Molotov Mitch Praises Uganda’s ‘Kill the Gays’ Bill – Shame he Apparently Hasn’t Read It

This week, a video made by World Net Daily contributor Jason Mitchell resurfaced in which he expresses support for Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009 – which, among other punitive clauses, calls for repeat “offenders” to be given the death penalty – and claims the proposed law is inspired by scripture.

I’d not seen this video the first time around (December of last year) but, a hat tip to the folks at Good As You for spotlighting it so it can be seen in all its hate-mongering glory. In the video, Mitchell, who goes by the name of ‘Molotov,’ avows that this legislation is something that the America’s Founding Fathers would have supported, and that Uganda have got it right with their Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

Not only is he cherry picking his biblical references (Leviticus and tattoos anyone?), his inference that it’s okay to kill the gays because of the tyranny of King Mwanga II (because there’s never been a heterosexual tyrant, right?) is sloppy both morally and historically. There’s also a comparison to bestiality in there too, which really speaks for itself as lazy pontificating. I would also personally interject that, as someone who has several religious family members, I find his interpretation that good Christians would support Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill to be abhorrent. It is a shame that those who shout the loudest about their religious views are often the least qualified to speak about them.

Now on to his claims over the Anti-Homosexuality Bill itself:

Mitchell tries to distance the bill from accusations that it is an attempt to wipe out Uganda’s gay and lesbian citizens, saying that Uganda just wants them to stop practicing homosexuality.

Wrong. If that were true, the bill would focus on the sex act alone. It does not. The bill deems “conspiracy to engage in homosexuality” to be an offense (Part II, Section 8). Also, there’s “attempted homosexuality” (Part II, Section 4, 1 and 2) and “intention” of homosexuality thrown in there for good measure (Part II, Section 2, 1C).

The concept of “intent” is so ill defined in this legislation that the stipulation could potentially be used on the basis of a simple accusation – this is already happening in Uganda, where charges of homosexuality are regularly utilized as political tools and media fodder, but the proposed law will only expedite the process of criminalization, pushing the boundary yet further still into dangerous, and potentially lethal realms.

Ol’ Molotov Mitch then says, “If gay Ugandans don’t like the law, they can leave.” Wrong. Here, yet again, Mitchell betrays his own ignorance. The bill calls for the extradition of all accused gay and lesbian citizens, calling them back to Uganda to face charges of homosexuality (Part II, Section 17). The proposed law would also penalize family and friends of the accused if there is any hint that they knew about the individual’s homosexuality and did not inform the authorities (Part II, Section 14, “Failure to Disclose the Offense”), a penalty which would have them fined or possibly imprisoned (depending on which section they are charged under).

In short, this audiovisual screed is offensive to nearly all of the senses (the Dr. King reference is particularly appalling). “For the Record” it would have helped if Mitchell had, in fact, read the bill properly before he commented on it. Perhaps then, he, and World Net Daily, would have been better informed to discuss this egregious legislation, but, it seems, Mitchell is more interested in attacking the so called liberal media for opposing this legislation, than actually caring about facts.   

The Anti-Homosexuality Bill will be debated on the floor of the Ugandan parliament in the next few weeks.

To read the full text of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009, please click here.

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Leanne B.
Leanne B8 years ago

Noted, thanks

Mary S.
Mary S8 years ago

It is even worse than what the Christian Right is trying (and suceeding) to do to women in the US....

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W8 years ago


Lindsey O.
.8 years ago

Carole, it is hardly just the Republicans who 'fight dirty.' Politics is a dirty business. And the Demopublicans are experts at it.

Libertarianism, anyone?

carole a.
.8 years ago

O.K. To me this has nothing to do with religion. It's about politics. We know that Republicans fight dirty or they wouldn't win votes. Of course their allegations don't have to make sense. Democrats in my opinon better learn to stop being so nice and fight back. Gays are good for the earth as we're overpopulated and they are not breeders.

Dusty D.
Past Member 8 years ago

I know this is off the subject, but if you will just take a moment to look at my Petition-I would appreciate it kindly. Thanks!

Rob and Jay B.
Jay S8 years ago

Here's more for you who claim to be Christian, yet spend more time in the Old Test., of course, only when it applies to someone else:
"Everyone who is proud in heart is an ABOMINATION"
"Women should keep silence in church. It is a shame for them to speak..."
"A bishop should not drink wine"
A woman who gives birth to a boy is unclean for 7 days/if to a girl - she's unclean for 2 weeks.
"a menstruating woman is unclean and should be put away for 7 days"
"Anyone who curses his father or mother shall be put to death"
Adulterers shall be put to death
"A woman not a virgin when she marries shall be stoned to death" (that should wipe out most of the women on earth)
"Go and sell all you have and give it to the poor"
"It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kindom of heaven"(Jesus never said a word about homosexuals, but he condemned the rich roundly - why don't you so-called Christians go after the rich instead of slaver at their feet?)
"a woman should not wear red"
"You can't eat fruit from a tree until the 5th year"
"All who blaspheme the name of the Lord shall be stoned"
"You can make slave of the people of any nation...& the children of strangers in your land" (my kind of god!)
"A disobedient son shall be stoned to death"
"you shall make no carved images or a standing image..."
"A woman shall not wear clothes that pertains to a man, it is an ABOMINATION" (throw out your jeans etc women!)

Lindsey O.
.8 years ago

You're right, Favour. Homosexuality is indeed a 'sin' in the eyes of Jehovah.

As is the wearing of clothing made from cloth of mixed fibers. I trust your closet contains no clothing made from anything other than single-fiber cloth?

Oops! I have a feeling that Good-Christian Favour isn't in such compliance with the laws of Jehovah as Good-Christian Favour would have us believe. 'Cause I haven't yet met a Good Christian who actually believed that he personally had to obey all those pesky little laws, rules, and regulations put forth by Jehovah.

It's called 'Selective Christianity.' Pick-and-choose which rules you believe are important - and which you feel you may safely ignore (since SURELY Jehovah CAN'T have REALLY meant what he said about mixed-fiber clothing......)

Favour O.
Favour Omoregha8 years ago

Homosexuality is a SIN before God. The bible says it specifically that it is an abomination before GOD Almighty. So same sex marriage should never be in existence at all.

Jesse C.
Jesse C8 years ago

some times i be like yo kill the homophob's but then i be like naw let em live, they already arent living their lives to the fullest anyways

sing along NOW

Love doesnt come with a penis or a vagina love doesnt come with long hair or a mustache love doesnt come with a dress or some slacks love is just for everyone so everyone relax!!! :)