Maryland Boy Suspended For Wearing Skirt (Video)

Warren Evans, an openly bisexual high school student, says he’s being unfairly targeted by his school in south Maryland. He wore a skirt, wig and high heels to school – and was promptly suspended for “violating” the Calvert High School dress code.

Evans insists that there’s nothing in the code of conduct or dress code that forbids boys from wearing girl’s clothing. And other students told local news reporters that girls wearing skirts of a similar cut and length haven’t faced disciplinary action.

School officials are refusing to comment on the suspension. Attitudes in the community appear to be mixed, with some parents in favor of the ban, saying Evans’ choice in clothing was distracting. Others, including Evans parents, think students should be allowed to wear the clothing they like, even if it’s normally worn by the opposite sex.

A local news crew interviewed Evans on Friday, and you can get a look at the outfit causing the outcry below:

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Huber F.
Huber F5 years ago

What a joker? So hard to believe this.

Latonya W.
Latonya W5 years ago

Its a school a place to learn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is whats wrong with this world we r focusing too much energy on things like this when the bottom line is EDUCATION............there is a time and place for everything and we all need to respect that......

Robert Pavlick
Robert Pavlick5 years ago

Most young people when growing up are desperate to "fit in". And while I am a non-conformist and gay myself, I can't for the likes of me understand why someone would want to alienate themselves from both straights and gays and from both men and women, unless just getting attention is more important than forming lasting friendships. If I can't even figure out what or who you are, I am not likely to want you as a friend. If you think you are a woman, then for God's sake, shave the mustache, honey.

I can't help but feel that all of this desperate attempt on the part of many, to appear open-minded and politically correct in accepting anything and everything that comes along, isn't ultimately just adding to gender confusion and creating a sub class of individuals who have no identity.

I almost think that I would rather see young people who are proud of being a man or proud of being a woman, proud of being gay and proud to be straight, proud of being white and proud of being black than some strange sub-set of individuals who have no identity whatsoever because they can't identify as male or female, gay or straight, black or white or anything. What do you put on job applications? Race=Other, Sex=Other, Nationality=Other, etc. etc.

I don't know that having no identity and making everyone around you uncomfortable is the wise route to take. It certainly won't get you any jobs or promotions unless you plan on being a hairdresser and it might limit your friendships. And let's

Samantha Richardson

What a brave kid, good on him. I'm really glad he's bringing attention to this and not putting up with any of this obvious homophobic bullshit from his school.

Noelle Halter
Noelle Halter5 years ago

Jessica N: How can you judge this kid based on someone you used to work with? They are two different people, which means you are stereotyping. How do you even know what bathroom this kid uses? You don't! How do you know that he is "looking for tail"? You don't! If your co-worker was sexually harassing you, that is a separate issue. In what way do you actually support LGBT people? It really seems like you don't. Your comment is just ignorant and mean. I hope some day you will learn not to stereotype people. Your claim that a minor you've never met is a sexual pervert is completely irrational.

Beth M.
Beth M5 years ago

I believe that this is unconstitutional. It was not gang-related attire or indecent. Get over it and worry about educating our children so that they can compete with the rest of the world!

Jen Matheson
Past Member 5 years ago

@Jessica: They *have* to conform to one or the other? No, not ecactly. I don't know if you are aware but there are people who identify themselves as third gendered or gr genderless. I didn't know about this when I was younger and offended someone very nice by assuming they were transgendered.

Valerie Hammett
Valerie Hammett5 years ago

you go girl!

Jessica Nielsen
Jessica Nielsen5 years ago

We had a person like this at the place I worked at before. The problem is, they don't choose a gender. You have to identify with one or the other because then it becomes a sexual harassment issue in the bathrooms. Unless he wants to hold it all day?

I support transgender and bisexual people, but I do not want a male dressing up in a skirt one day coming into my bathroom, and then the next he's up in male clothing because he "decided to be a guy today" in the boy's bathroom.

Pick a side and stick with it. Otherwise, you're just a pervert looking for tail. Which was what the guy at our work was doing. How do you separate the actual transgender people from the ones playing stupid?

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal5 years ago

This is great that the dress code is up for debate. It takes courage for all involved to get past their small ideas and look at this as an opportunity for growth. Distraction? Perhaps, but no more than other attire I have seen on students that may be deemed as 'vulgar' or inappropriate.