MN Marriage Amendment Would Hurt Families (VIDEO)


The Reitan family have spoken out against efforts to enshrine a gay marriage ban in the Minnesota constitution.

Defending son Jake’s right to one day be able to marry a same-sex partner, the Reitan family appears in a video from the Democratic Farmer Labor Party (DFL) project “A Family is About Love” urging viewers to vote against the constitutional amendment at the 2012 ballot.

A recent poll by Public Policy Polling found Minnesotans are nearly evenly divided on the amendment with 46% of people favoring the move while 47% opposed the amendment and 7% remain undecided. Similarly, 45% of people said that gay marriage should be illegal while 46% said it should be legal, and 9% remain undecided.  Read more on that here.

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Image taken from the DFL Campaign Video, no infringement intended.



Eternal Gardener
Eternal G6 years ago

What a daring family... are they still alive?

michele s.
michele s6 years ago

You don't have to "believe" in Christ or anything else for that matter. We are all on our own life path. But, you do sound as though you have questions. There is soooo much more out there than the Christian bible would have you think. And free thinking is something religion restricts.

Look up Pantheism. Wikipedia gives a general but enticing definition of it and it's variations.

Stan B.
Stan B6 years ago

I am not a part of the goo gaga syndrome.I do not think that christ ever existed.I believe that he was a composite of the good men do.I call that belief the goo gaga syndrome because I am personally offended by it because I hear rational people saying this about christ that about christ great to debate,don't get me wrong ,it is my Atheist belief that by and large it becomes the goo gaga because my rational mind sees people turn into children as far as it goes.I stress that this is only MY thinking.How did a figurehead die for me? My birth was 2000 years away.

michele s.
michele s6 years ago

@Carol....You had me there for a minute but then I continued to read your post. You delivered quite a back handed compliment of sorts! On the one hand you say God loves but then you put stipulations on that love. What kind of God is that? The one I know would never put one of His/Her creations in such an awkward position. The God I know does not judge but loves UNCONDITIONALLY. There are no expectations from the God I know. There is no frowning from above on some and smiles for others. You were given everything you need to evolve as a spirit and a physical being. There are no restrictions. There is no punishment. There is no right and wrong in the Universe.....only in the Mind....the Soul is free. I believe all Souls return home no matter what they have done or haven't done in this life. There is always another life just around the corner.
Don't judge others because you once did the very things you condemn in another life.

Carol Macintosh
Carol m6 years ago

Lynn, Gloria,and Dianne,........ Your right God created everything and everybody,does he have the right to tell us what we can and can not do? I`m not the one judging. I also do not deny anyone thier rights, as I have said before, everyone has the right to do and choose how they live thier life. I know Gay is in every family,my cousin is also gay,but I still love him very much. I say again, I love and respect all people and wouln`t wish harm to anyone gay or not . NO, banning gay marriage will not prevent one child from not becoming gay ...teaching them the truth found in the bible when they are small will. How can a gay marriage florish ? they can`t have a child....... Finally , to all who have called me names,and attacked me...I never onced called you a bigot. I am not prejudiced against you and your views.. you have the right to your own, but you are the intolerant ones because of my view. SO REALLY then who is the bigot? the son of God was put to death for telling the people the truth.... what they didn`t want to hear. 1 Corinthians 6 :9-10 Says do not be misled , neither fornicators , homosexuals ect. will not inherit God`s kingdom... but goes on to say that was what some of you were but you stopped doing these things, and so have been wased clean..... So, this shows that these are choices people make ... in finish, then, God does love ALL people but wants them to know what he expects and how he feels about these things that is why he gave us the bible in the first plac

Sharon H.
Sharon H6 years ago

That was beautiful....thank you for it. I'd forgotten the wonderful comment in "Robin Hood." Too bad the bigots here can't see the beauty in those not painted with the same brush. Carol, I feel sorry for you and you're narrow little world. One day maybe someone will look on you in the exact way you're looking on others...

Lynn Squance
Lynn S6 years ago

This is a moving video and I honour the love this family has for each other and the support they show for individual rights. I support LGBT rights, full rights, the same as everyone else enjoys.

In the movie Robin Hood, a little girl asks the Moor “Did God paint you?” He replied “For sure little one. Allah likes wondrous variety!” While this line refers to skin colour, it is so appropriate to this conversation. God loves wondrous colours. God loves rainbows.

From the Hebrew Scriptures, God made people in God’s image.

In the Christian Scriptures, Jesus gave two commandments:
1. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your mind, and with all your soul.
2. Love your neighbour as yourself.

God makes all people in God’s own image --- not just the straight, not just the LGBT, not just the this or the that. ALL people. Namasté. This is a Hindi word that means I bow to the God within you.

And Jesus commands Christians to love their neighbour as themselves. Neighbour means all people of the world. Well seems to me that there are a whole lot of professed Christians that don’t love themselves, don’t respect themselves.

I am a liberal Christian. My church, which is a mainline church, ordains LGBT people and has done so for many years. I apologise if I sound like I’m preaching, but sometimes you have to use fire against fire.

Gloria H.
Gloria H6 years ago

There are so many men who won't commit to marriage with a woman, no matter how many years they have lived with her, or how many children she has borne with him, if a man wants to marry another man ( or woman another woman) more power to them!
My husband married me in the hospital as he was dying. It wasn't a "legal" marriage on paper, but one with minister and friends. It was a sad occasion, but something that was so important to me in my heart! I can't imagine anyone wanting to deny another human being the joy of being united with their loved one. Maybe there is another life after this one, maybe not, but the INTENT to bond forever with another human being is very special and that love should be respected. I am talking about the bond of the heart into eternity when the flesh (and genitalia) turns to dust. Two souls together, neither male or female.

Dianne Robertson
Dianne Robertson6 years ago

I live in northern Minnesota where I am surrounded by nice people who consider themselves "conservative" and therefore "anti gay--- to say nothing of gay marriage." I, personally know at least 25 LGBT sons,daughters,cousins and in one case a Dad who are unable to be honest with their families because they fear the response. Familys need to know that "The GAY" is in EVERY family. It isn't caught or taught-- its BORN,The child you love NOW will still be your child But if you let him be who he really is, you will see her be the person she was created to be.ONLY then will you see him "have a family".TEN THOUSAND gay marriage bans won't prevent one child from "BECOMING GAY" all it will do is let your neighbors know your family better than you do.AND ,eventually ,your son-- or nephew may move to New York and get married and never come home. PLEASE, LET HIM BE GAY HERE. AND LET HER MARRY HER LOVE AND LIVE HERE! YOU chose your life partner . Why don't your children deserve the same right? The fact that gay people would like to be married HONORS your marriage and respects the family tradition you taught. ALLOW FAMILIES to flourish in Minnesota!.

Carol Macintosh
Carol m6 years ago

now that Is crazy!!!!!!