. She’s had the ability to raise a lot of money. Galloway was facing Democrat Donna Seidel, a popular former county official from the Wausau-area and the assistant minority leader in the state Assembly. Seidel is now the front-runner in a race that should she win would tip the Senate to full control by Democrats.

It also means that the Walker administration has no choice but to work with Democrats from here on out. His entire union-busting budget and hyper-partisan redistricting and voter ID assault was made possible only because Republicans had control of every branch of government. This is no longer the case. State Senate majority leader Scott Fitzgerald, a Walker crony and recall target, now has to enter into a power-sharing agreement with minority leader Mark Miller, a progressive Democrat who led the progressive caucus walkout over the union bill last year.

Wisconsin shows that change in a democracy takes time. One year later and the state’s political landscape looks very different, and it’s a change only made possible thanks to a citizenry that just won’t give up.

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Robert Ludwig
Robert Ludwig7 years ago

Ah, the "I want to spend more time with my family" school of public service. Usually followed by indictment, trial, conviction, and time well spent.

Lee Witton
7 years ago

Is it Walker you love or the fact that he is bought and paid for by the Kochroaches? Walker and fiscally responsible are not one and the same. It's about further diminishing the power of labor unions. Rest assured; we Progressive are going to bring back the labor unions stronger than ever but we want all you nay sayers to sign waivers agreeing to not take a penny of S.S., no medicare, no medicaid, and no Obama's healthcare reform coverage. We also want you all to sign waivers denying you'll ever try to benefit from stem cell research, or any of the other social programs that people like Walker and his sheeple object to.

Consumer C.
Consumer Care7 years ago

We fully support Governor Walker and anyone else who is willing to be fiscally responsible. It is very disturbing that people expect government to live within their means yet when someone tries to do that so many get upset.

Mary L.
Mary L7 years ago

Couldn't happen to a nicer state.

Diane L.
Diane L7 years ago

Amen-- other crazy Republicans--pay attention -this could happen to you

Charli S.
Charlotte S7 years ago

We need to start making sure these ads that cost so much money aren't watched. If the money can't influence the vote because we refuse to watch them or listen to the calls then what? We need to revolt NOW before we're simple slaves to the rich.

Jack Everett
Jack Everett7 years ago

Walkers whole anti American agenda is paid for by the Koch industries lobby to support nothing but their own personal profits. People are starting to see through these communist style attacks and will put an end to them

The republican party has well earned the name dead on arrival.

Lee Witton
7 years ago

I'm happy that such light is being shown on Wisconsin, but I'd really like to see the writers of these articles shed a whole lot of light at what is happening in Michigan. It is appalling the usurping of political positions by the governor, eliminating elected positions and appointing his own choice of people to replace them. The governor is also selling off precious lake-front properties that was deeded for parks and recreation areas because they have found (or at least think they've found a loophole) a way around what was intended. The corruption there is rampant and people are trying to fight back but what do we hear in the news? Not a friggin thing. Time to step it up C2; please!
Bette - thank you and I believe we can also make more great things possible by seeing people who truly want to bring America back to the middle class instead of corporate rule, prevail through putting like minds together in creating jobs, producing products made only in America, and building back from the ground up. Another good reason to move accounts to Federal Credit Unions. They will help entrepreneurs where corporate banks are less likely to. We have to let the middle class know we stand together and send more messages to Wall Street.

Grace B.
Grace B7 years ago

Lee I love your idea "I also would love to see middle class workers co-op and start their own business and produce only American made." Shopping at coops, buying american made, it can be done.

Kasia Y.
Kasia Y.7 years ago

Walker should be in prison for many many years for his crimes.