Meet Leon Trotsky: Piglet on Wheels

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Rescued by a kind hearted soul and brought to Edgar’s Mission farm animal sanctuary, Leon Trotsky is a piglet with more spunk and tenacity than most.

Taking on the world with his brand new set of wheels, Leon is trotting his way into the hearts of people all over the globe as they fall head over heels in love with his adorable character.

At just three weeks old, little Leon Trotsky has beaten the odds not once, but twice! Destined for the plate, Leon’s future didn’t look so bright, and when an accident claimed the life of two of his siblings, it seemed as though things weren’t going to get any better for this innocent little chap.

The accident which was caused by his injured mother falling on him, leaving Leon with a broken and dislocated femur, injured hock and ligament damage.

Sadly, for most piglets on commercial pig farms that suffer from similar injuries, their fate would be a blunt trauma to the head as this is the easiest and most cost effective way to address the problem because their life is considered worthless.

Luckily for Leon, he found his way to Edgar’s Mission sanctuary, where the incredible Pam Ahern and team assembled to give this courageous piglet the life he deserves. Ironically, it is Leon’s injury that saved him and will allow him to be known as someone and not something for the rest of his days.

After lots of visits to the vets and consultations with specialists, it became clear that both of Leon’s legs had been compromised by his injury, and that he was going to need some extra special assistance to get around and enjoy piggy life.

From the offset, it was obvious that working with the tiny and fragile frame of little Leon was going to prove challenging, as he was way too small for even the most miniature of carts.

With a lot of innovation and creativity, coupled with determination on Leon’s part, Edgar’s Mission was able to create this life altering wheelchair for their beloved new resident.

As you can see, Leon is settling in nicely to his new home and has made plenty of friends, including the beautiful Buttercup, who was found abandoned at a truck stop by travelers heading home from their Easter break.

If the above pictures weren’t enough to send you swooning, then get ready for your heart to explode when you watch this beautiful clip of Leon taking his new wheels for a spin. Prepare for cuteness overload at 1:45!

As Leon grows, he is going to need lots of special care and attention, but with his new friends by his side cheering him on every step of the way, this little piglet will surely have a wonderful life.

Photo Credit: Edgar's Mission


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Amazing how a bunch of unevolved, hairless, stupidest species in the universe mutated apes think that it is normal to murder the more evolved animals for their diseased stomachs. Humans are the lowest species that ever fouled this universe.

Jana Kaczmarska
Jana Kaczmarska3 years ago

Takovy krásny osud jako má malé prasátko LEON bych chtěla přát všem zvířátkám,které jsou buď zraněné nebo týrané.Diky misi Edgardově za veškerou práci,kterou děláte pro němé a bezbrané tváře

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Thank God for Edgar's Mission Sanctuary for taking care of Leon and Buttercup and to all the other animal's in need.

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