Meet the Best Animal Dads (Slideshow)

Fatherís Day may not be an official holiday in the animal kingdom, but there are many great animal dads out there that deserve some recognition. These guys do it all, from building nests and incubating eggs to giving prize-worthy piggyback rides and even giving birth themselves. In honor of Fatherís Day, here are some of our favorite superstar dads and their tots:

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Lions are fierce protectors of their young.

Golden jackals regurgitate their food to their young. Yum.

Marmoset dads are pros at feeding, grooming, and of course, piggyback rides.

The “Midwife” toad both bears his children and cares for them after they’re born.

This golden lion tamarind and his babies spend some quality time hanging out together.

The male rhea builds the nest, incubates the eggs and takes care of his chicks once they’re born.

This male seahorse is pregnant!


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Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson6 years ago

amazing pics. but more info would have been best

Kate D.
Kate Domsky6 years ago

hot photo of the year :)

june t.
reft h6 years ago

I like to see good things about good dads. Thanks for the post!

Darla G.
Darla G6 years ago

I thought penguin dads might be on the list. I watched a show about how they guard the egg.

Marlene Dinkins

e fhoto e bellissima!!!!

Darla Taylor
Past Member 6 years ago

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. However, it does seem as if some animals were left off. I've seen male Cardinals help with the nest and the young. There are alot of great animal dads.

Tammy K.
Tammy K6 years ago

Great pictures! Thank you!

federico bortoletto

Gli animali sono migliori degli umani.

miluska Sanchez Rebosio
miluska S6 years ago

interesting pictures (**)

Carrie Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)