Minnesota GOP Pushes Abortion Ban

It took Minnesota Republicans less than a week to get down to the state’s serious business of restricting abortion access for Minnesota women.

This attack on women’s rights comes in the form of a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban “taxpayer funded abortions”. This isn’t the first time Minnesota Republicans have tried to attack abortion rights this way. Last legislative session Democratic Governor Mark Dayton vetoed a previous measure and Republicans failed to get enough support to override that veto.

Let’s be clear about who is the target of the Minnesota GOP’s fury is: poor women. Thanks to the Minnesota Supreme Court decision Doe v. Gomez, low income women have a constitutional right to access abortion with funds from the state Medicaid program. Without being able to do so, reasons the Minnesota Supreme Court, their right to an abortion is meaningless.

Which is of course true. And why the decision has been under attack at nearly every legislative session. But this is the first time the right has tried to come at it via a ballot initiative and shows that in reality all Minnesota Republicans are concerned about are driving wedge issues that may keep them in political power. It’s not even close to legislating and it is nowhere near leadership.

And this is the state of the Republican party here in Minnesota.


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Photo from TBoard via flickr.


Duane B.
.5 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

John Kramer
John Kramer6 years ago

I encourage all the women, abortion providers and all abortion rights advocates who live in Minnesota to register to vote as soon as possible. I also encourage all the abortion rights advocates to write letters to thier Minnesota state senators and state represenatives and tell them to repeal all the laws that restrict a woman's right to choose. I encourage all the residents to vote all the incumbants out of office for voting for this piece of legislation.

Elizabeth J.
Elizabeth J6 years ago

Damn the fact that the Minnesota Senate and House are controlled by the GOP. It is really lucky our Gov. Dayton is a Democrat or it would be disasterous.

John T.
John T6 years ago


Under international law, women have the right to make choices about their own bodies without undue coercion.

Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/sneaky-assault-on-right-to-choose-in-uk.html#ixzz1kzpRcrsf

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L6 years ago

The more I read on this subject the more frustrated I get and the more I keep thinking there is something wrong with this picture. Women are getting screwed literally and figuratively. Sorry. The only person in this abortion fight that comes out getting what he wants is the male. He can have sex with a woman and just walk away not knowing or caring if you are pregnant and its all left up to you to keep this potential baby or not. BTW, it was YOUR responsibility to prevent the pregnancy to begin with, with MAYBE help from him with a little rubber. Then to add insult to injury and women you have been injured, most of the politicians attacking women’s rights to an abortion are men. Am I the only woman that sees something wrong with this picture?

How about this? What if we have a bill that if a woman’s choice is taken away to have an abortion or she just chooses to have the baby that the father would be totally responsible for every baby he helps to create? What if it further stated that the woman could also choose to have the baby and give it up to the rightful father and he MUST raise the child? I have heard too many men, when asked if they have kids say ‘none that I know about’ or some other flippant comment and laugh. You think maybe some men might adopt a different attitude towards women and sex?

Daniel Aldouby
Danield A6 years ago

Those who claim that personhood begins at conception are living in a fantasyworld. They have taken a word and twisted its definition to meet their needs. A fetus does NOT become a person until after birth. A single cell which has been fertilized is not a fetus. If a woman can offer her eggs to others, who wish to have children, then she should have all other controls over her eggs. Given that these eggs are now bought and sold, they are articles of commerce. Therefore the producer should have total control over the means of production, sale, or discarding. Those who are anti-abortion are in violation of the commerce clause.

Ed O.

Elaine wrote: It’s time to TAKE back our reproductive rights!

Menstrual extraction (ME) is a process by which menstrual blood is removed from the uterus using an airtight, hand-operated suction device to eliminate inconveniently-timed periods (in cases of honeymoons and athletic events).
It can also be used for low-risk early abortions (up to 7 weeks) without anesthetics and a greatly decreased risk of infection.
ME is often an outpatient procedure, sometimes performed at home by a trained medical professional. Most patients said it’s far more comfortable and less painful than standard abortion procedure.
The most common device used is called a Del-Em. The cannula is inserted into the uterus through the undilated cervix. A syringe, with a one-way bypass valve prevents air from entering the uterus, which can be fatal. It creates the suction necessary to evacuate the interior of the uterus. The material collects in an airtight glass jar.
In a very few cases, a second extraction process must be performed if the abortion was not completed the first time. The procedure should be performed by a trained medical professional. However, with proper training, women who aren’t medical professionals can also be taught to safely perform ME in self-help groups. Materials used to construct a Del-Em device are easily obtainable through a laboratory or chemistry scientific catalogue.
www.sisterzeus.com Sister Zeus’ site is a HUGE resource

John T.
John T6 years ago

DanielleK. ; that's my point. It just so happened that the 2 cases I highlighted concerned women who made the choice to continue their pregnancies despite the odds.
I was highlighting the fact that they HAD a choice which is what the Pro Life crowd seeks to deny to every one else.
From an earlier post of mine which escaped your attention:
ALL men (and WOMEN) are created EQUAL. That was the 'bench mark' laid out in the Declaration of Independence long before the Constitution was written. That was the document the Colonial Armies rallied behind through out the Revolution. A WOMAN has the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Based on Biology, some feel that right should be stripped from women; that women are not smart enough to discern their own Pursuit of Happiness; that their lives should be controlled by the society; that their Liberty over their flesh should be constrained by a legislature. Would ANY man put up with such interference?

Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/kentucky-pushes-two-anti-abortion-bills.html#ixzz1kxcadTvg

Danielle K.
Danielle K6 years ago

John, yes, these women had the CHOICE. Pamela Tebow and her son were remarkably lucky that she came through a risky pregnancy without apparent long-term health issues and that he was able to become a professional football player. The Santorums are lucky that their daughter Bella has lived three years with her genetic condition, as not all families are so lucky. I suppose they are also lucky that Mrs. Santorum is still alive.

But you should know that not all families are so lucky. So should they. Or haven't they heard the phrase, "There but for the grace of God go I"?

The anti-choice aren't going to tell the stories of women who died giving birth to stillborn children (sometimes leaving other children behind) or women who are horribly disabled and/or have horribly disabled children because they chose to continue a risky pregnancy, now, are they? They're not going to talk about women who sadly ended a risky pregnancy but were able to later have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy child. No, they're going to tell the rare story of women who chose to continue a risky pregnancy and came through okay--or the woman who denied chemo so she could have her daughter--even though the child is now an orphan.

When a woman is faced with an unwanted pregnancy or a wanted pregnancy goes horribly wrong, the decision about how to handle it should be between a woman, her doctor, and her god, with support from her family.

nath s.
natasha stone6 years ago

woman has no right to kill! she has the right to prevent. but when egg and sperm met, life begins. i hope the government could support unwanted children...