Mass. Paid Leave Fights For Workers To Have Paid Sick Days [VIDEO]


Nearly one million Massachusetts residents are without paid sick days, forcing many to either go to work when they are ill, send children to school sick, or miss rent payments, utilities and loans when they don’t have enough money at the end of the month due to short wages.

Now, a new push at the state capitol is underway as the Mass Paid Leave Coalition rallies for all workers to have the right to paid time off when they, or a family member, are ill.


Paid Sick Days:

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Lori Ann Hone
Lori Hone6 years ago

I have no paid sick days, no employer health care, and a very low hourly wage, right now I'm just happy to actually have a job at all.

shauna w.
shauna v6 years ago

Terry O. is right. Paid sick days are something everyone should have. I worked for a company that grouped sick and vacation days together. This worked out great. Sometimes one is not on vacation or sick but needs to wait for a repair person at home or have their car serviced or take mom to the doctor and sometimes people need a mental health attitude adjustment day. All workers should accrue personal time off. Too bad America is ruined with the selfishness of the rich.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L6 years ago

I have worked for 56 years and 50 of those years I have paid sick time. I spent 45 of those 56 years in Northern California and 11 in Ariozna. I can imagine not having sick leave for the benefit of myself, my family or my fellow employees. Not to provide paid sick leave is just selfish on the part of the employer, I don't care I large or small they are.

Rosemary Graf
Rosemary Graf6 years ago

We need to realize that a sick worker needs to stay home to get better faster and not punish for being sick and doesn't exposed other to illness. Let's make sure workers are ster.paid so they can return fa

Britin J.
Past Member 6 years ago

If I had paid sick leave I wouldn't share my bugs with coworkers.... I would stay home and get better

Claire M.
Claire M6 years ago

Ya know when we take the attitude that every one is out to take advantage of things we shoot our selves in the foot. Living with out paid sick days can be a nightmare. I really have issues with people who are not effected by this but have fun sitting back taking pot shots at people trying to make a living.

Dotti Lydon
Dotti L6 years ago

There will always be those people who call in sick when they are not. An incentive plan should be in place. Unused sick days should not be taken away from you. Those hours are a benefit and should be added on to your vacation days or at least some of the hours.

Geraldine H.
Gerri Hennessy6 years ago

About time!!! every one shld have sick pay.

paul c.
paul c6 years ago

Like many contract employees, I have no paid sick leave or vacation, but my income is high enough to cover the unpaid time. For the ever-growing number of lower-income Americans, this type of protection is crucial.