Miller Ends Challenges, Murkowski Wins Reelection

It took nearly two months, but the senate race in Alaska is finally over, with Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski winning a new term over Tea Party Republican Joe Miller, a Sarah Palin protege.  The race, which involved a historic write-in campaign after Murkowski lost the party primary, resolved mostly quietly over the holiday weekend, as Miller finally agreed to drop all challenges.

Via The Fix:

Alaska GOP Senate candidate Joe Miller announced Friday that he will not push forward with a legal challenge to Sen. Lisa Murkowski‘s reelection win, bringing an end to the last unresolved Senate race in the country.

“The time has come to accept the practical realities of the current legal circumstances,” Miller said at a news conference, announcing that he will end the effort.

In his concession speech, Miller fought back against the criticism he received for pursuing his lawsuit.

“I accept that criticism knowing often doing what is right is not what is easy or popular,” Miller said. “We were not successful in that endeavor, but it was a worthwhile one.”

Since the contentious reelection, Murkowski has bucked numerous Republican Party stances during the Lame Duck session, supporting the START Treaty, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, tax cuts and the Dream Act.  It will be interesting to see in 2012 if she will continue to vote outside her party line, or if she will once more be embraced by the GOP.

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Madeline KM
Madeline KM7 years ago

Too bad he didn't lose to a Democrat.

Rose N.
Past Member 7 years ago

Thank you for posting.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L7 years ago

I'm glad he is going to finally shut up.

Jan N.
Jan N7 years ago

"The time has come to accept the practical realities of the current legal circumstances." Don't try to sound intelligent, Joe, you'll hurt yourself. What are the “current legal circumstances”, judges who know the law and won’t adjust it to suit you? You lost, plain & simple. If they eliminated all the votes you wanted them to, you still lost. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass…

Adam Z.
Adam Z7 years ago

Now, Joe Miller can move onto his true calling: ambulance-chasing lawyer.

Go Joe Go!

donald baumgartner
donald B7 years ago

Jake Davis, you rock!!!!

Susan W.
Susan W.7 years ago

I agree. I wonder how much it costs him to be a patron of the NRA?

Jake Davis
Jacob Davis7 years ago

YAY!! less tea-bagging idiot in power!! =D