MN Shutdown: Shutdown Ends Before We Run Out of Beer

We are on Day 14 of the great Minnesota Shutdown, and finally we are seeing some action.  The Republican Party still has not put forth any budget offer since their final offer on June 30th, but a few things have changed in the meantime.

The state is running out of booze.

No, really.

It started slowly, as news leaked out that bars and restaurants were unable to renew their liquor licenses as long as the government was shut down, meaning they would be unable to purchase supplies.  Some establishments, like the St. Paul Hotel, prepared for such a problem and stockpiled well in advance.  But others, who couldn’t afford the outright expense, got a little nervous.

Then it stopped being Miller Time.

Yes, despite the children without childcare, the nursing homes who couldn’t be restaffed, the 16,000 government workers furloughed without pay, the construction projects at standstill all over the state, the rest stops that were closed, the teachers who couldn’t get certified and all of the other issues that hurt Minnesotans, things finally got ugly when the state learned that MillerCoors couldn’t renew its brand license in the state, and was being forced to pull every last bottle and keg out of stores and bars.

Yes, the great beer battle was on.

We’ll never know if the threat of a dry Minnesota was the impetus or not, but Governor Dayton chose to make a new counter-offer to the MNGOP — one of many that he had proposed since the beginning of the shutdown, and by far the most appealing to the Republican party since, in basic structure, it was their own final proposal to him.  There would be no raising of taxes — either the increase on the top 2 percent of earners he originally proposed, or the two year increase on the top 7,700 Minnesota earners he proposed afterwards.  Instead, it was their plan of even greater K-12 educational “shifts,” meaning more cuts to schools, and a cash in of more tobacco bonds from an earlier settlement.

There was just one catch.  When the GOP made this offer, it was under the condition that Dayton agreed to no bonding bill, a 15 percent reduction in workforce across the entire state payroll, and a handful of social issues ranging from abortion bans to voter id laws, ending collective bargaining, banning stem cell research, revamping EBT and even accepting the Republican plan to redistrict the state going into the 2012 election.

For Dayton to agree to their proposal, the GOP simply needed to agree to a $500,000,000 bonding bill, rescind the labor reduction, and not ask for any social issues. And after over three hours behind closed doors, the MNGOP finally agreed to his terms.

Of course, now there will be a need to find a way to recover the lost revenue for the two weeks of shutdown, which is expected to be in the tens of millions at least. The legislature is now preparing to meet in a special session, where we will see if the deal really will pass, and whether the GOP keeps their word on not tacking on social issues.

Photo credit: William Wesen


Rob K.
Rob Keenan6 years ago

Pam,Governor Dayton wanted taxes increased on the .03%highest earners in the state,the super wealthy who get free rides at multible levels,while sitting on much of their wealth,rather than using it to create jobs.

Pam V.
Pamela V6 years ago

Well if you live in Minnesota and fall into the highest tax bracket (which is actually much less than earnings of $1MM per year) between state and federal taxes, you are taxed at a rate of 43%! If you don't already think this is a disgusting amount, just what percentage would make everyone else content that the "rich" pay their fair share? People are tired of this crap. We are all expected to balance our own bank accounts and live within our means, so too must our government.

Patrick F.
Patrick f6 years ago

Maybe Canadian beer would do the trick,lol

Patrick F.
Patrick f6 years ago

Thank you Louise, I really enjoyed that,lol. But don't forget the hair, pigs have a hard time digesting hair too.. got that from Bricktop....

Louise D.
Louise D6 years ago

Beer is good, it has helped ugly people have sex since the dawn of time but it is not as good knives, knives are shiny and sharp, especially serrated ones a bitch to sharpen but worth it all the same, I especially like the pointy bits. Knives are wonderful they're shiny and cold and cut things to put into sandwiches and bins. Knives are hard working and never go on strike or mope around the house and blame the Democrats for the economic downtown which was a result of George W Bush's grossly incompetent idea of starting a war against an abstract noun. I think I will get a beer as I at least have the prudence to have beer in the fridge, nice cool beer that is not that generic filtered, looks like it has been through someone elses kidneys stream of turgid blandness that Americans call beer but real beer. So why don't they get some beer get the Republicans and the governor faced then, strip them naked, put make up and maybe dress them in exciting lingere and take photos - see no reason to strike when you have blackmail material. Though if you use knives you could have cut off their pinkies to show their families you mean business and chopped them up and fed them to pigs, just remember to smash the teeth up first though.

Danny Wilson
Danny Wilson6 years ago

Monkeynomics at it's best! (no beer)

Kimberly W.
Kimberly W.6 years ago

Thankyou Govenor Mark Dayton and friends!!! Keep doing what is right for all!! Thankyou again!

Marie W.
Marie W6 years ago

No beer whoa boy, then we'll see some action.

Lynn C.
Lynn C6 years ago

What a hoot! Evidently we can do without the services, etc., but don't start messin' with our booze! What a funny world we are living in....

Dianne Robertson
Dianne Robertson6 years ago

I don't know if the beer REALLY had anything to do with anything or not BUT Like my kids used to say"WHATEVER". The Minnesota Republicans recieved their instructions from the same folks who gave ALL the REPUBLICANS instructions. They were elected on a promise to work FOR JOBS. At the same time we elected MARK DAYTON who supports the social services needed by the poor, elderly.disabled , the children and the women who need help---especially in these difficult times. I did NOT vote for my new REPUBLICAN REPRESENTATIVES and I have been amazed at the agenda that I feel NO ONE voted for but I HOPE the two sides can come to see the benifit of doing as little damage as possible and then take the matter BACK to the VOTING BOOTH to decide WHO IS RIGHT.