Man Shot and Killed for Stealing Beer in Texas

The West is known for its quick draw culture, but shooting a man to death for stealing some beer seems like a bit much. On Saturday night, a Texas Quick Stop owner shot and killed a thief who was attempting to make off with two cases of beer, and had made it almost to the doorway of the store with his loot. Neighbors and the media have been quick to blame the victim by pointing out that he was a “known gang member,” as though alleged gang affiliations might justify the decision to use lethal force. (Such language is also used in a form of racial coding to imply that the victim wasn’t white, as many people assume gangs only contain people of color.)

What exactly happened to create this situation, how is the community responding, and what does it say about gun culture not just in the West, but in the United States as a whole?

Store owner Rodney Duve certainly felt confident pulling out a firearm in a situation that could have been resolved more peacefully, and that is, perhaps, where the story begins. While the victim of the shooting hasn’t been identified, media are reporting that he was a 39-year-old man who either attempted to steal one or two cases of beer, depending on reports. Before he could leave the store, Duve shot him in the doorway; the number of shots involved or how quickly they were fatal also isn’t clear.

Duve was arrested at the store, and has since been charged with murder. He’s being held on $35,000 bail, which isn’t very much, but may have been considered appropriate by the judge given factors like whether he’s a flight risk and how much money he has available for raising bail. It’s clear, thus, that law enforcement think he did something that merits closer evaluation, with a prosecutor interested in charging him with murder in a court of law for making the decisions he did.

Certainly some people don’t seem to agree, including not just those who’ve stressed the possible “gang affiliations” of the victim, but neighbors of the store who said things like: “I probably would’ve done the same thing. It’s one of those things where how many times can you be pushed until you fight back. Everybody has their limit.”

Texas is a state with a very active gun culture and one where people are very protective not just of gun rights, but also of personal property — it’s likely that such a situation would have gone down very differently in another state, or even another part of Texas.

But not all Texans can be painted with the same brush. Even as law enforcement pursue criminal prosecution options, neighbors and other critics are saying the shooting death was inappropriate, and that two cases of beer weren’t worth a man’s life. They’re questioning whether this was really the most appropriate way to handle a theft, and supporting the decision to prosecute.

Quick Stops and similar establishments tend to be especially prone to theft, and some thieves are aggressive as well as armed. It’s not unreasonable for the owners of such stores to be frustrated with thieves and concerned about their safety, but that’s why some work behind glass, have panic buttons behind their counters, use cameras for identifying potential thieves among their customers, and take other nonviolent measures for protection and safety. Duve could have turned to any and all of these measures to catch his thief without such tragic consequences, but he apparently went straight for a gun.

Why? The answer to that question is bound up in social attitudes about property, gun culture and the value of human life, and we may learn more about the complexities of the situation in the upcoming trial. What we probably won’t learn is whether Duve regrets his decision or believes he could have handled the situation differently.

Photo credit: Cambridge Brewing Co.


Jim Ven
Jim Ven1 years ago

thanks for the article.

Sarah Hill
Sarah Hill4 years ago

Stealing beer is stealing! We parents need to do a better job of raising our children!

Vicky P. In some countries you get worse for stealing!

Kimberlee W.
Kimberlee W4 years ago

Folks - when a state ALREADY approves of shooting and killing a child of 7 in the back when running away, what else is there to say??

(see my previous post)

christina rivers
christina r4 years ago

Really just for beer??? I think in Texas they need to make it illegal to drink or to not own guns because this is what happens when you mix them both it would be like drinking and driving.

David H.
David H4 years ago

I would of done the same thing unless it was food as no one need beer and it sends a message it a store that not to be messed with which is good for the owner employees and customers and I democratic and not an NRA

Mary L.
Mary L4 years ago

I keep seeing the day when food and drinks are held in banks where you have to be buzzed in to a little booth, place your order and wait. Then they buzz you out, but if you get robbed on the way home that's your problem.

What people aren't thinking of is the fact that the economy is only recovering for the rich. As people are getting cut from jobs, desperation will make the above and more seem normal.

Del Rykert
Del Rykert4 years ago

? warning shot? Where does this thinking come from? Thsi sin't a sillywood movie ya know.. "Police don't fire warning shots and people trained to resposibly have their CCW are taught to never fire a warning shot. Shows how little some people know about guns and the law... Do your research before you sound off.. It only makes you look less credable than the author of this thread.

Del Rykert
Del Rykert4 years ago

Shot someone in the leg or foot and they take you to court for making them limp the rest of their lives. At least stopping it right there you know dang well the gang won't use that store to get their libation anymore.. Just say'n....

Vicky P.
Vicky P4 years ago

barbaric, people die for stealing now in the US..

Lynn C.
Lynn C4 years ago

Ain't that America!