Michele Bachmann Drops Out of the Presidential Race

After placing sixth in the Iowa caucuses, Michele Bachmann is dropping out of the presidential race. Bachmann, a native of Waterloo, Iowa, who “loved to boast” about her roots there, took only 7 percent of the vote in Blackhawk County (where Waterloo is located). She made the announcement about suspending her campaign at a press conference on Wednesday morning after canceling a campaign event in South Carolina. Saying that President Barack Obama’s health care reforms “threaten the survival of the Republic,” she said that she has “decided to stand aside.”

The National Journal had reported early on Wednesday morning that Bachmann was suspending her presidential campaign, according to a senior Republican official “with direct knowledge of the lawmaker’s plans” who spoke anonymously.

The three-term congresswoman from Minnesota, who founded the Tea Party Caucus in Congress, had won the top spot in the Ames Straw Poll in August.

Bachmann won supporters with her socially conservative, family-oriented platform, but has repeatedly come under fire. In June, a gay patient told ABC News that the Christian counseling center owned by Bachmann and her husband had tried to “pray the gay away” using “reparative therapy.” After she linked the HPV vaccine (which Texas governor Rick Perry had mandated) to mental retardation in young girls, the American Academy of Pediatrics said that her statement had “absolutely no scientific validity.”

As ABC’s The Note blog observes, “no one fell from the frontrunner perch farther or faster than the Minnesota Congresswoman.”

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Photo by Gage Skidmore


Elizabeth Javinsky
Elizabeth J6 years ago

Too bad. If she was the nominee, Obama would win for sure.

Lika S.
Lika P6 years ago

She can always run for the PTA president...

Funny how the democrats had a black man and a woman in the forefront, and the black guy won... For the republicans, the black man and the woman were the first to drop out.

Patrick F.
Patrick f6 years ago

Bu Bye!

Michael M.
Michael M6 years ago

Now hopefully she can go back to skool where she can try to be less ignorant and perhaps sound less stupid. But I doubt it.

Jane Barton
Jane Barton6 years ago

You like balls? I do too. They're alive. ;)

Lynnette Bower
Lynnette Bower6 years ago

I miss Rahm Emanuel(?) He showed the balls that President Obama is too well mannered to show.

Ron Berti
Ron B6 years ago

God must have something against comedians. He just put a dent in some of their best material by telling her to quit.

Debbie Brady
Debbie Brady6 years ago

So it's bye bye to wicked witch of the north. I think like triple H, I'm giong to miss her, she can be a very entertaining bigot.

So the race to the bottom becomes a boys club. Who will be the last bigot standing to get their clocks cleaned by Obama.

The tea party is starting to look like sour milk.

Jan N.
Jan N6 years ago

There's a sad sort of clanging from the clock in the hall
And the bells in the steeple too
And up in the nursery an absurd little bird (named Michelle)
Is popping out to say "cuckoo"
Cuckoo, cuckoo

Regretfully they tell us cuckoo, cuckoo
But firmly they compel us cuckoo, cuckoo
To say goodbye . . .
. . . to you

Barbara V.
Barbara V6 years ago

One down, five to go.