Mississippi Tries To Close State’s Only Abortion Clinic

The state of Mississippi has only one abortion clinic in the entire state, but that clinic may now close thanks to a new restriction working through the legislature.

The Senate Public Health Committee passed House Bill 1390, which would require any doctor performing abortions to be a board-certified OB-GYN with admitting privileges at a local hospital. Mississippi has three doctors in the state who can perform abortions, but only one has admitting privileges. The other two have been unable to get privileges and are repeatedly turned down for such privileges by local hospitals.

Two other abortion-related bills failed to make it out of Committee, thanks in part to the pledge of the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee who said he would not allow any abortion bills he believed to be unconstitutional to pass through committee.

That restraint prevented a ban on all abortions once a heat beat is detected and a ban on the use of RU-486 if a doctor is not present to administer it.

It’s hard to qualify this as a win for Mississippi women. Sure, two unconstitutional attacks on their rights failed to come up for a vote. But the bill that did pass may effectively eliminate access abortions in the state. And like always, supporters of the two measures that did not make it to a vote have vowed to fight on and may attempt to attack them to other bills in order to get them a vote.

That means, the battle for women’s rights wages on in Mississippi.

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Therese Davey
Therese Davey6 years ago

Does this mean that the unborn girls and boys of Mississippi have a greater chance of surving to birth and maybe contribuiting to the life of the state and country in ways we can only imagine? Have a collection of informed people finally considered that the unborn also have a right to life that should be considered in law? I hope there are the supports and resources to help the parents (both parents) who may find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy, whether its by poor choice, carelessness, or sadly by violence it is never the childs fault and children are our future.

Edith B.
Edith B6 years ago

I was in Mississippi when they were voting on banning abortion. The southern part of Ms is largely Catholic so it is not surprising that so many are in favor of banning. The big surprise was when the majority voted against the ban. Maybe their state legislators should talk to all their constituents, rather than a select few. There is an all out war on abortion rights in this country, not just in Mississippi. For those who had negative comments about the state, visit it. The people there are wonderful and the state is beautiful. They are working hard to restore the things lost during Hurricane Katrina, and the towns I visited are interested in social justice. And no, I am not from Mississippi.t

Gloria H.
Gloria H6 years ago

aren't there enough people in Mississippi now?

Eddie C.
Past Member 6 years ago

We ned to shut down Mississippi.

John Mansky
John Mansky6 years ago

Thank you for the article...

Wendy Johnson

Dear Detlef K.: I can't find anything but rightwing websites that even talks about this whole Senomyx thing, however I will give you the benefit of the doubt, since I don't like seeing huge multinationals using untested technology to mess with our food supply. That being the case, what the hell does it have to do with the point of the article, which is that women are being squeezed out of access to a legal service, in the State of Mississippi?

Sue Jones
Sue Jones6 years ago

Christine C - go back and reread the article. It didn't say there were only 3 OB/GYNs in Mississippi. It said only 3 doctors in the state performed abortions and only one had hospital privileges that the other two had been repeated denied them.

Christine C.
Chandra C6 years ago

It's hard to believe there are only 3 OB-GYNs in Mississippi with only one having hospital priviledges. Where did you get your info?

Audrey H.
Audrey H6 years ago

Detlef K, you are one sick individual. I don't know where you get your information from, but it sounds like it is from some Sci-Fi book. Perhaps, you should get out more and see the light in the real world!

Richard B.
Richard B6 years ago

Taxation by representation. No representation = no taxation.