Mitch Daniels: We Could Still Use A Better Candidate


The race for the Republican Party presidential nomination has in essence narrowed down to Texas Governor Rick Perry and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.  But Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, who was once wooed to run in his own right, insists that there is still plenty of time for a new GOPer to run — preferably one who can be more “candid and honest” about the state of the economy and the misguided efforts of President Barack Obama.

Daniels told the New York Times, “Somebody else could still enter and have a competitive chance.  The candidate I could get instantly excited about is someone who is willing to level with the American people and assume they are prepared to listen to the mathematical facts and agree that whatever other disagreements we have aren’t as important.”

But with Perry already beginning to solidify his lead, how can a new contender hope to challenge him?  According to Daniels, the fact that Perry ended up rising so fast so quickly could show that Republicans are less interested in Perry, and more interested in a fresh voice, and that another new challenger could replicate that rapid enthusiasm. “He proved it wasn’t too late — I don’t think it’s too late yet…In the wired world we’re in, somebody new could get in.”

Daniels then admitted he had tried to convince a few new folks to run, proving that if nothing else, he has no interest in being either of the front runners’ picks for a running mate.


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Photo credit: Chief Mass Communication Specialist Gary Ward, via wikimedia commons


Craig Gosling
Craig Gosling6 years ago

Tonight Mitch made a fool out of himself while being interviewed by Jon Stewart. Please Mitch, finish your sentences and thought before drifting off on another subject. I like you, but you really looked dumb.

Marianne C.
Marianne C6 years ago

Yes, Mitch, the Republicans COULD use a better candidate. It just isn't YOU.

Maryanne E.
Maryanne E6 years ago

Yup, I have to agree with him. Been saying it all along. The Republican candidates are all pretty bad.

James Johnson
James Johnson6 years ago

Yeh, they could use a better candidate. But would they use one? Or would the Dems use one, if they had one... God (wherever she is) knows they do need one....

Ron Ellsworth
Ronald E6 years ago

No shit, Dick Tracy!

Joan E.
Joan E6 years ago

Paul C -- Good list of what Republican candidates must believe to be in contention. It's such a repugnant list that it's impossible to find any better specimens of humanity who truly believe all that (or are willing to lie and say they do.) Huntsman said "Call me crazy, but I believe in global wrming and evolution," and he's stuck in the low single digits.

Igor M.
Igor m6 years ago

Oh baby ... I bet you could use a better one.

Not wishing the GOP any success but I have to agree ... they should. Although, you know, here is the scary part. Listening to Perry and such one keep wondering - what if that is what the public buys? Remember Reagan?

Really, science is largely unknown and scary to many. Many are trying to compensate for the total lack of knowledge by skepticism and contempt. Never mind they do use cell-phones, internet, modern medications, and other science wonders. They would still prefer something they understand. And here is the guy plays well into that.

So, do not discard Perry. Scary but seems to make sense.

James C.
James C6 years ago

When was the last time you heard any polititian tell the truth I dont think they even could if they wanted to. and Honesty from one is unheard of today. And scary as it sounds I dont think I can vote for a republican

Claire M.
Claire M6 years ago

Ya think maybe he knows something and is trying to sound smart by predicting?

Roberta G.
Roberta G6 years ago

Deborah...Dennis K is still in Cleveland. Our Republican legislature has gerrymandered his district to join with another strongly Democratic district in Toledo OH. The new district is narrow and will stretch along the Lake Erie shore from Cleveland to Toledo. The Republicans hope to eliminate one of two strongly Democratic legislators who speak for the deprived inner cities.