MN State Rep: Only Millionaires “Actually Worked Hard”

With additional talks stalled until at least Tuesday, July 5th, there is little to do for a Minnesota state politician right now besides point fingers over who is really to blame for the full shutdown of the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Republicans blame the Governor for refusing to agree to their Health and Human Services cuts, which they deemed necessary in order to keep the deficit from becoming too onerous and “passing debt down to our grandchildren.” The Democrats, meanwhile, point to the total rigidity and unwillingness to negotiate by Republicans, who turned down a last minute deal that would eliminate the proposed new top tier tax rate on the richest Minnesotans – originally the top 2 percent of all earners, which was instead reduced to only those who make more than $1 million per year, a total of 7700 Minnesotans.

So why are Republicans so intent on protecting the top .o3 percent of Minnesotans from paying any increase in taxes, preferring instead to cut health care services for the poor, the sick and the elderly? According to Rep. Mary Kiffmeyer, the former Secretary of State under Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty, the state really doesn’t need revenue, it just wants to punish rich people. “Its not about revenue, Kiffmeyer said. Its about a tax increase, because they want to go after those whove actually worked hard.

Those who’ve actually worked hard. For the GOP, the single mother holding down two jobs to try and make enough to pay her rent and still manage to bring home some food for her family doesn’t work hard. The mentally ill man who struggles to stay off the streets because he can’t remember to take his medication every day doesn’t actually work hard. The middle class family who is losing their house because of an unexpected layoff and who found a new job but no longer has health insurance and must pay individual premiums out of pocket doesn’t work hard.

No, for the Republican party, the only proof that you “actually work hard” is if you bring over $1 million a year in earnings. And if you do, you deserve all the protection the party can offer.

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Mary Cooke
Mary Cooke6 years ago

One side is as bad as the other. Look what they are doing They are determined to kill them into extinction ! Not just them either there are the killing of buffalo, wolves & OH SO MANY more! Why? Ask bp they have folks on the board of the blm(bureau of land management) & doi(department of interior). Why else do you think salazar NEVER STEPPED ON THE NECK OF bp like he said he would? Public land is being sold water rights, mineral rights, a solar power plant is going to build there ruby pipeline is going to go through, oil rigs are there mining is going on.Wild horses being sold to kill buyers Look into it you follow the money you will find a lot of ans.. They are spending MILLIONS of taxpayers money to round up wild horses & keep them in the care of private people when it costs nothing to leave them free. I would sooner be poor & happy then rich & miserable! Especially a life full of greed, abuse etc..

Laure H.
Laure H6 years ago

Erica, it would appear that only unthinking Democrats click on pages using the word "Republican" or "Millionaire."

Gloria H.
Gloria H6 years ago

Well, we are all only a $1 away from winning a lottery ticket and becoming a millionaire. It would also help to have picked wealthy parents.

Bobette G.
Roberta Green6 years ago

Melanie got it right! Theoretically, only the top 2% of the country should be Republican. Anyone else would be a fool carrying their water. Can ANYONE tell me why there are more Republicans than reason dictates? I am truly baffled. I hear people of all economic classes spouting FOX propaganda and my head spins. Please HELP!!!!

Dave C.
David C6 years ago

to finish up...
the Repuglicons want all the money in the accounts of the wealthy and the rest to be willing to work for the crumbs they are thrown....

Dave C.
David C6 years ago

This is embarrassing to most Minnesotans. Mary Kiffmeyer is so bought out, this makes me so angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not a millionaire, but (a) anytime anyone of them wants to do my job for a few days (especially when I work 30 hr shifts, am up all night, etc)they are welcome to do so but first they will have to go and get their degree and license to do so, (b) I am gladly willing to pay more taxes as long as it goes to what I want (I KNOW THIS IS A STATE AND NOT FEDERAL, BUT I AM SICK OF LAWMAKERS GIVING MY TAXES TO WEALTHY COMPANIES - BIG POLLUTION SUBSIDIES - OR TO PAY FOR WARS/WEAPONS THAT I DON'T SUPPORT --- MOSTLY THE REPUGLICONS)....

Actually, I am sure there are a lot of non-millionaires willing to trade jobs with the Repugnant Richies...I think the guys who picked up my garbage/recycling/composting last week when the daytime high was near 100 work pretty hard, so do the police/fire/ambulance workers, and of course my children's teachers (one worked everyday for the first two weeks after school finished without pay, another came in an hour early every day to give extra help for those wanting)....

On top of this, last week I had to hear someone arguing that we need to get rid of the minimum wage because then companies would hire more....they've made plenty of profits and even the NY Times had an article recently about the increasing salaries of company leaders....


Hope S.
Hope S6 years ago

This is just the latest in how blatent they are in only supporting the top 3% of our citizens and have no care about the rest of us.
Vote them out if they can't be recalled before the next election.
Don't be side tracked by one controversial subject such as abortion, gay rights, and so called "family values."

Marco C.
Marco C6 years ago

It is reallly clear who it is that the replublican party represents and that they will betray everyone of their other constituents to pander to the top %. What is really amazing is that there are so many others, wanna be's and adults with childlike magical thinking, abandoned by the party that continue to support them with their votes.

Trevor R.
Trevor Rose6 years ago

here is my suggestion... in commemoration of this guys comments that apparently if you're not a millionaire, the only possible reason is that you are lazy, and if you are one it's prima-facie evidence that you are not lazy (because as well all know, there is no such thing as a person who has lots of money but, just inherited it, or stole it, or obtained it in any way other than hard work... and for those of you with a reduced sense of smell, yes that is definitely sarcasm floating on the breeze) ... let's declare today: "punch a spoilt rotten arsehole in the face day", and on this day, all laws pertaining to violence against creeps like this are not only rescinded, but you are actually REQUIRED as a member of a decent society to punch them in the face to remind them that if they're are going to express an opinion that is completely disrespectful of others, that they better have a damn good justification for it... and because CLEARLY anyone making such a moronic statement, could only possibly be someone who actually WANTS to be punched in the face, and this is a perfectly normal & rational response to such statements... it's very similar in principle to the idea that if you walk into a gay-bar wearing cheeks-less pants, and immediately go to the bar, order 10 drinks, and then yell out at the top of your lungs "my arse is so horny tonight & i will let you do anything you want to me"... that the idea of calling anything that follows an act of rape, would be in clear cont

Bernadette P.
Berny p6 years ago

What is a matter with America now days??????????