MN Rep.: Abortion Exists Because Some Men Are Perverts [VIDEO]

During today’s debate over abortion amendments, one Minnesota Representative argued that abortion shouldn’t be legal because the women behind Roe V. Wade changed her mind now, making it a lie, and that courts make mistakes on rulings all of the time, like they did with Dred Scott.

“Let me just remind you, especially ladies, it was seven men that made abortion legal. Not seven women. Now what’s the significance of that? Men, a certain percentage have developed a perverted view of women and what abortion tells men is they can use women and lose them. OK? Use and lose them and run from their responsibility. Then on top of that we have the state showing up and paying for the sexual exploitation of women. Ladies, let’s put a stop to this. Let’s put a stop to sending a message to men that they can use you and leave you with the consequences and have the government pick up the tab for that.”

Watch the video below, courtesty of the Uptake.


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Tom Y.
Tom Y6 years ago

Actually he's right. I suspect a more complete record of his comments would contain denunciations of irresponsible males who view sex as their right and force their sex partners into abortions. Males who abandon their girlfriends when they miss a period and leave them without emotional or financial support. Males who cast a bad reflection on responsible men who are there for their wives and kids.

There's no such thing as a behavior without consequences...

Lydia M.
Lydia Moneir6 years ago

Of course, abortion is all about men. How did I not see this before? Women have absolutely nothing to do with it!

Peggy W.
Peggy T6 years ago

What century was this guy born in?! He needs to retire...his brain isn't wired right. For the most part, I could not write a better comment than Leslie C's. Very well written!

Maureen W.
Maureen W6 years ago

This guy must be all for all fathers paying back child support too. Since he is so interested in making men be responsible for their babies!!

Helen Delahunt-Avila
Helen Avila6 years ago

Ah his true nature has just been expressed.. He fantasizes about screwing' em and letting them (the screwed) worry about the consequences. I'm so happy men take so much responsibility for us poor helpless women who haven't the sense to take care of ourselves.. my my

Manuela B.
Manuela B6 years ago


Leslie C.
Leslie Cochrane6 years ago

Anti-abortionists exist because the Bible was written by men, for men, and interpretations of abortions as "murder"have more to do with a disempowering of women and maintaining a patriarchal society.In more fundamentalist societies,it is in the interests of men to have total control over women, including conditions involving their reproductive rights.Interesting how the most vehement of the anti-abortionists have no problem with owning guns and hunting,the inherent cruelty of factory farms, and the death penalty. Life is sacred only as it involves their unborn seed and the subjugation of women. The men who passed the pro-abortion law had an understanding of the dangers and agony that women formerly suffered in order to obtain an illegal abortion. My mother had an illegal abortion in the 40's and nearly died. She knew women who went through the same circumstances and did die.They never lived to marry and have "legitimate" children because the conservative-minded society of the time also placed such a stigma on having children out of wedlock. Such is the inherently hypocritical and abusive nature of right-wing thinking. I am alive today. no thanks to the system that banned abortion in her day.In Romania, abortion and contraception was banned under Ceausescu and women were subject to invasive "checks" to maintain the "law". Sadly,that regime ended in babies languishing in overflowing orphanages and the ultimate execution of the former leader.No tears here for that death.

melissa m.
melissa m6 years ago


Lee K.
Lee Keys6 years ago

It's time for women to get with the program.
Very simple tie it in a knot (tubular) or buy your own condoms.

So the men dont like condoms, too bad, tell them to go tie theirs in a knot (tubular) or bug off, if you have the guts to do so.

It could be time to petion a law that men must have their tubes tied or pay the penalty, casteration. If the men want to have children they can save their sperm in the sperm banks in advance.
Now hows that for an idea, feedback needed, so we can start a petition if there are enough people interested.

I'm personally sick of hearing about obortion, the main wailers are men especially the churches and does not the bible say "do unto others as you would have them do unto you",thats if you are a christian!

White Fang
Nidhi Kaul6 years ago


Totally. Never denied that to begin with, mentioned in my first paragraph.

What followed was more of a take on the general scenario. Because not all abortions are ones resulting from rapes, incest or failed birth controls. Some stuff is just plain irresponsible, too and we need to be looking at it that way as well. In that sense, i don't see anything at all wrong with bringing in some transparency to the system - if a young teenage girl has been frequenting the abortion clinic every 3rd month - she needs to given a talking to, obviously.