Militia Raid Highlights Domestic Terrorism Problem

Fresh on the report by The Southern Poverty Law Center on the rise in domestic terror groups on the right, came the arrest of at least seven people connected to a Christian militia group.  The raids, led by the FBI Joint Terrorism Task force focused on individuals in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana and was part of a larger investigation of the Hutaree Militia, a Christian militia group.  The raids were followed up by a five-count indictment charging certain members with seditious conspiracy, attempted use of weapons of mass destruction, and possessing a firearm during a crime of violence.

According to news reports, the group was allegedly preparing to carry out a series of bombing attacks in the coming weeks as part of a larger plot to kill police officers.  The group was then going to follow up with additional bombings during the funeral processions of those slain officers.  The FBI has alleged that the group’s website refers to a Colonial Christian Republic and shows videos of members burning United Nations flags.  Their leader, David Brian Stone, a.k.a Captain Hutaree also faces charges for training people on how to make and use improvised explosive devices, commonly known as IED’s, similar to those used in Iraq and Afghanistan by al Qaeda and Taliban forces.

According to the FBI, the goal of the Hutaree Militia was to incite nationwide anti-government violence.  The group has close links to several other American militias, including the Ohio Militia, the Michigan Militia Corps, the Kentucky State Militia, the Central Texas Militia and others.  The indictment alleges that several of the Hutaree members tried to travel to Kentucky to attend a summit of militia groups in February.  Not surprisingly, following the raid and the indictments, other militia groups are doing their best to distance themselves from the Hutaree Militia.

The Souther Poverty Law Center’s March “Rage on the Right” report documented 512 antigovernment “Patriot” groups, including the armed militias named above.  The Hutaree Militia is no stranger to the group and represents just another part of the alarming rise of anti-government rhetoric and action taken by the extreme right in this country.  According to the SPLC we’re witnessing a 244 percent increase in the number of armed groups since 2009.

Unfortunately this appears to be a story that is not going away anytime soon, and thankfully the raids were conducted before anything tragic occurred.  But it is another sobering reminder that anti-government rhetoric, like that witnessed during the health care debate, has the potential to incite those on the fringe.  We can do better than this.  Contact your representatives and demand they return civility into the public discourse and immediately renounce any anti-government rhetoric before it’s too late.

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Ralph Henderson
Ralph Henderson5 years ago

I'd double and triple check the news before getting too excited in one direction or the other. Sorry, but I know who owns the major media outlets.
Many people are upset about laws infringing on their constitutional rights, but even the groups arming themselves seem to be set on waiting and defending themselves and not on attacking.
Our government has committed too many acts of terrorism to name here.
Let's keep looking for the truth and doing what is right.

bob m.
bob m6 years ago

The other side of the story is..what is "government,business, doing to protect the average American?....less than not much.. orderboundary, security, and PC thought control seem to be the soup of the day.Christian terrorists...thanks for the laugh.
have a lookin the mirror of Truth'll see terror.

Dylan E.
Dylan E.6 years ago

If you want to know the actual story here it is. A militia group that wanted to protect people was started long ago and gained popularity until they grew so large that the FBI got scared of them. So the ATF/FBI sent infitrators in to make a sting operation by posing as 1 of the militia members and then made explosives. Then they layed a pipe on the ground to make it look like the militia planted explosives. Then they broke the constitution and illegally invaded the milita members homes hoping to find any weapons so that they'd have a reason to put these law abiding people in jail. That's what really happened. And there are hundreds of different militias, you can't connect any of them to anything else. They're just groups of individuals.

Dave F.
Dave F.7 years ago

I agree with the SPLC the Militia movment and Domestic terrorism is a problem.
Washington should creat a domestic terrorism
counter-police force.
The Fbi's Terrorism force should be for just Foregion terrorism.I guess the trial will be
in 2011.Its Cool that the FBI caught them.

Jim F.
Jim F7 years ago

Right Gary G. Gangs are the biggest domestic terrorist threat we have. Don't hold your breath till SPLC starts warning us about them.

Raquel Barreto Arguello

Ódio, vingança, dor, perda, tudo vem da falta de AMOR PELO PRÓXIMO ....

Raquel Barreto Arguello


Raquel Barreto Arguello


Michelle B.
Michelle B7 years ago

Seriously, what do you expect from people whose religious texts are loaded with oppression slavery and genocide?

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W7 years ago