Meet The World’s Largest Offshore Wind-Farm

The Hornsea One wind farm off the coast of Grimsby in the UK is now operational, and it is breaking boundaries for a couple of really incredible reasons.

Surrounded as it is by water and nicely placed geographically for frequent bouts of windy weather, the UK is one of the world’s prime locations for offshore wind farms.

In February of this year, a quiet milestone was reached when the new Hornsea One wind farm first came on line. It didn’t generate much media fanfare at the time, but what it did start generating was energy — and if plans to keep scaling up the wind farm are anything to go by, it could soon be generating a whole lot more energy, too.

Once operational Hornsea One will be able to power an estimated one million homes. That’s roughly three times the number of people who live in the East Yorkshire county that the site neighbors.

In case you’re scratching your head and wondering why the site is operational before it’s complete, you are absolutely right — normally, this would be odd. But the Hornsea One project is so large that parts of it can be generating electricity while other areas are still being worked on.

At the moment, only 50 of the planned 174 turbines are operational, and the full build should be completed by 2020. At that time, the site will be capable of generating a capacity of 1.2 gigawatts. That is more than double the current leading competitor, which is also within the UK’s boundaries.

The Hornsea One project is also notable for another reason: it is located farther out to sea than any other wind farm installation, some 120km (75 miles) out to sea, in fact. That’s so far from shore that crews will take it in monthly shifts, living on site for roughly four weeks at a time.

“The start of operations at the world’s largest wind farm at Hornsea One is an important milestone and yet another example of British innovation and the UK’s leadership in offshore wind,” Chris Skidmore, Energy and Clean Growth minister, said in a press release

Skidmore goes on to say, “We already have the largest installed offshore wind capacity in the world, and once fully up and running this wind farm will provide enough power for one million more homes, putting us well on the way to our target of a third of the UK’s electricity coming from offshore wind by 2030.”

Morten Holm, Head of Operations at Hornsea One, said in a statement that the Hornsea One project “changes the game” when it comes to offshore wind farms because of its scale and that it demonstrates that wind energy can scale for mass-market viability. “The speed of construction has been phenomenal, and it’s thanks to the hundreds of dedicated people working on the project, that the project is on schedule to eventually generate enough clean electricity for over a million homes across the UK,” he adds. “It’s an exciting moment for me personally, but also for the UK as the world watches the progress with this record-breaking wind farm.”

The UK is already a world leader in offshore wind energy generation, with around nine percent of the UK’s power supplied by wind energy in 2017. While the UK has been criticized for failing to go as far it can and fast enough on renewable energy, it has recognized that wind energy will be a major player in its renewable energy strategy moving forward.

The Hornsea One project, among several others currently in the pipeline, demonstrates that while the UK may be small, it could use its island status to exert significant power on the energy sector as demand for fossil fuels decrease and renewable energy surplus becomes a highly prized commodity.

That’s still some years away yet, but if the latest renewable energy projects are anything to go by, the future looks bright so long as the UK continues to invest.

Photo credit: Getty Images.


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