McMahon Self-Finances to Over $40 Million

We like to pretend that pretty much anyone could run for office, could eventually get elected as Mayor, to Congress, or even to President.  But the fact of the matter is, the rich will always have an advantage, because in lieu of doing the groundwork necessary to build up a donor base for a campaign, they can always turn to their own personal finances, and outspend (which means outshouting) their rivals.

No race makes this more clear than the Connecticut race where Republican Linda McMahon, the wealthy WWE former executive, has now dropped over $40 million into trying to win Chris Dodd’s senate seat.

Via Politico:

Connecticut Republican Linda McMahon has given her campaign $41.5 million dollars this cycle in her quest for a United States Senate seat.

McMahon, the former wrestling executive, has said she would spend as much as $50 million of her own money in her run for Sen. Chris Dodd’s Senate seat. She gave her campaign $20 million from July 22 to Sept. 30, according to a Federal Election Commission report released by the campaign, and she has spent about $39.5 million, according to that report.


According to the Hill, McMahon has managed to actually raise less than $60,000 from actual donors to the campaign, meaning her race is almost entirely self-financed.  She’s also spent all but $2.5 million of her campaign funds.

McMahon is still trailing her rival, Democratic Attorney General Richard Blumenthal by 5 to 9 points, depending on which poll you look at, proving that money alone can’t totally win a race.  Still, it’s a disturbing trend for democracy when just being that rich can get you so close to winning an election.

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Lisa M
Lisa Mabout a year ago

I'm not impressed.

Ken W.
Ken W6 years ago

And thr show goes on !!!!!!!

Kay L.
KayL NOFORWARDS7 years ago

Well, you've got to admit that at least she is willing to put her own money where her mouth is. A lot of liberal candidates won't risk anything of their own to run for an election.

Patricia S.
Pat S7 years ago

Matthew P,
How right you are!!!!

James C.
James C7 years ago

what you really need to worry about is why is she running to begin with. What exactly does the McMahon family need passed or stopped from passing into a law? We are not a real democracy because they have made it so the party pick who we vote for and not We the People. And the rich run both partys.

Morgan G.
Morgan Getham7 years ago

Actually, she would probably be pretty much that close even if she HADN'T dropped all that cash into the race, because this election is characterized by widespread dissatisfaction with the Democratic Party that has nothing to do with how much money is being spent by the candidates ... just how much is being spent in Washington.

Oh, and they took it out on a lot of REPUBLICANS in the primaries too, because a lot of them were no better than Democrats when it came to running up the deficits.

Ronald Ellsworth
Ronald E7 years ago

Will justice prevail?

Ronald Ellsworth
Ronald E7 years ago

Ed A; I'm sick of America being sold out to the highest bidder.

Ed A.
Ed A.7 years ago

Good for her! What a concept? Use your own money to run a campaign and not the taxpayers.

It would be nice if the Democrats would run on their own money.

I'm sick of them using taxpayer money to run.

Anthony Hilbert
Anthony Hilbert7 years ago

In real democracies, there are legal limits on what a candidate can spend, and you can lose the election if it's proved you spent more.