Men Advocate to End Street Harassment Against Women (VIDEO)

Last week thousands of men and women “hollad back” to fight against street harassment during International Anti-Street Harassment Week. 

Just as the week came to a close I came across this amazing video from male allies who themselves are sick of the street harassment many of their peers spew at women every day.

The video, “Sh*t Men Say to Men Who Say Sh*t to Women on the Street”  is a refreshing reminder that women aren’t the only ones who are sick of the catcalls, sexist comments, and assault that women face day in and day out.

Check out the video for yourself!

The creators of the video believe everyone has a role to play in ending street harassment, especially men, and encourages people who view street harassment to say something because, “It’s not a compliment.”

It certainly isn’t.

What do you think about the video?

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Photo credit: Video screen shot.


Sarah M.
Sarah M5 years ago

Awesome, thanks.

Lee Witton
5 years ago

I don't think men are the enemies. In fact some of the best people I know are men. We appreciate men who truly appreciate women and don't just look at a women from a sex object. For some men, that concept is impossible to even fathom and those are the pricks who are being depicted here as....well; PRICKS!

Debbie L.
Debbie Lim5 years ago

Thanks guys! ;) We like to walk on the streets without being harassed too.

Christine Stewart
Christine S5 years ago

Thank you, men, for sticking up for us! To paraphrase the guys- "Misogyny- it's not sexy!"

Will Rogers
Will Rogers5 years ago

Most of the women I have had relationships with, I have met on the street, I find that it's the way women are approached and if they want you that that determines the situation. If I'm walking down the street and a woman gives me 'the eye' and a nice smile, Then I may stop and talk to her. I have also been chatted up by women while on my daily business. And while harassment is unwelcome, what would be even worse is no contact at all between the sexes at all! you know, like how it is in Muslim countries? You see there are extremes and from the comments on this post also extremists who view men as the enemies of women. Admittedly many men's approach is too bullish and aggressive and will not get them the goodies, we need more finesse and tenderness in our approaches to women on the streets, not a complete blanket ban on it. Where is the love people

Sandy Maytham
Sandy Maytham5 years ago

Thanks guys you are stars!

Gloria Morotti
Gloria Morotti5 years ago

The times they are achangin'.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L5 years ago

Yes I like the video. You rock guys.

Pamela H.
Pamela H5 years ago

Well done boys. I'm proud of you.

Elizabeth Grimshaw

This is the best of all the shit people say videos - love it! Nice to see some male allies !