Michael Vick Got a Dog

Michael Vick’s once again making headlines for something many of us were hoping never to hear: He has a dog.

Suspicions were raised after he unwittingly tweeted a photo of himself sitting at a table with his daughter where an open box of Milk Bone dog biscuits were spotted. He deleted the picture and posted another with the box miraculously cropped out and declined to comment when asked about it in an interview following the incident.

In a statement, he said,

I understand the strong emotions by some people about our familyís decision to care for a pet. As a father, it is important to make sure my children develop a healthy relationship with animals. I want to ensure that my children establish a loving bond and treat all of Godís creatures with kindness and respect. Our pet is well cared for and loved as a member of our family. This is an opportunity to break the cycle. To that end, I will continue to honor my commitment to animal welfare and be an instrument of positive change.

Vick announced his desire to get a dog last year, and now that the conditions of his probation, which prohibited him from getting one, are finished it looks like he’s gone and done just that.

Vick served 18 months in prison for bankrolling a dogfighting ring at Bad Newz Kennels in Virginia. Informants told investigators that Vick and others strangled poor-performing dogs by hanging them from trees, drowning them in buckets of water, shooting them and beating at least one to death by slamming it against the ground until it was dead. They used their dogs and pets as bait dogs and were reported to get an “adrenaline high when killing the dogs.”

Survivors showed signs of horrific physical and psychological abuse. One is unable to do anything but flatten in terror in hopes of being overlooked for whatever is coming beyond the kennel doors (video). Yet this man thinks he can teach anyone about treating animals with kindness.

After being released he worked with the HSUS and Wayne Pacelle stated that he believed Vick should one day be able to have a dog, but they’re not commenting on this one.

Second chances are wonderful. We’re all human and make mistakes, but we don’t all engage in repeated, intentional acts of horrific brutality against defenseless creatures for years on end and brazenly admit on planning to lawyer up, blatantly lie and buy our way out of it after getting caught. His acts were not mistakes, they were conscious choices and he has yet to take personal responsibility for them.

Second chances in this case should be reserved for the dogs who were fortunate enough to be saved from Vick’s house of horror.


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W. C
W. C2 months ago

Thanks for the information.

William C
William C2 months ago

Thank you for caring.

Rob Chloe Sam N
Rob Chloe Sam N9 months ago

Michael Vick should've been banned for life from owning another dog, I hope he burns in hell.

Diane L.
Diane L3 years ago

"This man should not have a child let alone a puppy. He is a worthless human being. Nothing more to say.".....Franco, that being said, then let's face it, there are probably millions of fathers out there who should not have become fathers, and millions of mothers who should not have borne children, but same as there is no test involving intelligence or be logical in order to become members of C2, there is no "test" to become a parent.

Facts are that Vick DID become a father to two children and he IS married to their mother. I am therefore wondering why so many seem to be against his trying to be a GOOD father to those kids.

Even this article is over a year old. Vick paid for what he did as far as legality is concerned, so why not move on and judge him NOW only for what he does from this point forward?

Oh L.
Liling O3 years ago

This Vicky guy is neither sorry nor apologetic towards the dogs he had harmed! He was only sorry and shameful towards his family members..

Oh L.
Liling O3 years ago

This man shouldn't own a dog at all!

I do not care who he is, or how big his celebrity status used to be,since I'm somewhere from Southeast asia, but this guy is another real shame to the American society!

He shouldn't get get married at all, since he doesn't even know how to respect and love!

Kathy G.
Kathy G3 years ago

This is sooo wrong!

Franco Di Palma
Franco Di Palma3 years ago

This man should not have a child let alone a puppy. He is a worthless human being. Nothing more to say.

Deborah W.
Deborah W3 years ago

A leopard rarely changes his spots, especially this scum. Like a good father, he wants his child to learn the value of "all God's creatures" and what a caring stewardship should be, really. How could he possibly know, much less pass the knowledge on?

Continues work with HSUS to keep up the new image ... while at the same time there's an ongoing investigation regarding the terms of his agreement for signing with the Philadelphia Eagles which says he is to have no further contact with any of his dog fighting cohorts, in spite of documentated interaction between the two factions. Where is law enforcement?


Sabine H.
Hahn H3 years ago

Thank you for sharing.