Man Accused of “Gay Handshake” Stands Trial in Dubai

You can tell homophobia has gotten out of control when even handshakes between men are scrutinized for being “gay.” In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), one man stands trial after being accused of giving a gay handshake to a colleague, reports The Huffington Post UK.

As a Care2 member stated in a petition she created, “THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GAY HANDSHAKE!” It is an absolute joke that Dubai courts are entertaining the allegation as a potential criminal matter. The fact that the case wasn’t immediately thrown out shows how the government is inclined to condemn homosexuality in even the most ludicrous of scenarios.

The handshake in question occurred between a pair of firefighters with a longstanding grudge. The prosecution has charged the defendant with indecency for shaking hands in a “perverted” manner. The supposed “victim” says that, when shaking hands with his coworker, the defendant rubbed his middle finger on his palm.

Although the gesture seems too insignificant to be considered a homosexual act, even supposing it were meant to communicate something “gay,” a harmless handshake should not warrant judicial intervention.

For what it’s worth, the defendant denies giving the “perverted” handshake. He cites a workplace feud as the reason the plaintiff pressed charges.

“If this case goes any further it has the potential of setting a dangerous precedent,” argues the head of the UAE LGBT advocacy group. “It is inviting misuse by other claimants who are simply against homosexuality, causing a witch hunt against an already prosecuted minority group. What[‘s] next? ‘He look at me in a funny way, therefore he is gay and must be punished?’”

Unfortunately, legal action over something this trite isn’t all that surprising given the other anti-gay legislation on the books in the UAE. In Dubai, both parties of a same-sex couple that engage in consensual sex can receive up to 10 years in prison, while a federal law stipulates that male sodomy is punishable with the death penalty.

Considering that the UAE Supreme Court permits men to abuse their wives and children so long as they don’t leave visible marks (sigh) and rape victims in Dubai can still be placed in jail for their part in getting raped (double sigh), this case shows the warped priorities and sense of justice in the region. When actual sexual misdeeds are committed, the courts look the other way, but when the smallest hint of something that someone has construed as “gay” occurs, then they hold a trial.

Join others around the world in telling Dubai officials that a handshake is not “gay” and prevent this homophobia-based witch hunt from escalating further by signing the petition below.


Panchali Yapa
Panchali Yapa4 years ago

Thank you

Margaret Goodman
Margaret Goodman5 years ago

Before we in the United States look down on other countries for their abuses of human rights, just consider that in the United States:
- Women are not guaranteed equal rights in the Constitution
- Discrimination against LGBT people is legal
- 40,000 people die every year due to lack of access to medical care
- NSA, CIA, etc. are tracking all our electronic activity

David B.
David B5 years ago

this is why so many people over there have brown eyes.there full of shit right up to there. this is another thing you can blame , and rightly so on can one of them explain , the "gay handshake" ? besides , I don't understand homophobia coming from a bunch of guys who wear headscarfs and long flowing dresses. and I'm also somewhat curious what do the (men?) wear under it ? it's like there women , do they have anything on under there burnoose? sounds kinda risquey to me ,wonder if there god allows that.?

Virginia Belder
Virginia Belder5 years ago


Rosi Caswell

With so much trauma in the world to deal with, why on earth create more, for the sake of it?!

Jandrel Andrel
i Andrel5 years ago

how ludicrous

PJ Chartrand
PJ C5 years ago

Considering the tourism is quickly becoming the primary source of income it certainly behooves them to distance themselves from such utter foolishness as giving credibility to a "gay handshake" as quickly as possible.

Donna B.
Donna B5 years ago

I see there is NO shortage of Village Idiots!! A Gay Handshake?? Really?!?!

Jeannine Johnson
Jeannine Johnson5 years ago

My Bff on-line for years was a really nice guy ! One day he instant messaged me Saying he was a women trapped inside a guys body ! I told him everything I did every day even the night I got " Raped " I messaged him befor the cops when he told me to call the cops that he was there for me ! That ment the world to me knowing I could count on him no mater what happened to me I had him !

Jeannine Johnson
Jeannine Johnson5 years ago

" WTG" Aurea,