Marine Facing Eviction Now Faces Contempt Of Court

Last week Arturo de los Santos and his family waited for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department to lock them out of the foreclosed house in Riverside from which they were originally evicted in June. But because of “issues” surrounding the foreclosure the sheriff’s department has not yet enforced the eviction.

That may soon change.

On Friday, March 2 Riverside County Superior Court Commissioner Thomas S. Hudspeth will force de los Santos to explain why he shouldn’t be held in contempt and arrested for re-entering his vacant foreclosed Riverside home. Apparently prepared to ignore legal and procedural issues with the foreclosure and eviction, Hudspeth will also consider mortgage giant Freddie Mac’s request to force the Riverside County Sheriffs Department to evict de los Santos, his wife and four kids from the property.

If de los Santos is found in contempt of the court’s original eviction order, Freddie Mac then could get a writ to repossess the house, Hudspeth said. “This is not an ordinary situation,” Hudspeth said of the de los Santos reoccupation of a foreclosed house. Unfortunately, the only thing extraordinary about de los Santos’ situation is that he’s fighting back. Mismanagement and outright fraud perpetrated against homeowners by the financial sector, to the contrary, is all to ordinary.

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ElegantGypsy S.

sorry for typos...droid not cooperative this morning.

its the joes on the bottom of the pile doing their job, congress criminals and commander in chief in bed with the enemy over oil and money, and americans asleep at the wheel who have the o lying power that can bring the entire mess to a halt....watching "dancing with the star" or some other crap...and making g self righteous statements about people not making. their mortgage payments. try turning of faux news, and take a good look at whats going on out there.
occupy is one thing....greece is another.
don't assume it can't and won't happen here.
I will be ready....I am not watching the opiate of the (m)asses....(tv)...

ElegantGypsy S.

ernest r....
if you are a korean war vet, and I do not doubt you for a second, then you k ow that the job of the troop is to follow orders. the job of the commander is to execute orders, the job of the commander I. chief s to be ABSOLUTELY sure those orders are. necessary, morally correct and that there is NO OTHER course of action. the job of the citizens s is to be 100% on top of the commander in chief and his partners in crime/congress, to be sure they are doing g their job correctly.
you also know that they ONLY one of thee groups that is doing their job are the joes on the. motto of the pile....that's right....the troops.
so dont complain that my husband is supporting the 1% until you've been to DC and sat in your congress criiminals office and gave him/her both barrels of your mind, kept your wallet closed, and worked on cutting off the pipeline that runs from wall st to k st to capitol hill.

ElegantGypsy S.

educate yourself about the ressession, don't assume it can't or wont get you or those you love, and if it does, the combat boot will be o. the other foot then....won't it?

how about trying a tiny bit of compassion? did ya have a clue that this scheme of banks is affecting thousands of people, and that it could actually lead to massive civil unrest in this maybe even unpeaceful protest???
you might have a little more respect for a veteran then....won't ya? Uh huh....thought so....
and of that veteran does the same job of taking g care of you, that you are doing of taking care of him/her....they will sit in the turret with their 50 cal and watch your house burn....with a smug and self righteous look on their face and say....shouldna got in over your head....
and that will be more than ya deserve…

ElegantGypsy S.

ok, now I am really fried. to all of you idiots out there who think the military is a job, just like yours...please tell me when the last time someone blew up the road you were traveling to work on and killed the woman who sat next to you was? how about the last time you left your desk job you worked for 12 hours and went on a 2 day convoy, manning a 50 cal gun in a turret on top of you car, and didn't sleep for over 36 hours? or came to work to find a field cross (empty boots, a rifle, and dog tags) for your dead coworker sitting outside your office?
I don't know what rock you morons crawled out from under, butmaybe you could try education for a change, rather than whatever that crap you are spewing is. 1. military pay is not great. 2. benefits are not great. medical is ok, commissary is pathetic, housing allowance not even. living on post, hell. 3. rates of PTS astronomical, even among children and spouses. MILITARY CHILDREN ARE COMMITTING SUICIDE … HELLO!!! Traumatic Brain Injury and depleted uranium will make Agent Orange look like a walk in the park in 20 years.
if ya dont like the war, call congress. better yet, haul yourself to that cesspit in DC and put your money where your mouth is. and no matter what, do the least of your duty as a citizen and honor the contract you have with your it or not...they belong to you, not your government.
they put their lives AND the lives of their families on the line for you...the least you could do is educa

Vivianne Mosca-Clark

Any court up holding fanny mae, etc. needs to be closed. They along with wall street and the banks have hurt to many families already.

Vivianne Mosca-Clark

Any court up holding fanny mae, etc. needs to be closed. They along with wall street and the banks have hurt to many families already.

Meta R.
Meta Reid5 years ago

Is there any way "we" could get together and help? Maybe a petition?? This is a terrible way to treat a veteran.

Leslea Herber
Leslea Herber5 years ago

He's not alone. I hold that court in contempt too. And RIGHTFULLY SO.

Tamara H.
Tamara H5 years ago

There are many people in this country who are nice, hardworking and who made poor decisions or got caught in the recession. Without evidence to the contrary, this marine bought more than he could afford or spent more than he earned. I feel bad for him, but not enough to say, "sure move back in and don't pay what you owe!"

Liz Edwards
Joan Edwards5 years ago

I'm sorry that the banks are foreclosing on so many homes. That is sooo wrong!

But every time an armed forces veteran gets foreclosed on the whole nation knows about it. Why? What makes those people any different? They work and get paid like everyone else. They weren't forced to sign up (enlist), there's no draft. Their jobs are no more difficult or dangerous than a lot of others. They go to another country to fight somebody else's war. That's basically it. For your country? Oh yeah. gotta protect your interests. There's oil in them thar hills. Precious oil.

The banks are wrong in foreclosing. They are screwing themselves. They will have their day of reckoning. Soon. Spring is just around the corner. Time to get on the bandwagon again.
OWS in full bloom... What a beautiful image.