Michigan Anti-Abortion Bill Among The Worst This Year

Taking a page or 60 from Kansas, Michigan is pushing through a massive omnibus bill that dramatically limits abortion access and threatens to shut down all abortion clinics in the state. And Republicans can’t move fast enough on it.

The 60 page bill was introduced last week, but today lawmakers already held a hearing on it and plan on sending to the full House for a vote. According to Laura Bassett, almost 100 people showed up to testify against the bill, but Committee Chair Gail Haines (R-Waterford) abruptly ended the hearing and cut off all testimony after a Michigan Right to Life spokesperson and a few others in support of the bill testified.

The bill tries to essentially take every popular abortion restrictions working their way through state legislatures and put it into one big horrible law. The bill would criminalize all abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, with no exceptions for rape victims, the health of the mother, or fatal fetal anomalies. It would require health centers that provide abortions to have surgery rooms, even if they do not perform surgical abortions. The bill would also require doctors to be present for medication abortions and to screen women for “coercion” before providing an abortion. It would ban “telemedicine” abortions and would create new regulations for the disposal of all fetal remains.

Like I said. It’s big and it’s bad.

State Rep. Mike Shirkey (R-Clark Lake) told a local television station on Wednesday that he supports the bill and hopes it will end abortion in Michigan. “This [abortion] is nothing short of infanticide. Until we completely eliminate abortions in Michigan and completely defund Planned Parenthood, we have work to do,” he said.

The bill is expected to pass the House later today.

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Kimberly Rice
Kimberly Rice6 years ago

The Supreme Court Of the United States of America Ruled Abortion to be a Legal Procedure! How does the State of Michigan think it's going to legislate it's way
Around that? And How Long is it going to take before women - and men - stand up in support of a Women's Right to Choose regarding their own Reproduction Decisions?
How many States are going to get away with this Slicing and Dicing of Roe V Wade before there's Nothing recognizable remaining? Because that's Exactly what they're trying to do, and they've Said It Loud & Clear here, and in Many other States besides!
How about a few HBO Documentaries showing the Blood, Deaths, and Horrors of pre-1973 back alley abortions? How about we Remind or Educate Women on just Why Roe V Wade was So Very Necessary as a Women's Health and Right's issue? Because I think women have forgot! They're certainly Not being educated about it; if they Were, None of these GOP attack's on Women's Right's would EVER SUCCEED!!
If you've been sitting back resting in your laurels waiting to see when this issue gets scarey and close enough to you to matter, Then Wait No Longer - THE TIME FOR ACTION IS NOW, RIGHT NOW!!!

Emily S.
Emily S6 years ago

I'm for it

Marjorie F.
Marjorie F6 years ago

I always wonder if a republicans daughters life was on the line and if a choice had to be made between her and aborting her baby. What would they do? Let her die? Or abort the baby? I already know they would let a child be born with sever disabilities, I have seen that first hand. They are pro-life but whose life would they choose? The one already here or the one on the way?
I almost think they would let them both die before they made any decision. I can say no one wants an abortion and that's a fact, however, we should have the right to chose as God give us the right to make those wrong and right decisions and he is our only judge.

When the clinics close up many women will have no where to turn for any type of gynecological care of any kind, not just abortion, but birth control, pap-smears and all types of medical care. This is cutting off our nose to spite out face. Those women desperate for an abortion will try anything and many will die trying.

Women are steadily loosing ground in hard won territory. It's easy to say Men are the root of our problems and they may be but many women don't want the responsibility of being in a leading role and are siding with the men. Republican women beware you will be betrayed!!
Men are users of the worst kind and you are just their tools.

wchi wink
.6 years ago

accidents, violence(rape), ignorance and immaturity are all very good reasons for abortions to exist if we don't want our planet populated with unwanted babies - there are enough as it is !!
we should rather focus on education and prevention of unwanted pregnancies rather than taking rights away from women (and ultimately their newborn)! (or how about castrating men beforehand - then we wouldn't have this problem and it would be a hell of a lot cheaper!!!!!!!)
honestly, why should women be the only ones to pay when, "it takes two to make a Tango"?
wake up to human rights - wanted babies make better future citizens of our planet!

Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia6 years ago

Maria K. If there are plants on this planet with abortive properties, then yes, abortion is natural. We just do it differently than our foremothers. Thing is, there was a time, and I'm sure this practice is still around in some areas of this world, where if a baby is born and something is wrong with it, or it wasn't what the mom/parents wanted, it was left out to die in the wildreness. People for a very long time disgarded unwanted babies. Abortion is far more a humane way. You are right, it is up to a woman's conscience and choice, but trying to guilt a woman to sway her to what you believe is moral is arrogant and wrong. If life were simple a perfect, women would only become pregnant when the situation was ideal and she wanted to become a mother. But nature is not like that. Nature says we must continue on with our spieces by reproduction.

Maria K.
Mary K6 years ago

Dear women!Having or not having an abortion isn't a matter of any religion or government.It's a question only of your conscience.Do you really think it's so natural to kill your own baby?Why do you think it's right and you are trying to prove this speaking so passoinately?It seems to me that you are playing against yourselves.Every day women having an abortion kill more people in their own country than any hyper violent enemy.

roy g.
roy g6 years ago

Just note in this article that there is no mention of the difference between 20 weeks or any other weeks there is just a big thumbs down and tags about war on women. There's no reasoning. I don't even know why I made so many comments it's just so much of this stuff goes supported blindly recently and if you are an enemy of education and compassion you are my enemy too. If you know your evolutionary science you'll know that our compassion evolved because our babies can't survive without it and that sets us further apart from the other apes than our brains or our dexterity does. Chimps eat each other. Want the freedom to do that?

I don't see the war on women tags on the Angelina Jolie article and yet that's all about helping women who are being caught up and abused in war.

roy g.
roy g6 years ago

meanwhile, in places where they just don't care, if you are born a girl watch out because females aren't worth bringing up so they'll drown you when you are born. Would you not call that hating women as well? But that's absolute freedom over your reproductive cycle, isn't that what you want? If you can't have after birth abortions, infanticide, then it's kind of racist to say that it can't count if you aren't born yet. The debate on this should only be about how developed a foetus actually is at 20 weeks or 28 weeks or whatever. At 20 weeks a baby has a one in four chance to survive after birth, at 28 weeks it is almost certain to survive and grow up normally. That can't be a ball of mush. That must be a little baby. That's a high price for five or six months extra indecision time, especially since you are supposed to be taught all about it from you are knee high in school. If you support 28 week old abortions you support infanticide, a kicking beating baby. Females are the first and often the only ones to get the short end of the infanticide stick. Freedom from oppression is cool. Freedom to do as you please is not cool. I am not US but you can be sure if it goes on in the US or the UK they can't wait to make it go on over here. If you want to ban abortion but have morning after pills you are a hypocrite. If you want to abort at 28 weeks for convenience you are not well.

Angela N.
Angela N6 years ago


Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia6 years ago

Brittany F, in response to "Would you have wanted your mother to abort you, deem you worthless simply because you were a fetus, and have you disposed of into a trash can?" It wouldn't have mattered since I was aborted. I wouldn't have even known I existed, considering I wouldn't have had a brain at the time...Yeah, I wouldn't bother me at all. Thing about banning abortions means abortions go underground again and women die horrible deaths. You are naive. It is sick that people think we should force births of babies who have horrible diseases and deformities. I can't imagine what a woman/family would go through having to give birth to a child who has a deadly disease or deformity or having to go through crazy loops to get an abortion. The world isn't this beautiful, ray of awesomeness where a mom's maternal love will kick in for an unwanted child the moment she sees it. Many times, that child will know it's unwanted and unloved and grow up emotionally damaged. Why should a child have to go to bed hungry because a mom/family is too poor to buy food? Life is too complicated and personal for laws like this.