Meghan McCain: O’Donnell a “Nut Job”

Tea Party candidate support may be all the rage for a lot of Republicans, but one woman isn’t falling into line.  Former 2008 presidential candidate John McCain’s daughter Meghan is not a fan of new Tea Party Darling and Delaware senate candidate Christine O’Donnell, and she’s not mincing words.

Via the Washington Post:

U.S. Sen. John McCain‘s daughter said Sunday that Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell of Delaware, a tea party favorite, is seen by many young Republicans “as a nut job.”

“Christine O’Donnell is making a mockery of running for public office,” Meghan McCain said of her father’s fellow Republican, who recently ran an ad declaring, “I’m not a witch.”

Appearing on ABC’s “This Week,” McCain said O’Donnell “has no real history, no real success in any kind of business.”

“And what that sends to my generation is one day, you can just wake up and run for Senate, no matter how [little] experience you have,” said McCain.

The Telegraph believe that McCain is stating what many people want to say but won’t – the candidate is a “nut job.”

Miss McCain, a Republican who is making a name for herself as an outspoken pundit, said what many party colleagues have been afraid of uttering publicly.

She is moderate who supports gay marriage, has criticised her father’s vice-presidential running mate Sarah Palin and taken issue with the anti-tax Tea Party for its “innate racism”

“Well, I speak as a 26-year-old woman and…It scares for me for a lot of reasons. In my group of friends, it turns people off because she’s seen as a nut job.”

Meanwhile, Dave Weigel, reporting over at Slate, compares the O’Donnell media infatuation to “five-car pile-ups, exploding oil tankers, or Justin Bieber.”

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Nancy Dodson
Nancy Dodson7 years ago

Oh Patricia S, I beg to differ! MSNBC explained yesterday just why so many people don't realize they got a tax deduction. It was because President Obama and his team decided that since it was cheaper to just reduce the deductions from everybody's paychecks rather than issue checks as Bush did they would do it that way. I certainly knew about it. It was done very shortly after the President took office. It was on all the major news channels but I never thought the White House explained it enough. It did happen. I think it amounted to about $500.00 for each person. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong. The news is on at our house all day long and sometimes it's easy to get mixed up. And BTW it is the illustrious Republicans who care so much about each and every one of you that wants to kill the tax cuts for the middle class if the President doesn't also give the tax cuts for the rich. Now don't get me wrong here. I have nothing against the rich, God Bless them. I just wish they would stop whining about paying their fair share of taxes. After all most of their money is hidden in other countries and in all kind of tax shelters while the rest of us bear their burdens.

And yes Patricia, I can pay more taxes and would be happy to do so if it helps the poor and unemployed and uninsured who aren't as fortunate as I am. We are retired and don't have a lot extra but I consider myself a patriot and will always be happy to help my country without whining!!!!!!!!

Lika S.
Lika P7 years ago

I'm proud of Meghan McCain for standing up for what she believes in, even if it does disagree with her party line, especially in light of the fact that her dad just ran for president. It goes to show that she is a strong minded person who can stand on her own two feet. I think she would totally make a better candidate than this Christian Hillbilly.

Just remember, she's not a witch, and self gratification is cheating on your spouse. 8~)

Patricia S.
Pat S7 years ago

Nancy Dobson,
Just can't wait for January! I can afford the additional taxes. Sure hope you can. And by the way, the stimulus plan did not cut our taxes!!!!!!! Let bo's buddy soros pay all the big taxes.

Nancy Dodson
Nancy Dodson7 years ago

McCain will become the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. He would then have the power in influence the Afghan war where he opposes Sen. Levin's current plan to turn the war over to the Afghans in a timely manner. Sen. McCain wants the US to continue to sacrifice our troops ad infinitum. If that doesn't scare the bejezzus out of you I don't know what will! McCain also opposes Don't Ask Don't tell. This information comes from Politics Daily. You can fact check it if you are interested.

Bottom line: You go Meghan it's so nice to see a sensible Republican!

Nancy Dodson
Nancy Dodson7 years ago

Thanks so much Gary A. for telling Patricia S. the truth about our taxes. I was just running my facts by my husband when I read your post. Isn't it amazing how Fox news never says one good thing about our President?Go figure! And unfortunately the Fox watchers don't even bother to check the truth in the nonsense they are being told. Now the total nut case Glenn Beck is selling dried food survival kits for the holocaust that is coming!!!He must not know that the holocaust was over the day Bush got on the helicopter and winged his way to Texas. Now we fix his mess and get the country back on track.

But just a note Patricia S.: We are actually paying a much lower tax rate under President Obama than we have for years. And the Republicans are going to try to stop the tax rollbacks for the middle class if the Dems don't also rollback the taxes for the millionaires. And you Republicans think they will work for you? They are receiving mega contributions from big business who are dedicated to sending our jobs overseas to save having to pay taxes and the ability to pay miserable wages. They have always been for big business and have always put it to the middle class but you continue to drink the Koolaid. Maybe you SHOULD watch the liberal media once in awhile to learn some real facts of what your party is doing. I digress: Since this post is about Meghan I got an email today that stated that if the Republicans win the majority on the 2nd McCain will become the chairman Cont'd

Nancy Dodson
Nancy Dodson7 years ago

PLEASE D Jean L tell us just what it is about the Tea Party you like? And you think our country is having major problems because of the policies of our President? Whoa girl!! Let's hear about the failing policies as well. Sure not everything is going quite as we all expected and hoped but the mess he inherited from the previous administration could not even remotely be fixed in just 2 years. He inherited 2 wars which were never funded by Bush plus the results of the large tax cuts that were also not paid for. And as far as your statement that the President should have stayed out of big business, Bush actually bailed out one of the car companies and the banks. History will judge whether he did the right thing. And did you know that a large part of the bailout money given to the auto industry and banks has already been paid back? Are you aware that when Obama bailed out several of the other car companies he saved million of jobs? Of course if that had happened he would have been blamed for that, too. Let's face it, he just can't win no matter how hard he tries. And you actually support the tea party candidates that are stumbling daily across our tv screen with their stupidity and nonsense? Maybe you better do some fact checking and see just what Obama has done to get us on the right track. Just go ahead and vote for the tea party candidates and watch how quickly the country slides right back where it was when the President took office!

Olivia Schlosser
Past Member 7 years ago

Not a witch, but a b----!

Julie F.
Julie F7 years ago

a huge thank you to megan mccain for speaking truth and bringing up the innate racism in the tea party. i am not a republican, but i can definitely respect her!

Thelio Sewell
Thelio Sewell7 years ago

i have no party affiliation. but this election season i am voting democrat. mainly for fear that people like o'donnell could gain power. i have major respect for meghan mccain. if she decided to run for office i would consider voting for her. she seems like the type of republic that lincoln would like. she's not afraid she voice her opinion. which seems rare in todays politics. yes people can spew their ignorance, but they have nothing of substance to say. what has happened to politics today, especially the republicans/tea partiers? why are they all going crazy? why would decent levelheaded republicans want to be in the same country as those teabaggers? they are blatanly racist.

my only hope is that who ever controls the country will have enough commom sense to to what is best for the majority not the minority.

Marilyn K.
Marilyn K7 years ago

Ms. O'Donnell is following in the footsteps of the former president. He could not find a place for himself in society so his family set him up in politics and look what happened to the country. If Ms. O'Donnell should win, we will be back where we started.