Middle School Boy Suspended For Holding Door Open

An “A” student at Southampton Middle School in VIrginia received a one-day suspension last Thursday, February 24, for holding en exterior door open for a visitor.

Yes, you read that correctly!

Doors May Only Be Opened By Machines, Not People

By doing the polite thing and opening the door for an adult whom he knew, this youngster was violating the school security policy, under which doors may only be opened centrally after visitors are vetted by a CCTV camera.

According to an anonymous e-mail sent to The Tidewater News, the “A” student opened the door for a woman he knew, who had her hands full. The e-mail also indicated the student received a one-day, out-of-school suspension.

Smith said he could not confirm the story for confidentiality reasons. Superintendent Charles Turner said he did not know all the details behind the suspension.

Turner said the policy that prohibits anyone from opening doors was part of making the security system work.

“If it happens, it’s defeated,” he said. “You have to have a system, and that system has to be consistent. We have to stay within the rules and stay secure.”
Turner explained that part of the school district’s mission is to provide a quality education in a safe environment.

“We looked at what we’re doing in our schools for safety and looked at what others have done,” he said.

That’s why the security system was installed initially at the secondary schools and then the elementary schools.

What Did This Student Learn At School That Day?

What sort of lesson does Mr. Turner think this young man learned from this incident?

I can only imagine that the school must be filled with all “A” students, so administrators have to search hard for someone to suspend. Have they nothing better to do with their time than such idiocies?

The Student Was An Even Better Security System

Lenore Skenazy was spot-on in her Free Range Kids blog yesterday:
And yet, what the school fails to understand is that the student was an even BETTER security system! The student has a heart, a brain and hands.

This incredible carbon-based security system can open the door when that makes sense! It can create a climate of warmth, help and connectedness that a locked door, even operated by remote control from the front office, cannot.

We are happier and safer when we connect, rather than we assume we’re all in dire peril and must outsource our humanity to excessive rules and machines.

I second that. What do you think?

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Benten B.
Benten B1 years ago

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Connie T.
Past Member 5 years ago

Kid deserves another "A" for good manners!

janet T.
janet t5 years ago

Couldn't they just take him aside and say "I know you've been taught to be polite but we have a new system and......."? But no, they went to the default position of suspension. In my day, long ago, a child would have been sent to the office to spend his day of suspension there, doing his school work. Now they send him home to watch TV. Perhaps they just want less work for themselves. Maybe that is why our teenagers get out of school at one pm. each day.

Doris Shelton
Doris Shelton6 years ago

Good manners the person who reported him most likely belive that he would have been praise for doing a good deed. not punish. what a shame that the principal had no common sense to say to the child lets not hold the door open unless the person is next to you or very close because of safety reason. End of subject (Teach the Teacher)

Robyn Brice
Robyn Vorsa6 years ago

Well someone passed this school the idiot ball. Nice to see that kids have manners though.

Lisa D.
Lisa D'Ambrosio6 years ago

This is ridiculous! Common sense must not disappear completely!

Sarah M.
Sarah M6 years ago

what idiots said yes on the poll!

Jeanne J.
Jeanne J6 years ago


Cindy C.
Cindy C6 years ago


patti ng
patti ng6 years ago

Punishment does not fit the so called crime.