Meet 4 of President Trump’s Criminal Best Friends

Who are Trump’s best buddies? Well, they include a fraudster, a racketeer, a murderer and a far-right leader, among other unsavory characters.

1. Conrad Black

Fraudster Conrad Black, pictured above, is a former news publisher who spent three-and-a-half years in prison on fraud charges, until Trump granted him a full pardon on May 15. 

Black, a Canadian-born British citizen, is a former news publisher who once ran an international conglomerate that included The Daily Telegraph in London, the Chicago Sun-Times and The Jerusalem Post. The billionaire’s extravagant lifestyle came to an end when he was jailed for fraud in 2007, accused of siphoning millions of dollars off from the profits made by the company he controlled. 

Since being released from prison, Black has published a book — “Donald Trump: A President Like No Other” — in which he calls Trump a “genius” and suggests that Trump has been misunderstood. According to CNN, Trump told Black he was going to “expunge the bad rap you got.” The two have been pals for years.

This is reminiscent of Trump’s pardon of Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio, who refused to stop his racial profiling of Arizona’s Latino residents — even after a court order to do so.

We should have realized back then that Trump would always be ready to bail out his cronies.

2. Patrick Nolan

Another of Trump’s good old boys is racketeer Patrick Nolan, also pardoned on May 15. Nolan spent 29 months in federal custody after pleading guilty to one count of racketeering in 1994. He had been targeted for prosecution after accepting a campaign contribution which was part of an FBI sting.

And guess what? Nolan is a conservative advocate, director of the Center for Criminal Justice Reform at the American Conservative Union Foundation, who just happens to have worked with Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner last year on prison revisions.

That’s two presidential cronies pardoned on one day.

3. Michael Behenna

Another recent pardon was granted on May 7 to murderer Michael Behenna, a former soldier who killed a naked Iraqi prisoner. In 2008, U.S. forces arrested an Iraqi named Ali Mansur, suspecting that he was involved in a roadside bombing that had killed two American soldiers. Officials interrogated Mansur and then ordered Behenna to drive Mansur home.

For whatever reason, Behenna didn’t do that. Instead, he drove Mansur into the desert, forced him to strip naked and questioned him at gunpoint before shooting him dead. Behenna was convicted of unpremeditated murder.

With this pardon, it would seem that Trump is telling the world and his base that murdering a Muslim is a great way to advance U.S. national security. 

Who else makes up All The President’s Men? 

4. Viktor Orbán

How about Viktor Orbán, the far-right leader of Hungary, on whom Trump lavished attention and praise on May 13? Under Orbán, Hungary has become the most anti-migrant country in the world. He has promised to build “an alternative to liberal democracy,” and he promotes himself as a defender of a Christian homeland against Muslim migrants.

That could indeed be the main reason Trump wants to be his friend.

The New York Times explains:

His government has targeted nongovernmental organizations, brought most of the news media under control of his allies, undermined the independent judiciary, altered the electoral process to favor his party and is driving out of the country an American-chartered university founded by the billionaire George Soros.

We know enough to guess that Orbán is probably a role model for Trump, who would love to have Orbán’s power to shape the United States to be just like Hungary. Fortunately we have a Constitution which provides several checks to a president’s authority. It does, however, give the president almost absolute power to grant pardons.

And we can learn a whole lot about Trump by examining the people he pardons.

Photo Credit: Julian Mason/Flickr


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thank you Judy...

Karin Hanson
Karin Hanson26 days ago

Yes, scumbags all..... all pardoned, and by acceptance of same, admitted to their crimes, although non of them would care - just like the Huuuuge Bag of Scum in the WH who commits crimes daily...... and just doesn't care.

Brian F
Brian Fabout a month ago

Mike K Nancy Pelosi refuses to support Medicare for all and the Green New Deal because she is a crook like Trump and the Republicans. Nancy also takes corporate money according to The Democrats need to terminate corrupt corporate establishment sellouts like Nancy Pelosi, who are crooks like the Republicans, and replace them with honest progressives like Ocasio Cortez. Now take your thorazine and haldol and go to bed.

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What a bunch of assholes!

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Of course. What decent individual would be any friend to HIM?

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The United States of America's first second and only female Speaker of the House,Representative Nancy Pelosi is worried about the temper tantrum throwing, hissy-fit pitching Donald Trump. She said she prays for him and added "I pray for the United States of America."

The pseudo-Christian evangelical Trump voters responded to Madame Speakers call for prayer with name-calling reminiscent of petulant kindergarten children arguing over who has dibs on toys in the sand box.

Brian F. does his puerile best to denigrate Speaker Pelosi. Probably because he knows she would make him clean up his bedroom in the basement or have his X-Box and TV time taken away from him.

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Thank you so very much.

Veronica Danie
Veronica Danieabout a month ago

Thank you so very much.

Veronica Danie
Veronica Danieabout a month ago

Thank you so very much.