Man Mowing Vacant Field Makes Miraculous Discovery

Editor’s note: This post is a Care2 Favorite. It was originally published on March 14, 2012. Enjoy!

Written by Rafael Zambrana of Houston, Texas

I was finishing cutting the grass in my yard and went ahead and cut in a neighboring property, in what is supposed to be another street but hasn’t been built. I do this to get a larger green area as a private park. I was finishing off and it was almost dark when I noticed a plastic box, the kind that is used to carry pets. Since it is a public place and people cut through this easement, sometimes they litter and I usually pick it up to throw it in the garbage.

I kept on cutting until I wasn’t able to see much in the dark and almost walked away without picking up that box.

When I got closer, I confirmed it was one of those pet cages, and since it was sideways, I grabbed it by the handle on its side and lifted it. My surprise was when I righted it, it felt like it had something inside, so I looked and I’ll be darned! I could see in the dark a furry little doggy sitting silently. Wow, I couldn’t believe someone could have been such a monster to leave this doggy inside this cage to die! That cage had not been settled there — it had been thrown from afar.

She Was So Afraid

I brought the cage to my new backyard room. The dog was so weak, she could hardly stand up. Who knows how many days she had spent inside the box dying slowly in silence without water or food (the next day, it rained heavily. If I hadn’t found her, perhaps she wouldn’t have made it).

Her left leg appeared to be broken so she was limping, and her left eye seemed to be closed shut, although later I was able to cut the hair around her face and realized it was OK. She had some strange hard stuff all over her face that was caught on her hair that slowly I was cutting off, although close to her eyes it was difficult because she kept on moving.

I opened the cage and she was all the way back in panic, so I left to go to the kitchen to bring her some water and food. When I came back, she was out. When she saw me, she started to cry thinking I was going to attack her, but I laid down the food and came closer to pet her. She was all bones, the poor thing, and was receptive to me petting her. She immediately went for the food and water. She was starving.

Who could throw her away?

A couple days later, I felt she was strong enough to take a bath, so I put her into the warm bathtub and very stoically she allowed me to shampoo her and finally start cutting off some of the hair around her mouth and her eyes. Then is when she regained her left eye’s sight. The water was filthy and she would need another bath, but I’ll wait until she is stronger.

I have called her Boney because she was all bones when I found her, but also I talk to her in Spanish and call her “borreguita” which means “little sheep.”

She has a great temperament, hardly cries or barks (only when she’s very happy to see me) and appears to be smart, quick to learn. I have been trying to find a way to fix her left leg that appears to have been broken for a while, because it never hurts her when I touch it.

I don’t know if I can keep her because if I am moving away from here and it will be difficult. If I don’t, I will make sure she gets a loving family to take care of her. If you know of anyone who is ready to love an affectionate well-behaved doggy, let me know. She has been at the vet and got her leg in a cast. Today (about 5 weeks since I found her) I’m taking her to see if she’s healed and it can be removed. I had sent out this story with 10 photos and two people offered to help with the vet costs.

I will be moving to another country into a small rental space, so I won’t be able to keep her. I am still looking for a person who can love her and take care of her. She’s a cute, well-behaved full of love little girl. She’s small but the vet thinks she’s between 3 to 5 years old.

Good News – She Has a Home

Loved at last!

This story was initially posted on The Great Animal Rescue Chase website about two weeks ago. When I contacted Rafael yesterday, he sent back wonderful news. Boney has been adopted. She is about to have surgery on her injured leg but is expected to make a full recovery.

Rafael misses her dearly. “The house seems so empty,” he said, but he has given her the most precious gift of all: a family who loves her. See more incredible photos of Boney’s rescue

Can Boney’s Rescue Lead to Others?

Please consider making a donation to our special fund for the Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward, an all volunteer rescue team that is rescuing discarded dogs like Boney across the city of Houston. The Harmony Fund is funding this group and all donations that come in over the next 48 hours will be earmarked for their remarkable rescue work for all the Boneys out there still waiting for rescue.


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I'm so happy she found a home! Thank you everyone for helping her. Gives me faith in humanity.

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Heroes save the helpless.
Rafael is a hero. Good man.

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if it wasn't for you cutting the neighboring yard , who knows what would of happen to her? wow. things do happen for a reason.

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Lucky escape