Michigan Wants To Recall Their Governor, Too

Wisconsin has been garnering a great deal of attention over their attempt to recall Republican Governor Scott Walker. But Walker isn’t the only governor that his own constituents want to get rid of even before his term ends. Michigan wants to get rid of their governor, too.

Governor Rick Snyder managed to evade an earlier attempt at a recall as opponents weren’t able to gather enough signatures to force a new election. But now for a second time petitions are circling, and anti-Snyder forces are hoping for success.

Marty Townsend, public chair of Michigan Rising, the group heading the effort, told the Detroit Free Press, “We are trying to recall Gov. Snyder again because you must chop the head off the beast and slay the dragon before you start rebuilding the village…If you try to rebuild the village while the dragon is still around, he will just burn the village to the ground again.

The group will need to gather approximately 800,000 valid signatures from registered voters in order to launch a recall election, an task that will likely require more than 1 million signatures to ensure enough valid signatures are contained and that there are no repeats, non-registered voters or other problems.

Since Snyder has been elected, he has initiated a controversial plan to “rebuild” various localities by replacing local government officials with “emergency managers.” These managers, who make large salaries and appear to represent corporate interests, have been declared by many to be a form of “martial law” in the state of Michigan. These emergency manager rulings are slowly being overturned by the courts, who are returning power to the elected local government officials.


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Martin R.
Martin R5 years ago

It's not just herr Snyder; it's the entire legislature that needs to go. They've rammed thru over 500 pieces of legislation without proper vote counting. This is the most ruthless dictatorial, anti-democratic legislative body in Michigan history.

Ken W.
Ken W5 years ago

The gop/tp are evil DA

Ira L.
Ellie L5 years ago

Snyder, scott, walker, kasich, and all tea party republican extremists are stripping away our Democracy and replacing it with a dictatorship! These are SiCK people who were, as one Democrat Senator put it, "not birthed....but hatched." VOTE THEM ALL OUT!

Frances C.
Frances C5 years ago

Rick Snyder needs to go. All these tea party right wingers are harming our Country. They are also making us women very angry.

Don H.
Don H5 years ago

The reason these far right wing Republican governors are so aggressive and arrogant is because they have a voter suppression plans in place.

But they cannot beat overwhelming voter turn out. All the people that do not vote must be convinced to get out and vote these horrible people out of office. Otherwise they will suffer the consequences.

Elsie O.
Elsie O5 years ago

I'm a Michigan voter, and I'd gladly sign the petition, although I suspect it's a doomed effort.
In my opinion, the "emergency managers" are the least of Snyder's offenses. He ran on the claim (and convinced some of the news media) that he was a moderate, reach-across-the-aisle type of guy. And then as soon as he got into office, everything he did was typical right-wing stuff: continue tax breaks for the rich while taking away benefits for the elderly, the poor, and various public organizations. We can no longer claim Michigan tax breaks for our donations to food banks, homeless shelters, and public television. (I guess the poor don't need food and shelter anymore.) The elderly have to pay more taxes on their pensions, and the "earned income tax credit" which had been a godsend for low income families, is being repealed.
And now he's claiming credit for the improved economic condition in Michigan, most of which is the result of improvements and efforts that took place long before he took office.
This man is rotten to the core.

Jim C.
Jim Coke5 years ago

I have a quibble with the headline of this article. To say that "Michigan" wants to recall its Governor is actually incorrect. The State itself isn't attempting the recall, but rather one political activist group called "Michigan Rising". The headline is therefore inaccurate and misleading.

Luvenia V.
Luvenia V5 years ago

Steve R., I really worry about people like YOU and I worry that more people will refuse to get the facts BEFORE going to the voting booths. “IF” you were to take the time you SHOULD see that the emergency managers he has put into place removes the rights of very voter in his state. In the eyes of many people this amounts to TREASON. Thankfully the courts are overruling many of his damaging policies. It is one thing to have your rights taken but quite another for people (like YOU) to cheer the losses on. When you replace the local government with your own people you become a dictator but maybe a dictator would be okay with people like you but thankfully is NOT okay with most Americans.

Marianne C.
Marianne C5 years ago

Yessiree Bob. We are WISCONSIN, by golly, and when we start a trend, people follow!

Just be on the watch for that tea bagger outfit that wanted all their members to sign false names on the petitions. They wanted everybody who "supports Scott Walker" to sign the petition "Adolph Hitler, 666 Hell Street, Your Town, WI"

There was one -- count him, ONE -- Adolph Hitler on the entire petition. One Mick E. Mous. One Donald L. Duck. One dolt signed "I Love Scott Walker Thank You." And one woman was a bit distressed to hear that they thought her name was too odd to be real.

That's four fake signatures out of 931,000, in case nobody else was counting.

Linda T.
Linda T5 years ago

Go get him Michiganders.