Minnesota Recount: Mark Dayton Now Governor-Elect Mark Dayton

Minnesota finally has a governor-elect, as Republican Tom Emmer has conceded the race to Democrat Mark Dayton at a news conference earlier this morning.

Via WCCO.com:

Standing in the bitter cold, outside his home, Republican candidate Tom Emmer conceded the race to be the next governor of Minnesota, making the way for Democrat Mark Dayton to take the state’s top spot.

“I do not believe the delay in seating the next governor will unite us or move us forward,” Emmer told the media. “Mark Dayton needs to get started on the business of governoring this state.”

The hand recount which concluded earlier this week still left Emmer 9000 votes behind Dayton, a number that was impossible for the Republican to overcome mathematically.  Although court challenges had been floated as an option earlier by the state GOP, Emmer chose today to take the more magnanimous route and allow the race results to be certified in time for Dayton to be sworn in.

Dayton will be the first Democratic governor the state has seen in over two decades, and will face a legislature adamantly opposed to him.  Both the Minnesota House and Senate are now in Republican control, and much discussion has been held over whether any legislation will pass in the next two years, or whether it will be complete gridlock.  It could be that the Gov-elect’s main role will be that of veto pen, a prospect that the state GOP has already brainstormed avoiding via proposing constitutional amendments, which do not require governor approval.

The chair of the Democratic Governor’s Association released the following statement on Dayton’s victory:

“Governor-Elect Mark Dayton will become the first Democrat in two decades to win the Minnesota governorship, and his victory is all the more impressive when you consider that he won in a tough climate. Mark won because he focused on rebuilding the state’s stalled economy and putting people back to work. He has spent his public career dedicated to making Minnesota a better place to live, and we’re confident that he’ll succeed in the next four years. During the recount, he conducted himself with the wisdom, grace and patience that Minnesotans deserve in their next governor. We congratulate him on his win and look forward to working with him to move the nation and state forward in tough times.”

You can watch Emmer’s concession speech here, via The Uptake.


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Past Member 7 years ago

i certainly with the new governor a lot of luck...it seems as if he will need it...

Joshua I.
Joshua I7 years ago

Mark Dayton will have a lot of trouble from Attorney General, Lori Swanson, she runs a covert crime operation here in Minnesota. When someone gets rid of her, the sun will shine again, and liberty will have meaning once again.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L7 years ago

Good luck Mr. Dayton.

Suzanne B.
Sue B7 years ago

I wish Gov-elect Dayton much luck. Now comes the legislature talking about getting around the will of the people by legislating veto proof constitutional ammendments? This is the same thing they did when President Obama and the Democrats took the national elections. Acted like the mandate went to them and found ways to defeat or dilute his agenda. When will these people understand that elections reflect the will of the people and it is their duty as public servants to be true to all the people, not just their own constituents?

Alice B.
Alice B7 years ago

Tom Emmer has financially supported homophobic hate groups that actively support the DEATH PENALTY for simply being gay. He is a stupid evil creep. Mark Dayton on the other hand is a true friend and ally of us LGBTs.

Glenna Jones-kachtik
Glenna Kachtik7 years ago

So, instead of doing the people's business (after all the Democrat was fairly elected) - the legislature will figure out ways to govern without the governor by only proposing veto proof legislation? So what if the veto proof legislation is good, or puts this Democrat in a good light??? Will they then have shot themselves in the foot???
Doesn't anyone just DO THE DAMN JOB THEY WERE ELECTED TO DO, anymore.
I am getting pretty sick & tired of the power struggle crap. Perhaps others are too...Maybe we will be so tired of the Party First crap that we will vote ALL of them out - only keeping those who worked to do what they are supposed to.

Rose N.
Past Member 7 years ago

Thank you for posting.

donald baumgartner

Michelle Bachman COULD BE VOTED OUT IN 2012!!

Marianne C.
Marianne C7 years ago

It's about time. A big congrats to Dayton. Even with corporate financial support from Target and Best Buy, Emmer couldn't make his contention that Gay people aren't REAL people palatable to thinking, reasoning voters. Good for them!

Past Member
Past Member 7 years ago

Now is the time for Dayton to gather his intestinal fortitude and stand up to the legislators, work toward conscious consensus and turn Minnesota back to a state of caring for its citizens!
Go Mark! You have us behind you, more than you think!