Michigan Anti-Abortion Bill Barrels Toward Thursday Vote

The massive omnibus anti-abortion bill steamrolling its way through the Michigan legislature is expected to come up for a vote in the House on Thursday, signaling just how serious Republicans in the state are about attacking women’s rights.

HB 5711 was introduced on May 31 and cleared the House Committee on Health Policy last week. The bill brings together as one a number of previously introduced anti-abortion bills that failed to pass. The bill would also amend Michigan’s Public Health code to restrict and regulate abortion in the state with the key motivating factor to regulate the procedure out of existence.

Among the new proposed restrictions are new insurance and licensing requirements for clinics that perform abortions, a ban on abortions bast 20 weeks, a provision that makes it a crime to “coerce” a woman into having an abortion, new guidelines on disposing of fetal remains and regulations around prescribing RU-486.

The bill is being heavily promoted by the Michigan Catholic Conference as a way to “protect” women despite the fact that it is designed to make accessing health care more expensive, complicated and in some instances criminal.

Opponents of the bill see its unwieldy nature and conflicting language as signs the measure is ultimately headed for defeat. But should it pass and get signed into law, the bill will no doubt face legal challenges.

The omnibus bill will be considered with two smaller companion bills that also address preventing “coerced abortions.” No word yet on when Michigan Republicans plan to take up a measure preventing “coerced pregnancies.”

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Terry V.
Terry V6 years ago


Jane Mckenzie
Jane Mckenzie6 years ago

this is a step back

Alex C.
Alex C.6 years ago

@Susan W. This is why intelligent people will seize any opportunities to leave Michigan. It's sad that people who desire return to medieval way of life spend much more effort in politics than reasonable people. This craziness seems like a side-effect of the Tea Party/right wing 2010 congressional sweep when they massively increased their voter registration. That probably would not have happened if most people in Michigan realized there were people crazy enough out there to try and turn our society back to the stone ages.

Marjorie F.
Marjorie F6 years ago

I think the right to life is a fine idea but the right to a good life is what we want for our children and many times a woman cannot give the best life to a child born of rape, incest, or to poverty or if the child will be born with illness or defect. The right to a good life should also apply to the woman or girl which is the case many times and also if her life is as risk. I don't know if I am getting my point across so well, however, no woman wants to be on welfare barely making it with a child she did not want, or knew she could not handle. No matter how the child was conceived. Or any of many different situations where an abortion may have been an option if she had the right, insurance, and support of any type. Abortion is never, never, ever an easy choice in any situation, for anyone, no matter the law, insurance, or the support, if it is there, it will prevent any number of other outcomes, for a live child, unwanted, impoverished, mistreated, ill or deformed. I can think of more and I am sure you can too. Is your posturing and clinging to religion worth the suffering of a child?

Pamela H.
Pamela H6 years ago

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Anita Wisch
Anita Wisch6 years ago

When will men get out of my uterus?

MY Body, MY decision!

Prentise W.
pre,tpse w6 years ago

Well, don't you see -- overpopulation, hunger, disease, overcrowding, bullying, crime, depression, poverty; severe strain on infrastructure, resources, schools, roadways, medical care; and an increase of child abuse and neglect, as well as general family conflict, are far better than the prevention of development of a seed into a full human being who will suffer all of this. Just as Mother Teresa.

Winn Adams
Winn Adams6 years ago

The Right Wing is at it again in Michigan. Why people vote them in office is beyond me. Vote them out of office at every opportunity in every state.

Mitch D.
Mitch D6 years ago

The Michigan Catholic Conference doesn't know a thing how to "protect" women (or anyone for that matter)... anyone recall how they protected young children the pedophile priests???

James F- WTF are you talking about... coerced abortion!? Jean R- well asked!

And by the way, Steve R- please crawl back in your cave. Your comments so rarely make any sense that it is frightening!

Mitch D.
Mitch D6 years ago

WTF Steve R! What ARE you on about? You are so clueless and lack the brainpower of an ant!