Minnesota Democratic Rep. Betty McCollum Receives Death Threat Over NASCAR

What happens when you a are a politician who angers NASCAR fans?  Apparently, you get death threats.

Via Talking Points Memo:

Rep. Betty McCollum (D-MN) alerted Capitol Police Thursday after a threatening fax arrived at her office attacking her proposal to strip Pentagon sponsorship from NASCAR teams.

McCollum’s staff tells TPM this is the first time they’ve alerted the police about a threat made against here office since the health care debate.

“Yo, Slut Betty,” the fax, which arrived at McCollum’s DC office Thursday morning, reads. “Shut Your Phucking Pie Hole!”

The fax then goes on to say that “without exception, Marxists are enemies of the Constitution” and “Death To All Marxists, Foreign And Domestic!” 

Rep. McCollum’s proposal, which would ask the Army to stop its sponsorship of Ryan Newman’s NASCAR vehicle, is projected to save millions in taxpayer dollars.

There have been no reported threats against Republicans who have proposed stripping funding from abortion, family planning, public television, health care, environmental protection agencies, WIC, the FBI, NASA, state police, education, Medicaid and Medicare.


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Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle6 years ago

I never knew we did!!! I don't want my tax dollars going to a f**kin car race that uses tons of fuel and pollutes the earth -- who EVER thought up doing this thing?!

And the reason repubs don't get death threats, is Dems aren't those kind of people.

G Bud Budlong
G.BUD Budlong6 years ago

Everych has an advertising Budget...how they use that is their Business and is not for debate...BUT...defunding advertising for the military should be the real debate. Why do they have to advertise for something that everyone knows is available.
Why fund it at all...why fund the military at all for that matter...all they seem to do is political stuff and not anything to do with protecting our nation from anyone we didnt create.

Diane L.
Diane L6 years ago

There are two discussions going on about the military's support of NASCAR, this one and another. In the other, there have been several comments to say that advertising on a NASCAR car is justified because 40% of the Army's recruits come from seeing those ads, and they only spend 25% of their "advertising budget" on that venue. I'm STILL having a problem with accepting the military advertising in the first place, except in a general way, such as on TV, saying, "Be a Marine"......"Join the Army, be ALL you can Be", or by going to high schools or colleges and showing videos. Sponsoring a race car is not proper. Why not sponsor cigarettes or alcohol, then? Yeah, redneck NASCAR fans.........I want a bunch of Southern inbred hillbillies representing my country, right along with the alcoholics and drug addicts they can enlist.

Torrey B.
Torrey B.6 years ago

The conservatives call to murder continues to mount. They are the ones who are unconstitutional and traitors to this country.

Torri C.
Torri Clark6 years ago

this just goes to show what our polititions thinks is really important.we are in the middle of the biggest depression this country has ever seen.and all they can think about is race cars.what about health care,illegal immagration,bad polititions who just rob us blind.but thats how its always been.the rich has to take care of there own.untill americans decide to stand up to our government and make them do the job we voted them in to do.they will continue to kick us in the teeth.

Jesse G.
Jesse G.6 years ago

A fax machine? That's So country~~!

Gary L.
Gary L6 years ago

The question of whether it is a good use of public money to sponsor advertising for a government agency on sports is part of what we elect congresspeople to do. Deciding whether the Army should sponsor a NSCAR team should be no more controversial than deciding whether the Postal Service should sponsor a bicycle racing team. USPS used to sponsor a team which included Lance Armstrong. They decided for some reason to drop that sponsorship. This is no different.

That said, the real question is whether it is appropriate to send a letter to one of our elected representatives saying "Death to all Marxists, foreign and domestic." Excluding the comments of those idiots who would insist that this is not intended to be a threat, do we want the US to be the kind of country where as one prominant Marxist, Chairman Mao, put it so memorably that "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun"?

I think that is the only real question here, whether you like NASCAR racing (which I happen to) or not.

Sharon D.
Sharon D.6 years ago

Before I can express an opinion, I'd have to know: how much is the Army's advertising budget? What percentage of that budget is spent on the Ryan Newman's team? It makes a huge difference! What is the return on the Army's investment in that advertising? And yes, that's exactly what a sponsorship of a NASCAR team involves: it's money spent for advertising. The major advertiser gets to put his logo/message on the hood - the prime advertising real estate on the car. Has the Army made any studies of how many recruits come to them because of this advertising? If not, they need to do so in order to justify the millions that it's costing them for that advertising. It's like this: the Army evidently has an advertising budget, and they're going to spend that money on advertising one way or another; having the Army logo on the 38 is one way to have a very, very public identity; obviously, there are other ways, but where else can they get tens of thousands of fans seeing their logo many times every week? Television spots are expensive, too - and most people Tivo through them, channel surf, or just run for a snack or bathroom break - not very cost efficient from the Army's standpoint. Perhaps they feel they get the most exposure for their money through a race car sponsorship. I don't know - and don't really care; I do maintain that these questions have to be answered before anyone can offer an informed opinion.

Marna F.
M. Foss6 years ago

We should be promoting education, the arts, theater, the environment....not NASCAR, how does that benefit the masses?
NPR and Public Media educate all world-wide... unlike Nascar.

Diane L.
Diane L6 years ago

Who in the WORLD are the 5% who voted "yes"? Come out from under your rocks, you ignorant idiots!

Threatening anyone in such a stupid and ignorant manner is ridiculous. I LOVE William Gibbs comment! KUDOS, William! Yes, this is typical Southern Redneck inbred mentality! (no offense to Southerners who can actually spell their names and form sentences of more than 5 words of 4-letters each).