Mare Collapses In Latest Wild Horse Roundup (Video)

A video from the wild horse roundup currently underway in eastern Nevada shows an old mare collapsing in the snow after running for miles from a helicopter that hovered overhead. 


The tape might have gone unnoticed if it weren’t for the tenacity of a Reno reporter.


The amateur video was filmed by Deniz Bolbol, an activist in the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign as she and her colleagues documented the Antelope Complex roundup of wild mustangs.


It shows a herd of wild horses running down a hillside covered in snow.  One of the horses begins to have trouble keeping up with the herd as they are being chased by a helicopter.  The mare collapses into the snow, but is still hounded by the helicopter pilot until she finally pushes herself on her feet. 


The frightened mare then runs back and forth trying to get away from the helicopter that continues to harass her.


Investigative reporter Brooke Boone from My News4 in Reno took the video to officials at the Bureau of Land Management. 


She wanted to know if they considered the incident an acceptable practice or if the event demonstrated proof of animal cruelty.


First she visited Alan Shepherd at the BLM office in Reno.  Shepherd leads the BLM Wild Horse Program in the area.  He told Boone, “No.” The video did not show “unfair treatment” to the horse.


He said, “Where she hit the snow bank… Or deep snow, she fell in the snow and just laid down… And stayed there…they sometimes do that.”


Not satisfied with Shepherd’s answer, Boone contacted the BLM Washington D.C. office.  Tom Gorey who is the chief spokesperson for BLM was well aware of the incident. 


Gorey told the reporter that the helicopter pilot’s behavior was “unacceptable” and his actions would be reported in an evaluation regarding future contacts with BLM.


He also told Boone that the pilot was reprimanded and told not to fly so close to the horses again.


In addition the reporter was told there would be an investigation to determine if the pilot broke any state laws for “overdriving” or “overloading” the horses in the video.


Although Gorey was supportive, he did not call the event an act of animal cruelty.


Boone also questioned BLM officials to see if a veterinarian had examined the old mare.  She is still waiting for an answer.  The roundup will continue for the next four weeks.


The reporter may never get a clear cut answer to her question, but you can view the entire video yourself and come up with your own conclusions. 


Do you think the video shows proof that BLM and their contracted pilot committed an act of animal cruelty?




Creative Commons - Treeday77


Janet B.
Janet B5 years ago

Disgusting....and we pay their salaries...

Peggy R.
Peggy Reynolds5 years ago

I didn't watch the video, I knew what it would be like. Every year the same thing over & over.
Will it never end, will we never be able to get it stopped? I would like to get all the people who
are involved in this kind of behavior out on the range on foot & let helicopters & people on
horses run & chase them until they drop, then leave them there.

Nadya Rossi
Nadya Rossi5 years ago

I am filled with rage when I see these helicopters terrifying and killing OUR precious wild horses. I learned it was BP that pressured Obama and Salazar to get rid of them. They wanted the land for their pipeline. The blame must go to Mr. Obama, who refuses to get rid of Salazar and caves in to BP.

carol k.
carol k5 years ago


Virginia G.

Barbara thank you for explaining this to us. We really should have guessed about the cattlemen - are are what they are - rough and revolting. Meanwhile i wish to heavens we could do something to protect these magnificent horses. Maybe we could shoot quite a few cattlemen!!! or better still mow them down by helicopter.

Virginia G.

Agree with Cindy C. What a disgusting species we are! Brooke Boone you did a wonderful job exposing what is obviously the lowest of society doing what it does.

Janelle O.
JANELLE O6 years ago

This government has barbarically sold out to Big AG

Barbara E.
Barbara E.6 years ago

The horses are rounded up and removed from the range because they eat grass the cattlemen feel belongs to them and only them. Cattlemen consider the horses a nuisance and therefore expendable,so they hire helicoptors to round them up, regardless of the stress and trauma they cause the animals. For many years these horses were rounded up and shipped to dog food plants, but now they are slaughtered for human consumption in other countries. The two slaughter houses in the U.S. are closed, but horses are being shipped to Canada and Mexico and not all of them are "wild horses being rounded up for conservation of the rangelands" as quoted by cattlemen and other money-hungry people.

Karen Nelson
m nielsen6 years ago

Any horse treated like this one was is subject to a condition called founder. Did she survive?
Why did the pilot keep herding her away from the wings of the shute which are visible at one point in the video? In my estimation, this was not only cruelty, but torture.

Linda Jarsky
Linda Jarsky6 years ago

If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.
---St. Francis of Assisi